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Dr. Eck did Spinal Cord Surgwry on my on July 9th after me asking him several time what were the chances of me being Paralyzed I was told he wasn't worried about that I would have my surgery on Tuesday and be home on Thursday. After surgery I woke up unable to move from the neck down. No reason was given as to what happened. I was taken to a Rehab Hospital were I was for 8 weeks in a attempt to regain some ability to feed, dress, and take care of myself. I still have nerve damage in both hands more in right hand and numbness in right arm. He has yet to say what went wrong or say he is sorry. Is there anyone else out there that has the same problem?

Feb 09, 2015
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  • Mi
      Mar 20, 2016

    How are you doing today? I have a herniated disc and Dr Eck done a spinal epideral. I never experienced so much pain in my life. Before you even come off the anesthesia they dressed me and carted me out the door. I was what just happened? They operate like an assembly line. One nurse even hugged me. I think she knew what I just went through.
    Anyways I ended up in twice the pain and worst shape before I went in. I had migraines for six weeks. I felt like I had the flu for a week. My back and right leg hurt before the epidural and afterwards the back and both legs now hurt or it moves from one to the other. Now I have lightning bolts running randomly down my right leg and it gives out on me. I fall down once every 2-4 weeks.
    I went back two weeks after the surgery in extreme pain. They gave me a shot that helped that night. They cared nothing about my pain. The nurse practitioner ordered a 2nd MRI. It shows my herniated disc is now fragmented. I think he inserted the needle through my disc instead of beside it. I also think he punctured the Dural sack.

    I'm not sure what to do next. It's 3 months now and I'm still in extreme pain. I can barely walk but short distances.

    I'm not sure what to do next. I'm scared to go back to him and I'm definitely not letting him do my operation.

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  • Ma
      Aug 02, 2017

    I had a very different experience. I found Dr. Deck to be very humble and compassionate with great detail to my aftercare. He fused me, posterior, from c2-t2.

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  • Be
      Mar 27, 2018

    He's been my doctor for two years now. Had surgery and still having difficulty. I called today to reschedule an appointment, and found out he left, with no explanation from the staff. Have either of you filed suite against him or the practice? Have you healed, gotten better, or found a new doctor? Let me know, I'm searching.

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