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Sadly, I found out the hard the way that Dr Weisenthal and Dr Kirell do not carry mal practice insurance. That right there should have been my number one red flag to stay away. I was recommended by a few people to see them and unfortunately I didn't do enough research on my part. I was told that I had a taylor's bunion and that they do a new procedure that no other doctors perform. It is supposedly a quicker recovery time and less pain but what they fail to tell you is that they can't see what they are actually doing. Along with lack of proper care and practices of standard medical procedures. These doctors leave you with a very low chance of success. Following my surgery where my foot was fractured and shaved I was given little to no post-op care. The procedure seems like a dream come true when you're walking out on a broken foot until you realize that NO other doctor would ever let you do this. Now going on almost a year my foot is still broken I have constant pain. When I went back to see Dr Weisenthal because I was still in pain he went from telling me from the beginning that I would heal after six months now turned into up to a year. He simply wiggled my toes and told me I should come back in the summer for more surgery. No x-rays were taken to see if the bone had healed and this was my final warning that I needed to go for a second opinion. I went to another doctor who looked at me like I was crazy when I told him what had been done. I had to have a follow up surgery to try and correct the fracture that was done by Dr Kirell. Unfortunately because of the length of time I thought it was recovering it has become increasingly difficult to heal. I am now getting a third surgery by an Orthopedic surgeon. While all this has been going on I attempted to pursue legal recourse against Dr Weisenthal and Dr Kirell. Only to find out that they have structured their lives to protect them from the negligence that they knowingly commit. Not only did I have a case against them but unfortunately my sister had also made the mistake of having both feet done a week after my procedure. Not only did she get a bunionectomy but they managed to tear multiple tendons and butcher her feet. She also had to go for major corrective surgery.
I usually am not one to go out of my way to write bad reviews but I'm writing this with hope that it will save someone the pain that my sister and I have had to go through due to these doctors. If anyone does any research they can easily find records of the previous negligence. Not only have these doctors had their license suspended recently but they have also been fined for practicing without a license as well.

  • Resolution statement

    My complaint against this Doctor, his partner and practice have been resolved. I no longer have any outstanding issues with Dr. Weisenthal, Dr. Kirell his partner or his practice.

Apr 09, 2016

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