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This cosmetic dentist operates just across the border from San Diego, in the Rio district of Tijuana. He misrepresented his services in our interview for a complete cosmetic makeover. He promised the lab-work would be done by a very good lab in San Diego, and he would be using Captek brand crowns. He didn't realize I speak Spanish, and I came to find out the lab-work was done in Tijuana. He actually had a very limited selection of colors, only twelve. After all my original teeth were filed down, he pulled out one color and strongly advised not to go lighter. It turned out that was only because he didn't have a lighter color. Beyond that, the veneers he placed have been falling out continuously in the year and a half since he did the procedure. He has replaced the same veneers multiple times. One replacement veneer was a noticeably darker color. Another veneer broke and instead of replacing it, he just patched it with bonding material which didn't match the color. As I caught on to what he was doing, his web of lies reached ridiculous levels. $12, 000 wasted

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      Feb 06, 2011

    I have had a few procedures done by Dr Milla, He did a good job on most of them. When I asked him if he was doing the new Vaser, " high definition", lipo-sculpture, he replied "Yes We do everything here". As it turned out though, at that time, he had the Vaser, but had no clue how to use it. He left my chest and abs with deformities that will cost me a small fortune for multiple corrective surgeries. Because of the scar tissue existing now, it most likely will never be right. When I pointed out the unsatisfactory results to him, he was being less than honest with me. I didn't feel inclined to put this information out in a public forum, however, living with something like this causes a lot of anger. I think the point is though, that when having surgery, there is a very real possibility, that something can go wrong.

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