Dr Eamon Croke & Hermitage Dental Care Dublin / Ripped Off by Dr Eamon Croke & Hermitage Dental Care Dublin for thousands of pounds

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Several patients are accusing Dr Eamon Croke the President of Dental Council of Ireland of charging them thousands of pounds for dental implants and subsequently never responding to their calls for help. European Dental Organization investigative office, discovered those patients never knew the a medical EU commission filed a complaint last year against Dr Eamon Croke and the Hermitage Dental Care in Dublin. He was also found negligent this May in a medical malpractice lawsuit where the patient almost died. Dr Eamon Croke and the Hermitage Dental Care in Dublin refused to comment on the allegations and the dental board’s complaint. “Doctor, we’ve talked to a number of your patients who say they’ve been abandoned by you after paying you tens of thousands ofpounds . How can you do that? How can you abandon these people?” Goldstein said.
Several patients who went to Hermitage Dental Care in Dublin office said the experience was nothing to smile about. I had so many infections in my mouth, it was just unbelievable, ” one patient said.

“I don’t even speak the way I used to, and he disfigured me inside my face. It’s not the same. I’m hurting. All of these people are hurting. There are so many other people, ” another patient said.

Patients said they were drawn to Dr Eamon Croke after seeing TV advertisements, touting the office as the leader in dental implants.

Dental implants are used to support crowns or dentures, and can cost tens of thousands of dollars.
“I want them to know they took money from a widow, ” Jennifer Wales said.

Dr Eamon Croke office even helped Wales get a loan for more than £ 12, 000 at nearly 28 percent interest.

“I sold my purses, my shoes, my jewelry — anything that I had to sell to pay for this — and I still owe the bank at least £ 5, 800 still, ” Wales said.

Patients said the money wasn’t the issue. It’s what happened after they got their implants.

“Did your teeth fall out?” Goldstein said.

“Yes, twice, twice, and the screws come off, ” Wales said.

And they some say when they tried to get help, after paying all the money upfront, appointments were hard to come by.

“They hold your money hostage, ” a patient said.
Dr Eamon Croke said he was experiencing financial problems, even though a Mercedes Benz registered to him was parked outside his home .

With that, Dr Eamon Croke didn’t answer any questions.

Jan 15, 2015

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