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Hopefully I am not posting this twice...signed in and my comment disappeared.

A few summer concert seasons ago I responded to Dr. Dot's ads looking for local therapists...I'm a veteran skin surfer and thought this would be a great gig for me.

We had an email misunderstanding...she told me to expect to be contacted for an 'audition' and if I was not in a period of time, get back to her. Being a diligent human being, when I was not contacted, I followed up, as she told me which point she got really nasty, told me I didn't know how to read, and that she never emailed that (Um got it in writing here chicka). She then proceeded to verbally assault me via email...just really nasty attacking words, completely uncalled for...highly unprofessional.

Kind of rattled my cage (I'm used to dealing with sane folks). After reading this I'm glad to hear that I saved myself from drama and further stress by not working with her...sounds like a high stress, ego driven drama nut. I've also watched a few videos of Dot massaging, she looks very disjointed, erratic and all over the place...guess it's who you know? As a bodyworker I'm a very sensitive person, so being attacked does not sit well with me.

I have worked with Stagehands massage, Darcy Lynch's company...and it was fine. Went backstage, did very little work, waited around, and was well paid for basically showing up. For the time/money I'd rather massage 'regular people, but the show I did work on for Stagehands was a great experience.

Sep 27, 2014

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