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If you are reading this review please do not use Dr. Mills for ANY type of cosmetic or medical procedure. He did a breast aug and lipo on ME and my results were completely botched and I am permanently disfigured. Because of the extensive waivers Dr. Mills makes you sign prior to consenting to surgery you will be left without any recourse and you will basically have signed you rights away allowing him to do whatever sloppy hack job he wants on you. If you don't believe me go to the county clourts website and search for his name under civil and criminal categories and you will see what a bad guy this is. He has ruined many people lives and ended some. He lies and says no one died under his care. He doesn't mention that he once shot someone and has been under investigation by the medical board many times. It is a shock to me that in the State of California in the United States of American in 2011 that this butcher is allowed to practice medicine let alone continues to fool so many innocent people. Somehow this man is board certified!!! He ruined my perfect body and yet claims to be an expert. He puts links to top doctors awards on his website. He is nothing but! I have spoken with other women whom Dr. Mills has damaged. His staff all lies and will tell you whatever you want to hear. See many doctors before you make a decision to have anything done...MANY!

I can NOT stress enough...DO YOUR RESEARCH, I highly encourage you to see the care of a skilled surgeon, DR. MILLS IS NOT!

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