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Dr. Chambers / Unethical

1 NV, United States Review updated:

In my experienced opinion and educated opinion,

Dr. Mark Chambers is an internationally recognized psychologist with over 18 years experience as an unethical and immoral psychologist, he is a researcher of falsities and a forensic disaster. He has authored 16 books and scientific articles where he admits in hs own words that it is HIS OPINION, and has served as a reviewer for many prestigious scientific journals, where he again makes an ### of himself as a complete idiot. His clinical practice has helped thousands of patients achieve an inferrior quality of life or a complete ruined life.

He has no ethics and no heart. He is a danger to society and to families. His colleages refer to him as a "Hired Gun" for the courts. He is so sly he can write 45 pages of falsities and submit it to the court and not get charged with malpractice. Although it would be worth every penny to expose this horrible individual!

If you are looking for a psychologist in Las Vegas or Henderson Nevada, I suggest you find anyone besides Dr. Mark Chambers.

Words that describe Dr Mark Chambers:

canard, cheating, deceit, deceptiveness, disingenuousness, double-dealing, duplicity, erroneousness, error, faithlessness, fake, fallacy, falsehood, fib, fraud, fraudulence, hypocrisy, inaccuracy, infidelity, insincerity, lie, mendacity, misrepresentation, perfidiousness, perfidy, prevarication, sham, story, tale, treachery, uncandidness, unfaithfulness, unreality, untruthful

If you see the man in the picture - RUN!!!

(he is older and balder now of course),

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  • Te
      1st of May, 2010


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  • Ti
      19th of Feb, 2011

    Wow good to know I am not alone. I would agree about the unprofessional assessment.

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  • Tr
      31st of Mar, 2011

    If you had a bad experiece with Dr. Chambers please submit a formal complaint to the Board of Psychologists, here is thier web-site:

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  • Te
      13th of Apr, 2011

    agreed, very disrespectful and obviously biased

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  • 0u
      16th of Apr, 2011

    Sorry to hear you had a run in with this despicalble human being.

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  • Cn
      1st of Jul, 2011

    This man terrorized my child yesterday. It was not a therapy session it was a crucifixion he was horrid. My son couldn't stop crying. He was not there to help he was there to destroy. I am filing a complaint with the courts today and with the medical board.

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  • 0u
      3rd of Jul, 2011

    Oh my!!! That is aweful! FIle with the BOARD OF PSYCHOLOGISTS> They need to get complaints about this ### everyday until they finally take his license. He is only there to ruin lives of families. He also terrorized my daughter. SHe could not eat or sleep for days after seeing him. I knew he was bad, but the judge said she "had to see Dr. Chambers." Against my wishes and begging and pleading, the jusge didn't care. If you have Judge Guliani it is even worse! The reason being is because Dr. Chambers is there to take your child away VIA KIDNAP BY COURT!
    They kidnapped my daughter with the permission of Dr. Chambers!! This happened over a year ago and I have not ever seen my daughter again. However, she got a hold of her big sister (my oldest daughter) and said she was raped by 2 boys and also she went to juvenile hall. Hmm, pretty sick people to take a healthy happy child and ruin her life! Dr. Chambers is in it for the money that is it. For more information go to and get connected with the people who have been victimized by Dr. CHambers and many other doctors just like him. Good luck! I am so sorry that your child suffered at the hands of that horrible man. Send letters to everyone! Tell EVERYONE what he is like and don't stop!

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  • Ti
      12th of Aug, 2011

    I am still having nightmares about Dr. Chambers, very scary ones. I went with the recommendation from my attorney to use him for a family court matter and regret it entirely. There were so many issues we had with him. Even when constructively confronted about a breach of confidentiality/ethics he continued to hold a grudge and became hostile towards me and later produced a slanderous letter that he will ultimately regret from a legal standpoint. Stay far away from this quack Dr. The analogy about crucifixion left in a comment above is spot on. This man acts like he is GOD and says and does COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE things to his patients that left me in awe. If you try to defend yourself you are "branded" in your case for being out of control when he, in fact, is out of control. Someone needs to slap this guy with an ethics course quick before he destroys more families. Be especially wary if you are female, I suspect he has major issues there. Wanted a huge payment up front for the damage he does. Of course, non refundable if you don't continue. Also want to mention he seems to entirely lack any compassion for anything. I wish this complaint board was around when we hired him for our case. I did my due diligence and couldn't find anything like this out there. Had I found this information, I would be sleeping soundly today I am certain. STAY AWAY FROM DR. CHAMBERS!

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  • 0u
      13th of Aug, 2011

    I completely undrestand! He is the every parents worst nightmare - and yes specially if you are female.Attorney gets a kick back from him when they use him that is why they recommend him! Dump your attorney if he/she recommends this monster, because they do not care about you or your child.
    Dr. Chambers sent my daughter home crying and was unable to eat for days after being forced to sit in his office interrogated for 6 hgours by this impossible man who calls himself a doctor! Ugh, one day someone will will meet up with him in a dark alley and Dr. Chambers will wish he was never born. I only am sad it could no tbe me. But I will rejoice when I hear about it one day, even if years down the road. God promises that evil doers will be destroyed. Stand on that promise and don't ever give up! in the meantime you can help by signing the petition on to stop monters like him they are in every city in every state. they are called slime buckets (aka, hired gun doctors).

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  • Kr
      24th of May, 2018

    @0U812 Hello. I am an attorney in Las Vegas, and I am currently in a case in which the Defendant has retained Dr. Mark Chambers. Would you be interested in having a quick chat with me? Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

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  • 0u
      23rd of Apr, 2013

    I hope he rots in hell.

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  • In
      12th of Oct, 2016

    I absolutely and totally DISAGREE with this review/complaint. I have seen Dr Chambers probably 12-14 times over the last 20 months, and sometimes I don't think I would be alive if it weren't for him. Therefore, this complaints really upsets me, and clearly reflects a personal vendetta. I have a master's degree and am also a very educated person. But I have had enormous difficulty coping with a failed relationship, and that is in addition to dealing my mother's cognitive decline in the last year, due to dementia.

    I tend to be a very emotional, intuitive person, and I instinctively react impulsively. The best thing about Dr Chambers, in my opinion, is how he is unbiased, totally logical, professional, and yet caring. I appreciate that he doesn't coddle me; I have seen therapists who just commiserate and that is totally unhelpful! Also, Dr Chambers is results-oriented, unlike some of my other therapists, and I think that ultimately that is the best sign of a good therapist! That you get to the point where you are improved and he has worked himself out of a job!

    I really feel like this woman and her friend are pissed off that Dr Chambers didn't agree with them. I think slandering this fabulous, effective, and professional doctor is horrible.

    -1 Votes
  • An
      20th of Jan, 2019

    This quack just found the felon who robbed and kidnapped my husband incompetent, despite the fact that he has a large ad on a prisoner contact website. It is lucidly written. He is also a published prison author. It just goes to show that this doctor is not too keen on his mental assessments.

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