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Dr. Bunny Vreeland / Dr. Bunny Vreeland scam tries to switch programs

1 United States

This Dr. was feeling the heat, so she ran and set up shop in a different location, Bunny just answer the questions about your education, do do not hide. Please she has tricked hundreds of people

This is her threats

The truth- The First Amendment to the US Constitution is guarantees that government can not interfere with any citizen's right to speak or to publish his/her opinions. This freedom to express and publish includes critical words to which some -- particularly the target of the criticism -- will take offense. The freedom to communicate non-offensive pleasantries wouldn't really need protection,

Dr bunny you are a company selling a product, that in many opinion is a scam . You should be willing to endure criticism, whether that be in the form of gentle reproof and helpful suggestions or stinging attacks. Not only is criticism protected speech (in America), but as you have found -- having sought fortune, fame, -- you sometimes ought to be willing to pay the whole price, including criticism. if you want to respond use your right of free speech!

but you seem to only know how to distort the truth Bunny can you tell the truth?

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