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Dorothy's Helping hands tax service / rude and mistakes

1 49 st marys river driveSault Ste Marie, Canada

so I had a very horrible experience at Dorothy's Helping Hands. I got there to pick up my forms and she asked me for my 2 $ so I asked why I had to pay when others don't.she said it is the price. I went to pick up my son so he could sign his income tax papers so they could be e filed. We were picking up our copies and neither of us were asked for id..While my son was inside I looked at my papers and realized They were filled out wrong she had address wrong .So I took my papers in and since my son was at the counter I walked up and asked her why did they have the wrong address .She said it is the one I gave them .So since I didn't give them an address I was a little perplexed. I signed the papers and they gave me all my tax sin number phone number and date of birth are on there, with my name.I was never asked to show id and anyone could of walked in there and got all my info.My identity could of been stolen.. So I said while this needs to be fixed.The place is packed and she told me to sit down and wait. I said I can write it down and u can change it, as I had a borrowed car that needed to be returned. they were having non of that and started to be come very rude. So I left and called them from home. I spoke to Dorothy the owner herself. Well is she every rude. She again said I gave them the address. Which I didn't. I asked her how come some pay and some don't she said it goes my affordability .I said while if I was told that I would of prob paid but since u messed up my taxes I didn't see why I had to pay. I told them I know many others who didn't pay and since i am below the poverty line I shouldn't have to pay. I realize it is only 2 $ but I go to united way every yr to do my taxes but decided to go to her cause it was also free.Biggest Mistake ever. She was very rude to me on the phone as well. I even apologized to her twice saying Lets just get this worked out so she could e file my claim.So folks guess what the address is on my forms it is disability local office. Seriously are u kidding me. When i told Dorothy My address was on both my t5 and my rent thing I didnt understand why they would be sending my forms else where. I told her i had to borrow a car to get there and I wasn't happy and asked her if i could give her my address so they could get this done. She said no so the end result is I have to go I have to go pick up my forms because she now refuses to file my taxes she is also giving me my two bucks back. . I have never dealt with a more rude woman in my life. I will never ever recommend her or go there again .I told her i was calling revenue canada she said go ahead there my buddies. I wonder what revenue canada will say when they are giving away people tax information with out even asking for identification. I have a worker so I called her and asked if she could come with me to get my papers back. when we got there the papers they weren't at the desk so we had to wait.the lady at the desk apologized to me.I apologized to her it wasn't her fault . When Dorothy finally came out she said my name I didn't hear her and asked if she had said My name. She asked yelling if i was deaf well actually I have hearing issues and I said, yes actually I am .As we were leaving she said "good riddance we don't serve her kind in here" there was a room full of people I was so embarassed.My worker spoke up and said I am this womans worker and that is very inappropriate comment to make. the people in the waiting room dont know anything about what had gone on.The people in the waiting room were embarrassed for me and lowered there eyes. My worker asked her what kinda people she was referring to .She wouldn't answer and screaming told us both to get out. My worker brought me to united way and i filled out the forms there, they corrected my address and will call when they are ready. I will never ever go to, or recommend her again . I since have heard of many problems with the service .Forms filed out wrong and just nasty service .

May 1, 2015

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