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Contracted with them to install a very simple outdoor antenna. Gave the handy man the instructions, read them to him and he understood what needed to be done. I also told the handy man NOT to drill holes anywhere near our network and TV coax for fear he would damage the cables. The job should have taken less than an hour but the handy man drilled exactly where I told him not to drill and drilled into all my network and coax cables, and mounted the Yagi directional antenna pointing towards MARS so it would never work.

Five hours later, the handy man (cursing all the time) was in the attic trying to tape the wires back together without success, then left a nest of trouble.

I called a professional networking company to repair the wiring damage ($220.00) and sent the bill. Steve (aka esteban.[protected]@done.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Austin, TXcom) says he cannot see the damage his own handy man reported to him and is not accepting responsibility.

I suspect with 91% of reviews are negative that they don't have any money and soon will be out of business. One can only hope. The address in the BBB file is short term office space in the Omni building in Austin where many Austin area start-ups lease a tiny space to host a phone and server.

Business info:, Inc.
Sara D. Jenkins is the registered agent and 100% stock holder
132 Sebastians Run
Austin, TX 78738 USA

Filing Number: [protected]
Entity Type:
Domestic For-Profit Corporation
Original Date of Filing: August 17, 2015
Tax ID: [protected]
Name:, Inc.
Address: 7500 HW 71 #203 AUSTIN, TX 78738 USA

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  • Updated by scuba546, Feb 10, 2017

    UNDISPUTED FACT: From day one there were scheduling issues that manifested into total incompetence first on’s part. UNDISPUTED FACT: The handyman admitted to damaging our home wiring. The handyman was ill prepared to repair the damage and tried but had no idea what he was doing and worse, was vociferously cursing at his failure to repair

    UNDISPUTED FACT: When the issue of the handyman’s damage was brought to’s attention, I was met with extreme resistance and requests for pictures even though the handyman who did the damage admitted he was at fault.

    UNDISPUTED FACT: I was forced to hire another qualified contractor to repair the damage and their bill was submitted to for reimbursement. In an ensuing conversation with leadership, I was amazed to hear them blame me or somehow try to mitigate the limit of malfeasance of and its contractors.

    UNDISPUTED FACT: During several conversations between leadership and myself, leadership has confirmed and admitted the handyman did in fact did damage so I am perplexed as to why doesn’t take the ethical high road and resolve this matter in a professional manner. During our latest conversation this morning, leadership stated that while their handyman was fully responsible for the damages they decided not to pay because I went “over a line” when I did some basic discovery of publicly available records of the owners and leadership of

    Next, executive leadership attempted coerce me to take down my complaint, then you would reimburse the full amount of the repair invoice. I find that it incredible and take exception that would hold the injured party responsible for damages done by the self-admitted guilty party. By not paying for the damages, we are being held financially responsible for the incompetence and malfeasance of and it’s contractors.

Jan 12, 2017
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  • Su
      Aug 04, 2017

    Had some work done to my home, specifically my deck and the handyman by the name of Albert never finished the work. He replaced the boards one week and power washed the deck another week. He was supposed to paint it, but instead he drops off some guy & the guy stays for over 8 hours and doesn't finish an eighth of the job. A week later the handyman never reaches out to let me know why the work wasn't finished or anything, instead I had to text him to find out why he didn't finish. Well long story short it took over a week for him to get back to me and I had to wind up hiring someone else to finish the work, costing me more money. If you live in the DC area, do NOT hire them.

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