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The owner of this company billed Medicaid 30 million dollars in 18 months. He owes so many former employees money. They refuse to pay us, we have called the labor Board a millions times, this company sucks. They conduct bad business and has piss poor management style.

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  • Am
      Dec 18, 2008

    They still owe me $2000.00 dollars, they are still conducting business, in Raleigh, why I dont know. They are opening up offices in Arizona and Alabama, to pull the same scam they pulled in Raleigh, NC. They have terrible management ( Joel Hopkins & Jerry Wright).

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  • Wh
      Dec 31, 2008

    I also joined what I thought was an oppurtunity for me to not only make a difference in others lives through Mental health services, but also the oppurtunity to advance my career and gain knowledge in a feild I hold dear to my heart. I was there when Dominon stood on the court house steps I thought in reprensentation of many of our own kind that I thought were not being given the oppurtunity for a brighter future through services that Dominion offered such as community support. But, that was not the case at all.. I worked deligently and served consumers that were in need not knowing that I was only being used for the financial gratification of money hungrey Adults. Where did I go wrong. I went wrong after several signs that the company was not leget. I regret ever getting aboard this train and if I could turn back the hands of time, I would protest on the steps of Dominion to everyone and anyone who walked by. Time after time so many of us hard working and even intelligent young and old adults worked well into the midnight hour to imbetter our community. To only walk away with a hope and a prayer. Instead of us serving the consumers we now have became consumers. We stand in Salvation Army and Social services lines to get months of backed up bills paid, we call our creditors and beg for extensions. Why because when Mr.Wright asked us to have faith in him we did, when we were asked to just hold on we did, but when my lights where endanger of being shut off no one at Dominion Health care Services could help me. However, Mr.Hopkins are you still riding in your bentley? and how about the jet, getting good gas mileage on that now of days? Well for me and my family we depend on the unemployment check and foodstamps we get monthly.

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  • Ra
      Jan 23, 2009

    It's easy for you guys to post an anonomous complaint on the internet. You idiots were the ones providing services, not Joel Hopkins. Who committed the fraud? It was the staff at Dominion. Stop blaming others for your misgivings and take accountability.

    These same people will move on an ruin the next agency and put consumers in harms way.

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  • Up
      Feb 04, 2009

    For the idiot who had the audacity not to blame Joel Hopkin obviously didn't work for the company. People are upset b/c this man had people working for him and then refused to pay them. He's no better than a crook who robs a bank, but yet he still walks around like someone owes him something. Joel Hopkins is not a man, he's a coward who hides behind his religion, and then uses others faith in God as a tool to play with their emotions. He claims he doesn't have any money, and that he too is struggling to pay the light bill at his home. Yet he can still afford to take his private jet, back from Charlotte b/c he didn't want to ride in a car b/c he thought it'd take to long. (I was there when he said it, so it came directly from the horse's mouth!!!) On top of that he has the nerve to purchase his new wife a 40, 000 dollar ring, which he bragged about, and enough money to pay for a new year's wedding, but you can't pay employees money they are owed? Something sounds funny there to me. Everyone knows you're a crook, but don't worry it'll come back to you or hopefully someone in your family will pay for your mistakes, maybe then he'll realize that he can't take advantage of people.

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  • Mr
      Feb 12, 2009

    Wooow " Upset and Broke" you surely are, especially for you to say "but don't worry it'll come back to you or hopefully someone in your family will pay for your mistakes... Just by you stating this shows why u are still in the situation you face. Dont you know you will not ever prosper "Hoping" for things like this. It only keeps you in bondage. Your posting name says it all.

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