Domestic Relations (Connie Mcconnell)Rude and Degrading service reguarding my case


I have had several issues in dealing with Monroe county Domestic relations in regards to my child support case. I have never missed a payment, and actually took my daughter's mother to court when she was born as she claimed she had an affair and I was NOT the father.

After paying for DNA testing, court, lawyer costs and $10, 000 I finally got to see my little girl when she was three months old for the first time.

I currently wrote to have my order reviewed as I was on Worker's Comp. for the past four years and wanted to notify Domestics that I was now permanently disabled and on Disability so that they could make the adjustments accordingly. The women who handles my case is CONNIE MCCONNELL and has been nothing but degrading and rude to both myself and wife when we call trying to find out information on what the status of review was, and that the fact my daughter's mother was complaining to me that she hasn't recieved a check in over a month. When I talked to CONNIE MCCONNELL she stated all payment would be put on hold until they could figure out the Retro active check for my benefits and what they would be as they effect the NEW support order. Pretty simple...

Several phone calls later CONNIE MCCONNELL has called my home and rudely explained to my wife she couldnt do the review hearing until we found out what the retro-active check would be. I am tired of dealing with complete and downright unprofessional people when it comes to my child and her care. Someone needs to re-assign this CONNIE MCCONNELL and fire her or be reprimanded for her actions.

Just a heads up in case anyone has to deal with Monroe County Domestic Relations, there are good people there, CONNIE MCCONNELL is surely not one of them!

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