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Dollartree / dollartree manager stole from customer

1 Jacksonville, United States Review updated:
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On june 7th. 2008. Myself, 3 kids and my husband went to our local dollartreee. When we went to check out as most moms know with small kid's thing can get kinda crazy at the check out line. I put all my items on the belt and accidentally a dissani water? I had purchased at another store earlier. I 'am on medication and I need to drink a lot of fluids. Since my husband was with me and the kid's being a little cranky I took the kids and stepped out of line while my husband paid he then says honey he just charged you for this water we all ready paid for it. So I asked the checker if he charged and he said yes. I said did you not notice that the water was half gone? He said so! Well I said shouldn't you ask if I bought it here first or ask if it is mine before you charge me?He said no I saw you get it on the way in!!! I said oh did you well I would like my dollar back please because I didn't get this here he said yes you did!And our policy will not allow us to return your money sorry! I then said look I have a receipt for that water and I showed it to him and he says sorry! Can't help you. Next in line please. I then said oh know you don"t you are not going to steel from me!!! I want the manager and I looked to my left and she was listening to the whole thing already. But I went ahead and explained every thing to her and she also refused my money and I said to her you are both steeling from me. So the manager said you know what ! Let me see that receipt. She then said I don't see a water on this so I pointed it out to her. The manager then said here take you $1.28 and get your crazy ### out of my store. The manager said this in front of a store full of customer's I could have died but I told the manager just give me back my rowe's receipt and I would be more than happy to get out of her store. The manager then said to me this is now my receipt and your not getting it back! I then said to her that is steeling and your not going to steel from me! The manger then said get out of here! And I said I am not going any where with out my receipt what if I need it again? The manager then names out loud every thing I purchased at rowe's and says's to me I doubt you will be needing this receipt again and I said that is for me to decide give me back my receipt. At this point she open's the register and put my receipt in the drawer and then she picked up my receipt and another receipt and I asked for my receipt again and again she refused me. She said that the checker would get written up with out it at the end of the day. I said after all of this do you think that I feel that this is any of my problem and at that point I quickly pulled out of her hand what I thought was my receipt and she started to laugh at me and said you stupid ### that was a no sale receipt now get out of here. I was so mad I went outside and dialed 911 and while I was waiting the manager came outside and started to say a few more words to me and then she saw the police and she walked off and sat on a bench and started smoking. When the police got there I explained the whole thing so he asked the manager if she had the receipt and she said yes but i'm not giving it to her it is mine so the police asked what store is the receipt from and she lied and said the dollartree so the police man asked to see it so she took him inside the store and said she couldn't find it at that time so the officer asked me where the receipt was and I told him in the male checker's register so the officer asked him to open it and asked for the receipt and said this is not a dollartree receipt it clearly says rowe's on it is this rowe's? The manager then explains she needs it for closing so she wont have to right up the checker and the officer said i'm sorry but you cant do that this is not your property this belongs to the customer it's not even from your store! This is a rowe's receipt and at that time the officer retrieved my receipt. But this was not the end of it the manager wanted my dollartree receipt and asked the officer to get it from me. The officer said I can not do that it also belongs to the customer so she starts to get mad at the policeman because he wont take my receipt from me so the policeman says why don't you just take a copy of the receipt and the manager says's she has no copy machine so the officer say tell you what I will go to the sub station and get a copy for you so he followed me back to my van only to find out from my husband that they didn't give him his receipt at the dollartree for our purchases.

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    i will like to have a job i have good exsprence

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