Dollar Treeunmannered service by cashier named ladonna at dollar tree san antonio tx babcock location

An Dec 02, 2018 San Antonio, TX Review updated:

I was about to check out at the register and I had just placed some money on the counter. I wasn't done providing the change and the cashier named LaDonna, had already grabbed my money and was trying to hand me change. When I had told her I wasn't done giving her the change and did not even know what I placed on the counter, she closed her register drawer and obnoxiously said to me "I'm sorry I already closed my register". I asked for the manager which her name was Tina and she was standing right next to her.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in San Antonio, TX LaDonna continued to yell at me and was telling me to get my bags and go. This whole time Tina did nothing to remedy the situation nor did she try to apologize for her employees behavior. She may have been intimidated by LaDonna's obnoxious and angry loud voice. I've never been treated with such disrespect from the stores employees. That was quite disturbing to say the least. I think a company's customer service is just as important as the products they sell. I will never go back to that store again nor will I refer anyone there.

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      Dec 03, 2018
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    The cashier didn't do anything wrong. She took your money, handed you your change. Transaction over. Instead you wanted to hold up her line digging out your change and cause a scene when you didn't get your way. I'm sure they'll be happy if you never go back there again.

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  •   Dec 03, 2018

    Um... You plunking money down on an impersonal counter instead of treating LaDonna like a human being is where you were rude.

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