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Good Morning Dollar Tree, Inc.

I thought you should know that your Brand is NOT being well represented at the location below. I am a native Memphian returning home after residing in Los Angeles, CA for the last 23 years.

On Monday, November 26, 2018 at approximately 1:40 PM, after standing in a long line for atleast 10 minutes with other disgruntled customers both in front and behind me, when Register attendant Jameca (sp?) asked for the manager to come out and assist her. After the Manager came out and stood behind the register attendant with cash in her hands, I waited briefly to watch the interaction and timing of the transaction requested. While the manager was standing still waiting for the register attendant to finish her job, I stepped slightly out of line, and took the liberty of asking the Manager in a very humble and non-alarming tone of voice, "Excuse me Mamma, is it was possible to have someonelse to open an additional cash register (while holding Thank you Cards for dear friend in need of financial assistance while going through major health issues and a divorce, Lighter and Trident gum)? She responds in a very nasty and disrespectful tone of voice that she's give cash to the register girl...give me a minute. With shock on my face, I looked at the customers behind me as they shook their heads. After giving the attendant the cash, she went back into the office and closed door. One customer said, "That was uncalled for" and another, "She ain't coming back either". As far as I know, she did not return. Finally, I purchased my items, left the store and drove next door to Post Office building next door to mail my Thank you card with cash to assistance my friend of about 25 years.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Memphis, TN

I've been in Memphis since August of last year, and truly HATE going to that location because the service there is poor, Management seems to have issues in hiring respectful and dependable people, and store is OFTEN in disarray with boxes everywhere.

This location needs more dependable workers. Even the Good female Managers there often seemed stressed or overwhelmed from what appears to be a lack of good help.
For this reason, I would rather drive 5 minutes away from my home to the DT on Perkins and Knight Arnold, rather than drive 2 minutes back to the Dollar Tree, 3697 Hickory Hill Rd, Memphis, TN, 38115 location.

Please FIRE that RUDE Manager, and send more respectful and dependable, reliable staff works. Thank you.

I've been blessed to have toured and Ministered around the world. I recognize and appreciate good service and congenial behavior. This store seems to have many issues and needs serious assistance. On behalf of the Hickory Hill Community, Thank you for your time and IMMEDIATE ATTENTION to this matter at that location.

In HIS Service,

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