Dollar Treepoor customer service from leadership

Dt Mar 31, 2016 Indianapolis, IN

on 3/22/16 at 11:32 am I went into store # 4822 located 5926 e 10th street Indianapolis, in [protected]

Attempting to purchase items, candy, and wrapping paper for Easter baskets there were around 8-10 employees working the floors and conversing amongst each other. After proceeding to check out their was 1 register open with a elderly lady working the counter and about 6 customers in line. After about 4 minutes I saw a lady (manger) close by looking to be doing little to nothing and eyeing the line so I asked if another register would be opened seeing the store was fully staffed, I will add there was a lot of mercindise on the floor to be stocked however what good is the merchandise if it’s going to be put back down once customers notice the very long lines ...So after being ignored I was checked out with a total of $8.49 . No more than an hour later I came back to same store for wrapping paper that I forgot to get on my first visit and I noticed the manager lady which I found out name is (Stephanie) and I asked if she would point me in the direction of the wrapping paper and she did without bothering to assist me or looking up from what she was doing . After searching the isle she pointed me to I did not see what I was looking for so I asked Stephanie if she would show me exactly where this item was . Her response’ was ma'am you have to look for it if you don't see it we don't have it.” I asked her if this meant she refused to help assist me she said No! “I’m just telling you if you don't see it we don't have it .” Being a woman that was worked in customer service for over 15 years this kind of behavior puzzled me especially seeing this woman was the store’s manager so to reframe from making a scene I asked for her name and and cooperate number she gave it to me while walking in the other direction

after speaking to several rep with the dollar tree corps office for over an hour I was told by the woman answering the phone the only way to summit a complaint was by leaving a message I did! with 2 individuals only 1 called me back about an hour later to advise I can go online and summit a complaint and that the receptionist didn't know this small detail because she only transfer calls. However it is now 3/1/16 I have not got any call backs or email in response to my complaint

sincerely, a former dollar tree shopper

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