Dollar Treemanager on site (laura)

Ar Nov 24, 2018 El Paso, TX

I went in with my family today around 9:00 PM. We love to shop at Dollar Tree all the time and have never had such a bad experience like the one tonight. My son had dropped two plastic candy canes by accident, and I asked him to pick them up. Well, out of nowhere came a girl to pick them up from the floor before my son did and came right up to me with an angry face and told me to put them back. She said it in the most rude disgusting way. So I told her, " you are being very rude, my son dropped those on accident and he was about to pick them up." She started telling me that my son was knocking "things" around and so I told her, "What are you talking about?" "My son isn't knocking "things around." "Show me what "things" he knocked down." She just kept saying, "Well things" and I kept asking her, "Show me what things." I was here and the only 2 things he dropped by accident were these 2 candy canes, why are you so bothered and angry and being very rude?" Then she went on saying that I was upset because she told me that my son was knocking things around, and sure I was upset at those accusations because my son wasn't knocking things around and also because she was very very rude. So I asked her, "I need to speak to the manager." She then proceeded to tell me, "I am the manager!" "What do you want!?" Again, very unprofessional and RUDE. So I just told her I didn't want to deal with her anymore that I would be calling corporate office instead...and she just went on with her ugly demeanor, saying, "GO AHEAD!" I have never ever seen a manager handle any sort of incident in such an unprofessional way as today. I love the Dollar Tree for it's Teacher supplies because I'm a teacher, and all its great merchandise but I will not go back to that store again. This "manager, " needs either more training on how to handle situations in a professional way and maybe even anger management classes. Please speak to this manager who was on site at the Dollar Tree on 6007 N. Mesa street, El Paso, TX 79912. Again, this happened around 9:00 PM on 11-23-2018. I wouldn't want another one of your good customers to go through this horrible experience at your store. Thank You! -Ms. Rosales

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