Dollar Treemanager accused me of theft when I haven't stolen anything and never have

Pe Dec 03, 2018 Saint Paul, IN Review updated:

I would like to Lodge complaint against Tracy at the the arcade store in St Paul Minnesota she made an announcement over the loudspeaker but if anyone was stealing to put the merchandise down the police are on their way she then had two employees Corner me and ask me if I had anything in my pockets that I hadn't paid for which I replied no they asked me if I was sure I said yes then she herself came up and asked me if I need help finding anything to which I replied no all within the span of about a minute me and my family spend hundreds of dollars there a month being at everything is a dollar now there's times where I go in there and they are sold out of certain items and I'm looking for so then I go back every day until they either had them in there or they have something else that I like sometimes I'm in there for a short amount of time sometimes I'm walking around in there for about 15 minutes without her ever seeing me take anything without paying for it or anything like that she tried to embarrass me has come outside taking down my license plate number and basically harassing me I don't know what her reasoning is I don't know why she feels like this is a appropriate way to treat a customer but being that I live literally 2 blocks from the store I will be telling everyone in my neighborhood about this I'm also going to be contacting a lawyer to see if I have a case because I felt cornered and threatened by the two big men at least 250 lb 5 foot 8 to 6 foot tall men I however am about five foot five in about a hundred and fifty pounds soaking wet I didn't know what was going to happen because they corner me in the back of the store near the toy aisle she also was telling other customers that were in line that I was stealing I know this because I heard her say it needless to say I'm very very angry about this I like that store I've been coming there since you opened being that I live 2 blocks away from there and I've lived two blocks away from there in the same house for 30 years

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