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Dollar General Stores / rudeness and lack of respect

1 1021 Virginia Beach BLVD.Virginia Beach, VA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 757-491-4891

I was an employee at one of your stores in VA. BCH. VA. I worked for your company 3 different times. The first time, I was a manager at store # 6362. During this time there was no store manager and everything was a mess. The company kept sending in a different store manager every week. As you know, each manager does things differently. So, that wiped out everything that I did to help run the store. All the employees quit and I couldn't handle it all by myself, so I left too for there was just too much stress. The 2nd time I worked there I was throwing freight and keeping the shelves stocked and helping with the cashier when needed. I asked Janet Fleming that if I quit, could I get my job back? She told me that if I gave a 2 weeks notice that I could come back to work there because I don't have a car and this store is only a block away and I can get back and forth to work easily. No one told me that your company has a leave of absence policy, otherwise I would have taken that choice because my mother had a total knee replacement and I had to care for her until she fully recovered. She couldn't drive so I had to drive her back and forth to the doctor and to her physical treatments. Well, after she recovered I went back to Janet Flemings store #6362 and asked her for my job back but at that time she didn't have any hours that she could give me, so I told her that when she got the hours to hire someone, to give me a call and she took my phone # and said ok. So I figured that she would call me when she had an opening. Well, to my surprise she called me and told me to fill out an application online so I did. We waited for the paperwork to come back and then she called me and told me that I needed to come in and take a test, I did that and I passed it. She said that she would call me when the next schedule was made. Well, she called me and told me to come to the store so I did. At the store she told me that I would start in about 2 days or so, that is when she told me that I would have to travel with a team going from store to store to help organize their store the proper way. My so called team was Janet Jordan and Kalie. So here I was with no car and no way to get to any other stores. Janet Fleming knew that I had no car because I always rode my bike back and forth to work. So, I had to beg and plead for someone to take me back and forth to work, but then no one would do it anymore. Well, all the first 3 days that I did work, Jim(the district manager) would come to the store where my team was working and he would take Janet Jordan and Kalie around the store to talk to them about our schedules and our work that needed to be done. Jim never included me in any of the conversations he had with my team. He never brought his map book of plan a grams with him to make sure that everything was where it was suppose to be. Janet Jordan and Kalie would work together with each other but I always worked alone. I don't call that a team. One day the manager of the store at Timber lake shopping center lost her new plan a gram book, so Janet Jordan and Kalie to continue working because they had to go to the Pleasant Valley store to get the new plan a gram map. " Come on now, how many people does it take to go get a map book?" This store at Timber Lake shopping center was 3 months behind on her plan a grams. So, the manager came up to me and asked me what days I could work so she could put me on her schedule. I was told that I was going back to store # 6362 on the following Monday because that is where I applied and I could get to work no matter what. I told Sandy that I couldn't work there next week because I didn't have a car and the people that brought me to work those 3 days didn't want to help me anymore. Sandy replied, " you don't want to work with me?" I told her that was not it, I just don't have a way back and forth that far away from my home. Then she just walked away and went to her office. So, I waited a few minutes and went to her office to explain to her my situation about not having a car to get back and forth to work. So, she called Jim ( The district manager) she put him on speaker phone so I could talk to him too, but when he started talking about that he didn't need me at Janet Flemings store and that he needed me at the Timber Lake store, Sandy (the manager of the Timber Lake store) Sandy picked up the phone so I couldn't talk to Jim and explain my situation. So, I was just standing there "feeling like an idiot" I always like to joke around and I even joked with Jim all the time when I seen him. So before I walked out of Sandys office, I made a joke to tell Jim that I needed to borrow his car. I guess that he took it seriously and I went outside to take a break to try to calm down because by this time I was in tears. Well, Janet Jordan and Kalie were out there too, smoking a cigarette. Well, I saw Jim pull up in the parking lot and get out of his car, I turned around and looked at Janet and Kalie and told them, " here comes Jim." they jumped up and Janet replied something and they ran inside the store. Jim came up to me and shoved a set of keys in my face and I said, " whats this?" He said, " I heard a remark about my car." Then he asked me what was I told when Janet Fleming hired me? I told him that nothing was mentioned about having to travel from store to store. He then said that he told Janet to hire someone who could travel with this team. But I was told that if I could get through the 3 days at Timber Lake that I would be put back at store# 6362. Jim said, " that is all I need to know." and he went in the store. So, I went in the store to try to talk to him but he wouldn't talk to me. I said Jim, and he kept his back to me, so I said Jim again and still he wouldn't turn around to talk to me when I said Jim for the third time and he didn't answer me, I just left because he said earlier that the company didn't need me if I was not able to travel with this team, so I left. I had no other option than to leave since he wouldn't talk to me. So, on Sunday I called Janet Fleming to see what was going on. She said to let her call Janet Jordan and she would call me back. Well, when Janet Fleming called me back she told me to call Janet Jordan. I told her that I didn't have Janet Jordans number, so she gave me her number. So, I called Janet Jordan and she said for me to call Sandy at the Timber Lake store, so I then called Sandy and she said that she would call Janet Fleming or Jim and she would call me back, but she never did. So now I needed to call Jim and see what was going on but no one would give me his number, so I figured that I had to wait for Janet Fleming to get some hours before I could go to work. So the following week, I decided to go down to Janets store and ask her when she would get some hours so I could go back to work. She told me that I had to talk to Jim first. I told her that I didn't have Jims phone number and she finally gave it to me. When I got home I called Jim and he was very rude and nasty to me!! He said that he asked everyone if they had heard from me since Friday and they told him no, that they haven't heard anything. I told Jim that was a lie because I called Janet Fleming, Janet Jordan, and Sandy. He said well, nobody has heard from me and since no one heard from me that I didn't want the job anyway. That's when I told him that I tried to talk to him at the store and he wouldn't talk to me. And I told him that it was wrong for him to come up to me and shove keys in my face!! He said that never happened and that Janet Jordan and Kalie would back him up on that. I told him, " yeah I'm sure they would" But they were not even out there because they jumped up as you was walking in the parking lot towards me and they ran inside. I then told him that I bet that the camera facing the door would prove that they ran inside and was not outside where we were at. Then he changed and said, " well if you get a car then give me a call" and he hung up on me. Now I was told by Janet Fleming that I couldn't be rehired anymore. That's not fair, I always work hard and I was promised that I could have my job back after my mom got better!!! First of all they never should have made Jim a district manager because he don't know how to do things properly! They should have left John as the district manager in our district. Second, I feel that I should have gotten my job back at store # 6362 as promised. I should not be on a list of people that can't be rehired by your company!!! I feel that I was done wrong and I didn't do anything wrong, they are the ones that messed things up for me because Janet Fleming knew that I had no car because when I worked for her before, I always rode my bicycle to work. And when I filled out my application it was for store #6362 because I have no transportation and the manager knew that too. And even when I was working with this "so called team" I was never included in any of the teams and Jims conversations, but my other 2 team members were. Everyone had lack of communication !! I work hard and I take pride in what I do because I feel like a failure if something is done wrong. I loved working for your company here close to my home but everyone has lack of communication. If I knew that I would have to travel, I would have never filled out an application. Since Janet Fleming said that if I gave my 2 weeks notice, that I could come back I figured that I would be right there in the store where I used to work which is close to my home. I'm not stupid to take a job that I can't get back and forth to. I think that Janet Fleming, Janet Jordan, Jim, and I should have a meeting about this because there were too many lies told. And that left me out of everything!! All I want is to prove that I did nothing wrong and I deserve my job back!! I would like this situation handled even if the Corporation wants to come to store # 6362 and meet with Janet Fleming, Janet Jordan, Jim (DM), and myself. I don't think that a district manager should act like this, he is childish, rude, and he doesn't do his job right either. Otherwise he would carry his plan a gram map with him and see the workers are filling up empty holes with products that don't belong there.That empty space is for other products that are coming in and if the space is filled with the wrong item the stock person won't know where to put the freight away. Well, I guess that is it for now. at least the most important stuff but I do know a lot more that should be reported. Please consider me to be taken off the list of people that can not be hired by your company. I didn't do anything wrong and I deserve my job back. I was lied to about things and it is hard to deal with when everyone believes their lives. I have worked hard for this company so, I think that I deserve to have my job back!!! I just hope that your company won't believe their lies, that is why I suggested having a meeting with all of us there at store #6362. Thank you for your time and I'm sorry to have bothered you. Angela Webster VA BCH VA

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      31st of Mar, 2009
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    Managers and DM persons are human, too. They want workers who are willing and able to make sacrafices for the "team" their team, their goals, their bottom line. In the whole scheme of things this article makes it clear to me that they needed a boldy to help build out the store. You were the warm body. They used a bargaining chip and you took the bait.

    In the future don't leave the premises, stay and finish your day. That shows better character on your part.

    DMs come and go but good, hard, freindly, and pleasant workers are rare.
    As for your two other comrades, take solilce in knowing they can only get so far with being cutesey.

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