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Dogtel Hotel / (Dogtel - / Stay away from this facility!

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We boarded our 5 month old puppy at Dog-tel Hotel located in Ocean City Maryland on July 21st and 22nd. When we came to pick up our puppy, her baby blanket was missing, a toy was missing, she had been given no treats we had sent and she had missed a meal. When we asked the staff what had happened, we were told that "they were busy. There were a lot of dogs there and that she got the same satisfactory treatment as the rest." The rudeness continued as we were yelled at for confronting them and no apology was given. We asked for our money back and they refused. PLEASE do not send your animal to this facility.

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  • Ei
      3rd of Nov, 2007
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    This is a wo9nderful, caring facility. The rudeness of some people continues to amaze me. My dog has been boarded there 10x and for more than 1 day as this complainer's dog. I have always been treated fairly and would highly recommend this home away from home. They are caring people who love pets and just as an example have adopted out more than 40 unwanted dogs. Ms. Bell has nothing better to do.

  • De
      15th of Nov, 2007
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    Dogtel Hotel is a wonderful place! I've boarded my dog Max there many times. He loves it! The "Suites" for the dogs are very unique. There's no other kennel like it.

  • La
      28th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I wish people could understand the level of service I have received while having my dog boarded at Dogtel. This is the only place I board my dogs. My dog Rex was well taken care of the past two summers despite his aggressive nature and they still kept him extremely clean. Kudos to this kennel.

  • Sa
      25th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I boarded my 2 3 1/2 year old dogs at Dogtel this past Thur evening- Saturday morning. I was encouraged to pay the extra $16 a day for play time, which I accepted after mentioning that my unneutered male needs to be supervised with other males. Upon picking them up, I was told that my dogs were "hiding in the yard" when another dog was brought out and they got into a fight. I'm not sure why no one was aware that my dogs were missing!! They are big dogs!!! The bite was downplayed as we walked back to get them out of the crate, but as we walked out, I noticed the limp and HUGE swelling on his leg. I immediately told them he needs to see a vet and had the owner call across the street to the nearest animal hospital. He agreed to cover all medical charges. When we arrived there, the woman told us she told the Dogtel owner there were not doctors on duty and we'd need to drive another 30 min. to the ER (we had a 5 hour drive home, 3 dogs and 3 ppl in the car!!) The ER was WONDERFUL and cleaned his wound, which looks terrible. He is now on anti inflammatory and antibiotics. Hardly just a little bite.
    It gets better. Since arriving home on Saturday, my other dog has had diarrhea with what seems to be blood in it, vomitting and her ears swelled up and then oozed fluid (on the flap, not from inside). I have never seen her so sick before. She is just laying around, when usually she is so excited about everything. She is going to the vet in 45 min.
    I just spoke to the Dogtel owner and demanded a refund. He first explained that they are professionals and my dogs were well cared for, but I persisted and also mentioned the fact that when I got my dogs' bed/blanket home (which was not in the crate when I picked them up), it was blood and vomit stained!! My dog was sent back to his crate with a bleeding wound and the only medical attention he received until I got there was an innexperienced kennel-hand cleaning it out with peroxide!!!
    I am appalled at the treatment of my animals! When they are in my care, I assume all responsibility for them, I know where they are at all times (they dont hide on me), and when they are injured, I get them medical attention!!!
    I was told that the charge to my card ($152) would be refunded, so I'll wait until the end of today to see the credit on my account before making another phone call.
    Time to get ready to take my 2nd visit to a vet since leaving Dogtel--- DONT TAKE YOUR DOGS TO THIS PLACE IF YOU LOVE THEM!!!

  • Ro
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    The Dog-tel Hotel was amazing! I will definitely take my dogs there again when I am in Ocean City! I have a blind and deaf chihuahua that I just adopted from the Humane Society, and my other dog is a two year old Jug that has never been left ANYWHERE except with friends and family. I was very nervous to let the alone there, not because of the facility but just for them. I got a call shortly after I dropped them off, that they were both scared, (I just had them in the regular kennels) and that they were going to be upgraded to a suite at no extra charge to me. To make them feel more comfortable. It shows that they are paying attention to the dogs, and that they care. They could just let them be if they wanted. When I went to pick them up at night, the staff told me everything that they did that day as far as playing. It was like I was picking up a child from daycare, but it meant a lot to me because my dogs are my children :) I would recommend this place to ANYONE that is considering. The staff is wonderful, and the care for the dogs is as well.

  • Bo
      20th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    As a recent, second-summer, employee I have seen so many devastating things at the Dog-tel Hotel. Fences are held together by pool floats, and dog leashes, holes are present throughout the fences allowing small and big dogs to escape, one of the fences' handle broke back in March (never been fixed) and a leash is being used to replace it, mold is growing from the ceilings, wiring is exposed, the A/C/Heat is not allowed to be turned on since the owner, Mr. Reynolds, reported that he had no money. He made us use half of the lighting that is supposed to be used in the kennel, etc. This man will not invest in his own business, everything there is too hazardous for the dogs and employees. I suggest someone go out and take a look for themselves to see what is happening there. The owner will not even take care of his two dying dogs behind the front desk! One has a tumor that has exploded, and the other has a hot spot which is turning into a big knot on her knee. He also brought in a wild raccoon into the kennel where the cats board. He claims the mother abandoned it, he brought in wild turtles and never feeds the raccoons nor the turtles. We employees buy feed for them ourselves and he refuses to reimburse us. Customers who have seen the raccoon ask us, "Isn't it dangerous?" There has been many reports and a warning that raccoons in the area are infested with rabies. It was the same time that he brought one in. I am appalled at his business ethics. I turned off all the lights, shut all doors and turned the A/C to 75F for a small palmeranian dog who had asthma and was wheezing. He came in that day and yelled at me, "WHO'S RUNNING THIS BUSINESS?!" He refuses to give the service customers are paying good money for. Also, he made a verbal agreement to give me a raise and since I am no longer working, my paycheck is at the lower rate. He also refuses to pay the correct amount agreed upon.
    If you love your dog, please do not waist your time with this place! Employees are wonderful; however, the owner is not as engaged in the business affairs or ethics of running a dog kennel as they are.

  • Sa
      20th of Jun, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Thank you for posting this, bornagain3 and for your email. Everytime I think about what happened to my dogs, and just now rereading my post, I get the biggest knot in my stomache. I KNOW my dog had to have been exposed to something that caused her to have a severe allergic reaction. The vets did tons of test and couldnt figure out what was wrong with her. I had posted that right before going to the vet, and it ended up costing me over $600!!! I thought about having Dogtel pay for it, but didnt think they would, and the vet wasnt able to say exactly what was had caused this. I know my dog though, and her symptons could only be from something in her body that shouldnt have been there. I havent boarded my dogs since then and dont think I will for fear of ending up at another place like this. It seemed so warm and inviting, but who knows what happens behind those doors when owners are gone. Well, you do so thank you for sharing your story.
    If anyone really wants to take this risk yourselves and leave your dogs here, I truly hope you are lucky enough not to go through what I did, both emotionally and financially.
    Good luck

  • Sa
      6th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    We will NEVER use this boarding facility again!!! this place was a complete DUMP!!!

  • We
      10th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    I worked there as well. The owner, Dan Reynolds is money-driven. We even caught him masturbating on the clock. He instructed us to bathe dogs in freezing cold water (which we refused to do) because he "couldn't afford the bills" but was driving an escalade. The techs were buying cleaning supplies! He's awful and makes that business awful.

  • Po
      14th of Aug, 2015
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    We just had a terrible experience at dogtel and I wrote a review on BBB. I wish I would've seen these reviews before. I had boarded before and it was o.k, but this time was the pits. The smell will absolutely knock you off your feet. they were supposed to bathe my poodles after a day at the beach. That is why I didn't check them out earlier when we picked them up. We brought them back at 5:30 and the woman said she couldn't bathe them after it was agreed that I'd be back around 5:00 for their bath. I was charged for daycare while they were at the beach and would've checked them out avoiding that charge if I knew that some employees are out right liars. Never ever again. I knew the place reaked of urine and feces, I was in my dogs kennel and helped set it up they were clean. I called to make sure they were fed and I believe they were. My guys are two beautiful, very spoiled standard poodles and I know they were not used to the conditions but they only stayed two nights out of the four thank God. And after reading the reviews I am so grateful for theur guardian angel watching over them and not letting them get a half-assed bath in cold water. 8/12/2015

  • Kn
      2nd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    While there are both good and bad reviews, it's down to personal preference. I am always suspicious of form employees leaving negative feedback on their employers, especially those who leave such remarks as 'weknowbetter' regarding 'caught him masturbating on the clock.' Just sounds like a bitter employee who was fired and wants to make the owner look bad and to right a review for potential clients to view is pretty low. If you prefer your dog to stay at a place that has round the clock care, then go to a place that provides that type of service. If you are fine with dogs being in a run, private and then going out in the yard for exercise, go to the dogtel. There are improvements that are needed for sure but mostly to the office portion of the building. The kennel area is pretty good with a few small areas that are in need of some improvements and recently they have definitely improved on the smell. Call, visit, get to know a place before trusting anyone to care for your pet. They do care about your pet and most people that I know who have boarded there do not have complaints. There are a few reviews that I've seen and only one would cause me to question what happened, and that was the sick dog. I happen to believe the Dogtel is a good place that needs some TLC but the care is there for the dogs.

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