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I wish to complain and give my reviews about the horrendous treatment, or lack of, from my former doctor Dr Akbar from the balham health centra practice on Bedford Hill.

1, For starters, you will have to wait for upto 1 hour to be seen.
2, she does not listen to your problems..really!
3. she failed to examine my son when i complained he had been coughing alot. she just prescribed for him cough mixture to take.
4, she never prescribed me my sleeping pills which i always have to have and every previous doctor ive had has given me even though they all know i hardly ever take them and if and only when its impossible to sleep for days.
5. she earns about 150 pounds an hour sitting in her chair with a huge desk which seperates you from her. Good doctors will NOT be behind their desk.
6. don't think you will be seen by her even if it's an emergency. She is very strict! stuck in her ways and too old fashioned.
7, the receptionists are not very polite but pretend to be helpful when they are NOT!
8, she knew what my problems were but instead of helping resolve these problems which she could have done, she was happy to prescribe me anti depressants on many occasions which was making more and more angry with her because she just does not listen.
9. i have never had so much contemp or disrespect, not have i ever seen such unprofessionalism in my life especially from someone who is employed to help peoples problems, not make them worse.
10, i had to go to another doctor which i wish i had sooner, because my boy is now very happy when it's time for hime to visit his (and mine) doctor.

email me direct for any more information or feedback because it's just too too much to detail it all here!


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