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DNA Freight / Bad Customer Service,Mishandling Products,Lies

1 South San Francisco, CA, United States Review updated:

I have used many different shipping companies in the past, but have never been worked over as hard as I was with DNA Freight shipping company out of South San Francisco, CA and Dmitriy Temesov. These guys have caused me so much grief that I don’t even know where to begin, but I will try to calmly express the situation between DNA Freight and me nonetheless...

It all started with lies from the beginning out of the mouth of Dmitriy Temesov. Dmitriy Temesov informed me that DNA Freight would be able to ship my crates of furniture to my customers, without damaging them. He said that DNA Freight was ready for my task, and it shouldn’t be a problem. In reality, DNA Freight was not ready to ship out anything that has a slight chance of being damaged while shipping. They drop products out of the truck from three feet high, frequently breaking my stuff and charging me for it!

My furniture was damaged almost 15% of the time where the person receiving the furniture was not happy with what they got and called my business to make a complaint. Products were frequently damaged, banged up, scuffed and even a few times in many different small pieces. This is not because the product is cheap either, it’s because of DNA Freight not knowing what they are doing. I have used other companies with the same products, never having a problem. The only reason I moved my business to DNA Freight and Dmitriy Temesov is because they offered lower prices than my last shipping company. I have since moved my business back to my old company, wishing I had not gone to DNA Freight in the first place.

The way DNA Freight goes about claims is a huge hassle and complete none sense. Whey they break something (which happens all the time) they make you fill out a pretty large claim form which takes a lot of time. When you call them to see how the claim is going, they basically mess around with you, and keep feeding you lies so they don’t have to pay you. In the end, they only paid 5% of my claims which were all very valid.

I lost out on loads of money because of DNA Freight, and I hope this doesn’t happen to you.

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  • Eu
      12th of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    This complaint was filed by Choose Direct, Island Express, Steve Barbarich,, and against.

    DNA, here is some info about this matter that everyone should know.

    DNA Freight Inc provides distribution and management solutions to clients. Solutions include, but not limited to, shipping services. Choose Direct, et al main line of business is the distribution of Chinese made hot tubs. On May1st, 2009 we (DNA Freight Inc.) engaged in a business relationship with the aforementioned parties.
    Our standard terms and conditions were signed by Choose Direct, et. al, and it clearly states that we are not a shipping company, but we simply use national freight companies to ship freight. (Fedex, UPS, RL Carriers, YRC, RoadWay, etc) on our clients behalf.
    After 2 months of shipping for Choose Direct,
    We noticed a handful of shipments being damaged and asked Choose Direct to file claims with carriers, as is the normal procedure. As suggested, Choose Direct filed claims directly with these carriers.
    We then suggested to Choose Direct to use a crating company to improve packing so damage could be mitigated by this practice, by the additional protection that this practice provides. On top of that we found logistics companies to unload and repack each shipment, monitor each shipment, and create shipping documents for Choose Direct. Things we did not have to do. But it the spirit of customer service we chose do go beyond the call of duty to help Choose Direct, el al.
    When bills became past due, Choose Direct refused to take our calls and other forms of correspondence. A principal of Choose Direct, Steve Barbarich, apologized via e-mail and assured us freight will be paid by September 9th 2009. Several more emails ensued, and we were again assured that the outstanding bills will be paid by Dec 1st..
    The outstanding bills were never paid.
    On February 1st 2010, we employed the services of a collection company. After 3 months, the collection company that we hired was not able to recover any part of the outstanding bills. To compromise, we even recommend a settlement at a lower price. Choose Direct and its main Principal Steve Barbarich willfully declined.
    Our legal counsel recommended filing a lawsuit against Choose Direct and its owner Steve Barbarich.
    On July 15th 2010, a year after their last shipment with DNA Freight, we complied and a lawsuit was filed against Choose Direct and Steve Barbarich.
    On Oct 1st, 2010 we received a phone call from Steve Barbarich demanding us to drop the lawsuit. Failure to comply with his wishes would lead him start a smear campaign against DNA Freight through on the internet. He was informed that the heart of the matter was the fact that there were still outstanding bills that had to be settled with DNA Freight. He refused to hear this.
    As a caveat, be aware of engaging in any business activities with Choose Direct and/or Steve Barabich.. Since Dec of 2009 Choose Direct started using another freight called R/L Carriers, the same company that we used to move Choose Direct freight with, and he ran up a bill of $45000 and now is now refusing to pay them. This seems to be the MO of Choose Direct and its owner Steve Barbarich. A web search of his name and / or company and will lead you to numerous lawsuits against him and his company. From rent a car companies to freight companies, to vendors, logistic concerns and so on. Sometimes an animal never changes his stripes.

  • Dn
      4th of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    This almost exact story about DNA Freight happened with me. They fed me lies, broke multiple products, didn't honor their claims and were rude to customers. I don't recommend that anybody ever uses DNA Freight, they are horrible!

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