DK Painting and Construction / Rom katave poor demeanor and professionalism

I approached DK Painting and spoke with Ram "Rom" Katave about a development I'm involved with in Downtown Dallas.

Where to start? The first thing he did was start getting shady with me offering all sorts of weird kickbacks to me if I could get them the deal. "Bring me any other quote and we will slash it by 15%." This was before he knew anything about the scope of the job, so obviously a very irresponsible claim to make. But that's the attention to detail that I came to expect from him.

In the rest of our conversations he basically acted like a spoiled brat, telling me repeatedly about how his father Danny Katave, who owns the business, is an Israel intelligence agent, has $100 million cash, drives a $100, 000 Lexus, etc.

His emails and messages are barely comprehensible and nothing he says really makes sense.

But the icing on the cake was when he started talking to me about his bankruptcy. He apparently has a huge amount of debt from his time as a student at Babson (from which he claims to have a degree but actually never graduated), not to mention tons of other creditors hitting him up. So of course he filed for bankruptcy, but not before moving all of his cash into a Scottrade account belonging to his charity, Israel Heritage Fund, so he could keep it from the people he owed it to. Of course, the only thing more ridiculous than that is the amount of time he has spent bragging about how clever it was to people he doesn't even really know.

Anyway, my conclusion is that Katave is a little nuts and that DK Painting & Construction is not to be trusted.

Nov 01, 2016

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