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W Nov 17, 2017 Review updated:

DJ havok from the city of Long Beach, CA is a fake producer. On November 1 2017 he told me to go to his "studio" inside his downtown Long Beach loft over-viewing the beach but when i got there he was living with parents in a single run-down apartment right next to Washington Middle School. He walked me inside and told me to walk to the back where his "studio" is at and it turned out to be large pantry cabinet room, at that time i was like what ever im not judging i just came for my instrumental beat. I paid him his $3 for the track and left.

Being excited with my new beat I wanted all my friends to hear it, i played it for 5 of my close friends and they all said "that beat is not produced by DJ HAVOK, that beat is from the multi-platinum, emmy winner that has worked with the biggest names in the music business producer 'Southside' " being in disbelieve i took out my phone and i Shazamed it and sure enough the artist of the song was "southside" and not "DJ HAVOK". I contacted DJ havok right away and he said that the multi-platinum producer "stole the beat from him" he kept telling me southside went to his apartment (parents apartment) and stole the beat from him.

I made a police report and i told him i just want my $3.00 back. if anyone in long beach california know him please tell him to give me back my money.

Here is his Instagram page

DJ Havok from Long Beach CA djhavoklb


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      Nov 28, 2017

    DJ Havok has been ripping off people since I was a kid. He's like 40-years-old and still smoking weed like he was 21-years-old. If you mention the name "DJ HAVOK" to anyone in Long Beach they will tell you he's a fraud. For anyone that's getting into the music business make sure to stay away from DJ HAVOK and LIL DRAWZ.

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      Apr 24, 2018

    DJ HAVOK ripped off my brother by selling him beats that belonged to another artist. My brother is a hard working, honest, trust worthy, upcoming artist who makes an honest living and this [censored] rips him off. DJ havok posts pictures of him on IG trying to impersonate his favorite music producers and rappers but what DJ havok doesn't know is that those rappers don't go around scamming people for copyright beats, especially artist from our own city, the beautiful city of Long Beach, CA. LBC artist please stay away from this low-life crook, he doesn't even drive let alone he doesn't even own a car, he has his buddies pick him up, LOW LIFE to the MAX!! Keep smoking your weed on your IG videos DJ HAVOK, we will see you in the streets sooner or later. Peace out - Sean C.

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      Apr 24, 2018

    DJ HAVOK aka The West Kept Secret aka CEO of Long Beach aka The Biggest Boss of the LBC aka Long Beach's Millionaire aka Mr Owner of 5 Mansions aka Lil Drawz is the same person scamming Long Beach artists

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      May 11, 2018

    Lil Drawz is a low life thieve who stole from a guy with down syndrome at 2017 Complexcon in downtown Long Beach, CA. My friends and I saw it with our own eyes. Lil drawz saw that the boy with Down syndrome had an iPhone X and he went up to him, took his phone and ran off like a deer, the boy didn't have a chance since he was in a wheelchair. I think "Lil drawz" has been hanging out with DJ havok too long, he's starting to get Havok's trades. after that messed up incident I was like "[censored] you Lil Drawz"

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