Diversified Final Expense / Sales Scam

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Insurance agents, avoid this company at all costs. They are not the promising company that they try very hard to convey. Its more of a company that makes money off the turnover of their agents. What they do is give new agents old "rework" leads, these are leads that have been worked by previous agents and have all kinds of writings on them from the other agents before you. Prepare to spin your wheels and go no where with these reworks. Once you prove yourself with the reworks, then they give you more recent leads that you pay dearly for. Their lead cost is very expensive compared to what you would get on the internet or with another typical company's lead generator. They have an insurance school that they want you to use for continuing education credits and the price for that is expensive too. The E and O insurance was expensive as well. Its like the Grapes of Wrath where they are trying to make ill gotten gains off the workers where ever they can.

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  • Su
      Feb 27, 2012

    My friend worked their in 2010. She said that it was a joke. She made no money. The management had this crappy sort of "I know your not going to make it here..." type of attitude towards the sales people. One of the things that they will do to you she said was to have the new agents set up appointments for the management so the management can go out on sales calls to show the new agents how to sell. She felt that she was really doing the work to make the experienced agents and sales managers to make money are her expense. She lasted 3 months.

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  • Co
      Sep 24, 2012

    it sounds like your information is hear/say which completely negates your experience and post about them. in one post, you say they are this, like you worked for them. then in the next, you state it wasnt even you that had this experience?

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