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Discount Quality Furniture / damaged furniture

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Discount quality furniture
Discount Quality Furniture deliverd & set up a piece of furniture for me in November, & unfortunately I wasnt here when the job was completed. I foolishly trusted they would do it correctly. I paid $300 for WHITE GLOVE DELIVERY SERVICES. What a joke. I have been trying to get someone to come out & put the piece together correctly now for almost 3 months & continue to get run around from this company. Every one I speak with is giving me a different story & they are all lying. I need resolution. I even contacted the VP of the company who did nothing about it as well. They have stated they tried to contact me to come out, NO ONE HAS DONE SO.

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N  31st of Mar, 2009 by 
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I ordered a bed and a dining set from Discount Quality Furniture in late November 2008. I finally got the bed in early february 2009. The table came in early March. The chairs were incorrect when they were first delivered, and when the correct chairs did come last week, all of them were scraped in various places and and two had severe stress cracks. I am waiting for repairs. Matt Davis the company president promised me a credit back on my card since I have waited nearly four months for a completed delivery, but now he will not return any calls, emails or text messages I send. If you do decide to buy from them go pick it up and set it up yourself!!!
A  4th of May, 2009 by 
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i REALLY wish i had read this before i bought from them!!! i thought i found the perfect bedroom set at the perfect price on ebay. i read the feedback from previous buyers before ordering. there were only a handful of negative feedback complaints but MANY good reviews. i gave them the benefit of the doubt and bought the bedroom set. BAD MOVE ! ! ! i sent an email two weeks ago complaining about the lack of communication. nothing. sent another email really complaining and i got a call the next morning. i was told that the nightstand was on backorder and my order should be fulfilled in about two weeks. it's been two weeks. STILL no one has contacted me about a potential delivery date and let me tell you, i'm NOT happy! :( i tried to call tonight and the 'mailbox' is full...probably full of complaints from customers that go unanswered and ignored. they are messing with the wrong philly girl! i'll call their local news station in a heartbeat if they think for a second that they're going to rip me off. i'll see to it that they end up having to close their business - not because the economy is bad - over bad publicity! i'm not happy at all...i better get my bedroom set too. or esle they will regret it.
N  5th of May, 2009 by 
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I recently(April 3) purchased a bed from this company as well. I purchased a black iron canopy bed, paid for it on the spot receipt and all. A week later I still had no conformation email of a tracking number. I had to contact them! Then I was told after purchasing this bed that it had been discountinued!!! They didn't even have any, boy was I mad! Not only that I had called every day for eight days straight and was only promised a return call. No one ever called! Then when I finally got a hold of Stephanie Riggs and John Frayre they made an attempt to satisfy my complaint with a different bed. It was very similar so I agreed to the replacement for the same price. I was supposed to have the tracking number one week ago for that bed. I still haven't received it or any calls or any emails. Not to mention I have called them and received the same voicemail recording as the previous girl. The customer support sucks and I am pissed! All I have to say is that if I dont have a tracking number by this weekend, I know it takes 8 hours to drive there and it wont be pretty. I hope no one else wastes there time with this disgusting company! STAY AWAY!
A  6th of May, 2009 by 
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I heard Discount Quality Furniture is closing their doors! They have ripped off alot of people on ebay and they are selling off their stock for pennies on the dollar (with free shipping) to get what they can and get out! BEWARE! You will never see your furniture!
A  7th of May, 2009 by 
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I placed a oder on March 7 with Brooke Davis (Owners wife), I was told that it would be delivered within 30 days. I paid for my order in full which totaled over $17, 000.00 A week after my order was placed they delivered One bedroom set (about $3500.00) I was told then they would be back in two weeks, I thought WOW this company is doing everything they said they would...until 3 weeks go by with not delivery scheduled. So I send Brooke a email that got answered by a call from John Frayre stating that my Hooker Living room entertainment center was back ordered, but would be delivered in 3 weeks. He told me at that time they were going to go ahead and deliver everything else on my order that Saturday- my other two bedroom sets, my home office desk, and loveseat- BUT no one showed up. When I called John back he stated there must have been a misunderstanding???? WTH???? We had a very clear conversation with a date of delivery etc. Since then I have not been able to reach anyone. When you call the main line you get a busy signal or a voice message that you can not leave a message at because it says the mailbox is full. I have sent numerous e-mails...gotten no response to any of them.When I finally spoke to someone today that sounded like John, he said his name was "Rich" and that Matt Davis would call me today before the end of business...Guess what... no call. Tomarrow I will start calling again, If I get no response I will then book a flight...someone WILL refund my money in person or else!! (Plus cost of flight!!!)
A  11th of May, 2009 by 
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I too am a victim of discount quality furniture. I found out today from the Thomasville, NC police department that they have filed for bankruptcy. If you paid by credit card you are in luck, if not, you'll have to take it up in civil court is what I was told. The detective handling the case is LT Darren Smith, 336-475-4260.
A  12th of May, 2009 by 
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Thank you to 'Ripped-Off and Pissed' for the information. I too am another victim of this unscrupulous company. I placed my order on the 24th April, paying a $1, 500 deposit - they were quick to take my money, but must have known at that time they were going into bankruptcy.

I have called LT. Smith, but no reply as yet. Do we know on what date bankruptcy was filed - my credit card company needs more proof from me that Discount Quality Furniture is out of business.

To the salesman who took my order: - Tom, how do you live with yourself? How do you sleep at night knowing you are steeling other peoples' money?

Thanks again fellow victims for any help/information you can give with regard to this awful company.
A  12th of May, 2009 by 
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I purchased a dining room set from Discount Quality Furniture on Feb. 3, 2009 for a home I inherited in AZ in February. They informed me the ship date was to be the last week in February. I flew from Chicago to receive it. I called them halfway through the week to check on the delivery since I hadn't heard anything. Thought maybe they had the wrong number since I wasn't at home, they had to reach me at a new number (cell phones don't work where the house is). Christina Johnson informed me that there was a problem in shipping. The shipping mgr. Howard Baumgard wanted to tell me about it. Howard said that they needed to ship a full truck and there wasn't enough to ship out for that month. For my "inconvenience" they would give me a $250.00 credit toward the purchase of another item. (I chose a mirror for the bedroom) They said they would get back to me on a ship date a.s.a.p. I called every week. In that time Christina Johnson supposedly quit to go back to school. John Walker took over my account. He said the truck was to go soon. I told him I needed a ship date so someone could be out there to receive it. Last week I know I spoke to him, but he claimed to be someone else. He said he would have John call back in a couple minutes. He never did. Then the calls I made started going to voicemail for someone named Sheila. Yesterday, The voicemail was full and now there is only a busy signal for the phone.
N  12th of May, 2009 by 
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I have just spoken with Lt. Smith at the Thomasville NC Police Dept. He has had so many complaints about Discount Quality Furniture, he went to their building and talked with whoever is in charge. The bottom line is, they just can not fill the orders they have. Lt. Smith said they have not filed bankruptcy, but it may come to that - they may go under, although they hope to recover. He said I could wait and hope my order would be filled some time in the future, or I could let my credit card company dispute the charge, I have chosen the latter.
N  12th of May, 2009 by 
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We ordered furniture in early March and have been given the run-around ever since. We had paid in full (by credit card thank goodness) and never recieved the furniture. I spoke with several folks, all telling me my furniture was going to be delivered soon, that it wasn't them but the furniture company who was creating the problem. Then, as you all know, they stopped answering the phone and it now goes to voicemail. We were lucky and our credit card company refunded us our money, so I hope you all have the same luck. I knew there prices were too good to be true!
A  16th of May, 2009 by 
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I, too have ordered from this company and am dealing with the same issues that others have shared.

On May 10th, 2009 I purchased over $7, 000.00 worth of furniture from Discount Quality Furniture via eBay. I was invoiced via Pay Pal and I paid for my order in full immediately. Today, Saturday May 16th 2009, I was scheduled to pick up my order at their facility in Thomasville North Carolina. I arranged for my own team of movers, vehicle and wrapping materials instead of using their delivery service. When we arrived at the facility, we were greeted by a chained and locked gate, blocked by a semi-truck - The building looked abandoned. I called the company at least 20 times, just hoping that someone would answer - But I encountered a recorded message from the company President, followed by a "Mailbox Full" recording. I then sent several emails and messages via Paypal - All have gone without a reply. I arranged for this pick-up with Stephanie Riggs on Tuesday May 12th, she confirmed it three times, via phone, e-mail and invoice notes.

Now I have to deal with my credit card company to get a refund and I am out the cost of moving expenses as well as the 7 hours of driving that I did today.

I am so furious that they took payment 6 days ago for items that they had no intention of providing. Not to mention that they actually scheduled a delivery time for me to pick the items knowing that no one would be there after my many hours of driving. I am just so upset that someone could do something so low, to take someone's hard earned money, especially in this tough economy.

It is truly a sad day when a small business run by a family scams unknowing customers out of their money - A family that stays together, scams together.

Shame on you all.
A  20th of May, 2009 by 
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I too ordered from DQF and they no longer answer the phone . There is a article in the local newspaper today( Thomasville Times - read online) quoting the company as saying they intend to fill the orders. Another possibility to to contact the consumer complaint division of the North Carolina attorney general. I am sure they don't want folks like this operating in their state.
A  21st of May, 2009 by 
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I wish I would have seen these posts earlier, would have save me we time and effort. I ordered $1, 300 bunk bed back in early March with delivery expected in Mid April. My wife called and we were told that accessories to the bed were on back order and we would receive shipment mid May. My wife tried calling earlier this week with the same results as other posts (mailbox full).

We are one of the lucky ones, we called Chase and they credited our account in full on the spot. I just checked my on line statement and the credit has already been posted to me account.

I hope things work out for those that are paying cash or getting the run around from their credit card company.

From now on I will advise all to pay using plastic, it gives you the extra protection in instances like this!!!
N  21st of May, 2009 by 
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Concerning Discount Quality Furniture in Thomasville NC. To date, all matters with this business has been civil in nature and all customers with outstanding orders may consider canceling the order with your credit card company.
Here are some #s for the business and the owner.
Business # 336-472-3171 or 1-800-731-9650, 336-561-6021 (cell)
E-mail is matt@discountqualityfurniture.com

You can try Cory 336-819-6041, THE COMPANY'S ATTORNEY.
N  21st of May, 2009 by 
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Ms. Donato, please contact Detective Lewis at 336-475-4267
A  21st of May, 2009 by 
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Detective Lewis: I disagree that this is strictly a civil matter. Inducing customers to pay for merchandise that you have no intent or ability to deliver is fraud. I was emailed pictures of a piece of furniture that was supposedly in the warehouse and would be shipped within ten days. I paid immediately but have heard nothing further spite of many attempts to contact DQF
N  21st of May, 2009 by 
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My issue happened a few month's ago,
I bought a jessica mcclintock credanza from this company. it was received in a timely fashion (actually fast shipping).one problem, the credanza was in green. that's not what i bought. many calls were made, mostly to john frayre, who finally ceased to address my issue.
recently, i got a few emails stating that matt davis will call me to take care of my problem. he will pick up my furniture and have it refinished and send it back to me at his expense.
what a joke!
no calls, no emails, nothing.
could you imagine me sending this back, only to have it resold to someone else or whatever.
In any event, i am devastated to read all these complaints from people like myself WHO WERE SCREWED BY THESE CROOKS.
A  22nd of May, 2009 by 
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I too am a victim. I bought a "Thomasville" armoire from Ebay in Jan. After a week, I hadn't heard anything so I called them. They said it takes about 30days for them to arrange shipment. I too paid for the "white glove" delivery...$275.00. I figured out, although too late, that the reason they wait 30+ days to arrange delivery is that by the time I did receive it, it was over the 45 days I had to file a complaint with Ebay as well as dispute the charges on my credit card. It was actually a little over 2 months by the time it was delivered. Well, I received a piece of junk. It's not Thomasville, it's veneer, and the hardware on the door is crushed and not useable. It didn' even come with the rod and brackets. The delivery people wouldn't take it back. I called and got the run around as well. I insisted they take it back and finally, 3 weeks ago, they agreed. What a crock! About a month ago, they sent the hanging rod without the hardware. I called them and asked why I was sent the rod because they sent the wrong armoire. It's totally different from the picture, and like I said...veneer not wood. Talk about bait and switch. They should throw them in jail for these deceptive practices. It's obvious how devious they've been in deceiving their customers. I can't even use it. The doors are warped. I'm so mad!!! Anyone have Matt's home number? I would think that bancrupcy court wouldn't protect deceptive practices. Is it possible for us to have a class action suit against him personally?
A  28th of Jun, 2009 by 
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Not only did Matt Davis screw over the customers that he came in contact with he also let his employees work and did not pay them for 2 weeks worth of work. We worked really hard for this man and he pulled us in on May 1, 2009 @ 5:15 and told us he could not pay us. He still has not paid us for the work that we did. Not only did he not pay us but took insurance money out of our checks and then did not pay the insurance causing a lap in our insurance coverage. It has been almost 2 months and he still has not payed his employees. He is a liar and still continues to try and do business out of his facility. They have not filed for bankruptcy yet because in their criminal minds think that they can still do business. He will lie to your face and over the phone without even blinking. It is amazing to me that the doors are still open. That this man can continue to do business and screw over everyone he comes in contact with, while we struggle in our everyday life for the money that we are owed.
A  20th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I am nother one of Matt Davis scam's. I also bought furniture from this company and have gotten taken advantage of. Would everyone who has been scammed please contact me at gary.buclous@verizon.net. I am working with several agencies to help everyone get whole again.

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