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1 Mascot, New South Wales, Australia

Hi there,
On the 17th of June I flew on Emirates flight EK103 to Athens from Dubai. I boarded the flight with a stroller and had to surrender the stroller at the entrance of the plane. My ticket number of the stroller/pram was EK024366. On departure we carried the stroller and didn't use it until yesterday. This is when I realised the pram had been buckled and didn't ride well at all. The pram was obviously mistreated and damaged on the flight. I am very upset as now we do not have a functional pram for our holiday ahead. I have attached photos of the damaged pram and when I get home I can provide you with a proof of purchase. The pram is not even 3 weeks old. Can you please investigate this matter and come back to me with a solution.

Thanking you in advance


Dimitra Raptis
Dimitra Raptis
Dimitra Raptis

Jun 26, 2017

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