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Dillards - Ogden, Utah / Lack of ethics and professionalism

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I need to get this out in the open. I have shopped in the Ogden Dillards for quite a while now & I am very much appalled of the thick atmospheric tension fog that is within this store, two departments stick out like a sore thumb. This is in Fragrance/Cosmetics & Women's Lingerie. These departments the ladies in my family don't really care to shop in anymore because of one saleslady who had worked in both areas made their shopping experiences worth coming back because of her expertise, honesty, friendliness and cheerful attitude. She is what Dillard's should be about, service to the customer's needs & people friendly. This saleslady is no longer with Dillard's & I don't blame her, Dillard's lost a very valuable, priceless, genuine saleslady. Back to my point, my family & I have never seen such immature, unprofessional, vindictive type manners of two Dillard's employees, Tiffany Fenton & Sterling Sager. Tiffany had an outrage attack publicly in the fragrance area, we observed her on how she spoke of the other salesladies with no respect of humankind & of slanderous remarks of others. Sterling does the same. Both of these two are not what makes Dillard's, it's the employees who work on commission that makes Dillard's & makes them look good. To mistreat employees with threats & slanderous actions, are these two miserable in their outside lives that they have to terrorize others in the jobs. These employees feel that stabbing each other in the back at all times while acting as if they're such good co-workers to me is not an honest, friendly salesperson. Another incident is why didn't they send the saleslady home after alot of customers made comments on her personal hygiene, I was there shopping when she stood by me and smelled like she literally defecated herself. I refused to be helped by her & also how she slams other employees. Why wasn't she counseled for this & other employees such as Tiffany for her outbreaks & Sterling should be for not seeing what Dillard's really needs is honest, hard working employees who make him look good, not tattle-tellers or conspirators. Most of the hard working employees are ones that have given more than 110% of themselves to work long hours because they enjoy their job & the people. Maybe they need to take a course in "treating others with respect & you'll get the same in return."

In order to make a business make more revenue, managers/employees/customers need a friendly, comfortable atmospheric environment to work & shop without feeling the thickness of tension around them & witnessing such childlike behavior from a store employee. Bring back more of the saleslady type person who brightens your day & get rid of the other mean persons, their not worth keeping. Think about.

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  • Ic
      7th of Apr, 2007
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    I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said. I have been with Dillard's and have seen first hand how corrupt and greedy and unfriendly they are. I'm not talking about the employees on the sales floor. I'm talking about Sterling, Christina, and Tiffany. Sterling walks around like he's God and is well known for not smiling or being kind in any way shape or form. Christina is absolutely incompetent, annoying and phony. One minute she is being sickly (un)charming and the next she is pretending to be nice but just comes off as p-h-o-n-y.

    The whole SPH thing is laughable and a set up. I've figured it out. They want you to sell JUST enough to give them profit$$$ but NOT enough to give you a raise if they can help it. They give you IMPOSSIBLE quotas (except for certain departments which are easy to make money such as lingerie for example, several people have gotten easy raises there). Everywhere else they give you impossibly high amounts you have to sell but then most of the time there is hardly any customers at all and way too many associates put on the floor. This creates tension which is exactly what Dillard's wants. Unfortunately the customer feels like they are being attacked by vultures. If there is one particular employee in a department who is stepping on everyone's toes, stealing sales, not helping and just selling... the managers are encouraged to not do anything about it because they are "top sellers".

    This has been the WORST job I've ever worked. I've made some good friends out of it, but to sum it up; Dillard's is ran by uneducated people who "worked their way up the ranks" and don't know how to properly run a store. If they think that by enticing people with high starting wages and then cutting their pay every six months by a dollar and forcing them to quit and hiring new people is going to cut costs, they are insane. We are constantly moving their crap merchandise around the store every day, why can't things stay in one place? Every time a customer walks in everything is moved around! The buyers are dim too. You sell one overpriced item that's been sitting in the store unable to sell for several months so they end up sending you 10 more when there is NO room. Or something will be clearanced because we're trying to get rid of it and they send in a whole new shipment.

    The morale of the store is ridiculously low. If you get to talking to any associate they will tell you how much they hate it there or are stuck until they can find a better job. About 90 to 95% of the associates get pay cuts and the rest get raises or maintain their wage. Two paycuts and you're fired and escorted out of the store like a criminal with police escort. Even if you've been a hard worker and friends with everyone. Like I was saying, worst job I have ever worked and I have worked several jobs. They do not reward their employees or give any sign of encouragement or appreciation, just critical remarks. There might be one or two exceptions but it is rare and frowned upon with upper management and corporate.

    If you are thinking of working there please keep looking elsewhere. Oh yeah, and one final note: A lot of the stuff you see at Dillard's? You can find the same at Ross or other place's for much much cheaper prices. Just an FYI. ;o)

  • 2b
      9th of Apr, 2007
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    I am replying to the part of why didn't the manager of the saleslady with the human body odors send her home. I believe her name is Gloria, my mother and I avoid her as much as possible because of lack of personal hygiene care. Can you imagine what it's like to be having a makeover with someone smelling like this and no fragrance is strong enough to cover this horrifying bodily (function) smell?

  • Ie
      9th of Apr, 2007
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    In response to G Hunt. It is of two people that you are speaking of. The first one is of the most honest, friendliest, dedicated saleslady I have ever encountered. She treats you with respect that she makes your shopping experience one worth coming back again and again. The other saleslady, Gloria, should be ashamed of herself and at her age for not taking better care of herself. If it wasn't for the first saleslady cheerful attitude I would have avoided the Gloria and the Clinique counter altogether.

  • S
      21st of Apr, 2007
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    I agree. Sterling is a complete ### and an idiot and he is most likely "having relations" with Christina if you know what I mean. He looks like a very bad version of Dr. Phil and he creeps all the girls out, believe me. I've caught him staring at womens chests countless times including mine. What a gross pervert. He needs to be fired and sent to work as a manager for a gas station or something.

  • Fo
      27th of Apr, 2007
    0 Votes

    That last comment had me laughing until my sides hurt! It's so true about Sterling and his girlfriend Christina! I got word from the "Dillard's Grapevine" about this website and so I thought I would check it out and read the reviews and give my two cents.

    Sterling is absolutely everything you said and the person who commented above that too!!!!! I no longer work for that hell hole and am now starting to get my health back as a result. LOL He is truly a pervert, and I hate the way he discriminates against certain people. I should contact a lawyer to have him investigated because he sits and preaches about sexual harassment and goes to church with his family every Sunday but you should see what he does in the store and at the manager get together.

    And Christina? Where do I begin? Phony is the perfect word to use. She talks down to people and brags about her life and struts around. I noticed that now that people are talking about her and Sterling being an "item" they have suddenly stopped making eye contact when they are out on the floor and they stand at a distance. Very suspish. LOL

    I am so glad I got to vent about one of the dumbest corporations in America. They only are successful because they are manipulating the public and then stealing from them, highway robbery. I'll need to tell all my friends about this... I would love the word to get out more!!!!!

  • Ha
      22nd of May, 2007
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    Though I am fully behind venting out your frustrations on having to deal with discouraging sales associates, I believe that these complaints go about in the wrong manner. If you have such a problem with these women, report it to someone that could do something about it, i.e. the store manager. To publicly humiliate these women by giving there full name along with the exact location of there employment makes you no better than them.

    When it comes to Ican Notsaye's comment, I completely agree. As a current employee I am very dissatisfied with the way the company treats there employees. They should be praised for paying more to there employees than other department stores? I think not, especially not when your WHOLE department (home dept.) gets a pay decrease due to lack of sales per hour goals being met. Seriously, when you live in a town where Wal-Mart is the "hot spot", how can you expect the average customer to come in and purchase a $400 comforter (and just the comforter mind you)? By the end of the week, I'm usually under quota about $2,800, I'll be getting a pay DECREASE sometime soon. They're pressuring me to open more charge cards, but there aren't any customers to offer one to. Guess I'll be missing church sometime soon so that I can spend a Sunday attending "Credit Card Bootcamp". And yes, I need somebody to pay attention to the inventory that we have on hand (and ain't selling because it's not on clearance) before they start ordering more of the same crap. There regulations on absences are absorbed. Who's going to run to the doctor for every single illness that they come across? If I had money to do that, I wouldn't be working a department store. Oh, and did I mention that my manager is 19 years old, yes the boy just graduated high school last spring, and he acts his age. Imagine how responsible he is at taking care of business in a timely manner.

    Needless to say, I too would think twice before accepting a job with this company. I also would reconsider the judgment you pass upon its workers, because somedays I too can't deal with my fellow co-workers or my customers (who are searching for the non-existent clearance racks).

  • Bo
      16th of Oct, 2008
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    So I doubt christina has a thing for sterling that is not phony. She is very incompetent. She was my manager before getting promoted. Imagine my shock of her promotion when there was always constant prolblems in her department. Sterling is the biggest creep ever. I had never worked for such a jerk in my life. I had been with dilalrds for a few years and overall enjoyed my job until I made the mistake of working for him. Stay far far away from this store people! The sph is also really hard to do and once you get the raise the goals are even higher.

  • Ro
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    I'm a former employer of Dillards. I worked as a junior sales associate for a couple months. The turnover rate was so herendous I was stuck doing all the work, which i didn't mind I enjoy helping people and of course thought I was a great asset to the store. The assistant store manager Christina and of course also Sterling had a presence about them I despised ever so much. They are bland and lack personality. Customer service is about charisma and loving what you do, and I left because they didn't care what I did as long as my sales were steady or above average. We get pay cuts if we dont maintain our sales and that to me is plain stupid. I left for a job that pays much less and yet I'm much happier.

  • Po
      16th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    dillards in provo... is it closing. funny thing about dillards no matter what blog i read they all say the same thing about dillards and the managers. all over the country people feel the same way. if you beleive in carma, dillards is going down!

  • Og
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    I too am an ex-employee of Ogden Dillards. Everything you read in the previous complaints are true; especially about Sterling and Christina! I took the job because I needed to feed my family and for retail the pay was superior. It wasn't until I finished their quasi training that I found out that my quotas were so high there was no way I was ever going to make a commission. When I was there only 2 sales people were making regular commissions and they were treated like they were pieces of crap.
    One day I was 3 minutes late for an opening shift and Christina chewed me out on the sales floor in front of everyone. I talked back to her by saying "you could have spoken to me in private, not in front of the entire store staff." She didn't talk with me for over a month and never confronted me again.
    The buyers have their heads you know where. They will discontinue the best selling item in a department and replace it with something you never heard of before. But, you were under pressure to sell, sell, sell the new item and if you didn't you received a reprimand.
    About the uneducated leadership, I have never worked in a business where the leadership had no idea about how to run a business or make the customers experience a good one. It wasn't infrequent when you could hear a manager or Christina chewing an employee out on the sales floor, in front of customers. Very unprofessional, very immature and very offensive. I would not be surprised if the Utah Department of Workforce Services has this store listed as a "hostile workplace."
    You would think a successful chain would realize that turnover loses profits for the corporation instead of the paradigm Dillard's goes by: Abuse your employees until they can't take it anymore. My wife worked for the same store a year before I did and she had the same experience. She was put in a department that had absolutely no merchandise that the community would buy. This is Mormon Country and to have some of the women's merchandise they sell is actually an affront to the community.

  • Do
      28th of Jun, 2012
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    STERLING and CHRISTINA Are the worst people you could work for, they will treat you like you are NOBODY! Everyday is a threat, you better make those sales goals!!! DONT BE LATE! Your life is DILLARDS! They make you hate miserably your life, your job, they get rid of people for different reasons including if there was a rumor said by that person, if they are a different race, if that person gets paid too much, or just because they need to get rid of them. Ive seen it, heard it, you name it! Sterling will stand like a CREEP watching everything you do, and then calling your manager because he didnt have enough college education to actually go to you and tell you personally something, he calls your manager who obviously gets chewed out by ANYTHING specially on Saturdays, and then he or she comes crying because the way he is... And this is a leader at his mormom church???? Do they teach him to treat people like that at the mormom church??? I believe Christina and Sterling should go back to school and RE-take management because they have no clue on how to manage a small team of about 70 people. Chirstina thinks she is it!!! She will tell you anything she wants, and you better shut up, will mess with your schedule as much as she pleases, and even if you went to talk to her, she will not care. ITs funny how soo many people complains, there are so many people out there who know how corrupt and disgusting place Dillards Ogden is, and yet everything remains the same. I wish people/customers had the opportunity for just one day look at these two managers at Dillards, see how they act, how they treat their employees, and all the crap they talk anout customers. Its sad that "the big Dillards guy" once started an amaxing idea, and hires a pair of two dumb ### who think they are Gods and create the worst atmosphere for employees and such a bad image of Dillards. Seriously, these two managers get rid of people like its not a big deal, I wonder when will Bill Dillard's III will come and replace them. Great salespeople have left or gotten fired beacuse of these two brainless people, that store could be making so much in profits, but only if those two were gone.

  • Mi
      1st of Apr, 2013
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    Well let me tell you about my experience two weeks ago that I had while shopping in Dillard's Ogden store as a Customer and not an employee!
    While shopping in the handbag area I noticed a couple of girls walking around looking at some of the ladies, deep in conversation with each other and trying to wisp-her .I thought maybe they were security or something!
    They didn't realize I was right behind them and I over heard one of the girls telling the other girl "see she has on a Coach purse and see that lady is wearing and looking at a Michael Kor's" these are the type of women we need to be looking at and trying to sell Flower Bomb to! Then I over heard the announcement about a new fragrance called Flower Bomb, I then realized they were looking at people and what kind of purses they were wearing etc, ... and i thought to myself. so what me and my Fossil bag aren't good enough to be able to buy Flower Bomb??. I then realized that these were employees of the store! I couldn't believe my ears! I spend a ton of money in Dillard's each year and buy many purses from them including Fossil which I love and are not cheap by the way!
    I was appalled and put down my fossil bag which I was planning on buying and immediately left the store!
    I will no longer be shopping at Dillard's in Ogden or any Dillard's stores anywhere. I have also told my girlfriends of what I over heard and I think there pretty much on the same page as myself!
    If this is how management train there staff how to sell then they need to think again! No one should be judged on what kind of purse there sporting or what kind of purse there wearing or possibly going to purchase to know if a person can afford a perfume!, , Which other departments are we looked at when were shopping in them and judged on what we may be able to buy or not! i will tell you that i could afford to buy all the Flower Bomb perfumes they have in there store,
    You know how the saying goes..."don't judge a book by its cover! " we'll I think management need a lesson in this and need to all go and get a business degree in how to train and manage your staff and how to appreciate the customers they do have that shop in there stores, if it wasn't for customers like myself, shopping and spending money then there would be no Dillard's!
    I feel bad that I will no longer be shopping in this store in particular as I do often buy fragrances in there from a couple of girls who I have been very faithful with, and they are always so wonderful to me and take good care of me, now they are going to loose out on a customer and many sales! I will be taking my business else where from now on and won't even pass threw this store to go into the mall!
    F.Y.I Dillard's in Ogden... Talk quietly when your hatching a plan or judging people, you never know who may be listening!!
    Next time you may not be so lucky, be great full I over heard that conversation as I know a few people who would have taken this much further! Legally!

  • Sa
      10th of Apr, 2013
    +1 Votes

    I also use to shop at Dillards. I know to many people that have been treated badly. I know the Ogden area and am totally surprised that management has not changed. Dillard's needs a clean sweep of management so customers like myself will return. I have spent thousands at the Ogden store, but now am happy to travel to Salt Lake to shop. Wake up Dillards and make some long due changes.

  • Ma
      13th of Apr, 2013
    +1 Votes

    This Ogden Dillard's is a terrible store to Shop in! The staff look so miserable and like they all hate there jobs and the management walk around with there noses in the air and don't smile or say hello when you walk by...hello don't you realize you have a job because of people like me who shop in your store! Un believable ! Hello Macy's here I come ! Dillard's doesn't come close to your customer service and customer satisfaction! Terrible store, terrible company and terrible management at the Ogden Dillards store! It's about time for a change of management there to make there staff happy! Obviously!!!

  • Rh
      18th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    I was made to feel so uncomfortable today while shopping in Dillards Ogden store! I was in the cosmetics dept picking up a few things and when going to pay with my credit card-debit card I was asked if I had a Dillards card. When I said no I was asked if I would like to open an account! I said no thank you and the girl then proceeded to give me this great spill about all the benefits it offers and that today only they were giving some really good free gift, lotions, potions etc, etc, etc! I had to get a little stern and finally was able to make my purchase and leave the store... Passing two gentlemen in watches on my way out I noticed they both had credit card applications in there hands! Wow Dillards how much pressure do u put on your employees?! These are not the easiest times in life at the moment for many people out there to get credit cards so give it a rest on trying to open up credit cards and pull back the demand on your employees to open these, making the customer feel un easy! I will be doing my shopping else where! Shame on you!

  • Ju
      28th of Apr, 2013
    0 Votes

    Shopping at Dillards in Ogden is something I will never do again. I had a problem with a bag I purchased and was made to feel so uncomfortable as the manager of the store just stood afar and watched the gal that was helping me. He never spoke smiled or offered assitanced. I believe as a customer a manager should always treat you with respect, so done with Dillards. I have spent way to much money there.

  • Ma
      7th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    I used to work here, and frankly, this is how Dillard's is set up. They give you unreachable sales goals which leaves you no choice but to bite and scratch your way to get your sales in. It's hard to be on good terms with your coworkers, and the general manager, Sterling, is terrible. Both general managers of that store are horrible. They both think they are better than everyone. I don't blame you for feeling that way about this store. After being fired for not making my sales goals in the children's department, I haven't stepped foot in there since. Also, Sterling picks favorites. There was this blond tallish skinny girl in my department and he would come up to her in front of us and ask her if she wanted to move to cosmetics. She declined and three months later he practically told her he wanted her to be a manager. She wasn't even qualified to be either. I can't wait until Dillard's goes bankrupt. The only good thing about working there was having a lot of down time and not being pressured to open a lot of credit accounts. They only require four a month. Oh, and I opened two one month and didn't get credit for either of them.

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