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Dillards Inc. #407 / Worst Place to work

1 MCCain BlvdNorth Little Rock, AR, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 7716300

December 2008 . I was an employee of Dillard's for ten months. This has got to be the worst place i have ever worked in my life. With all that is going on right now, you'd think Dillard's would had give us a break on the Credit Applications.
No way... They are in such financial troubles that it makes the whole store be in little knots. Dillard's in North Little Rock, Arkansas is discusting. They treat the employees like crap and require at least 3 credit applications a week... If you do not get this credit applications, then they make you come to a little credit application class on a Saturday morning at 7:30 by putting it into your schedule. If you got 5 in one month, so be it, you gotta get at least 3 the next month or to the class you go, even if you have the day off, you'd better show up for this stupid meeting. They don't want you to get your quotas that are required so that set your quotas up so high that it's impossible to get it done, especially when they have all of you working at one time. It's like a bunch of animals going for after one bone.. Then there's a issue of the team playing, they expect you to team play with all your coworkers here going after this one sale. It's set up to cause problem after problem with your coworkers, especially when you put a bunch of women at one counter. Then you have your boss who has to have sales too. She's unable to get her on sales so she takes yours and credits them to herself, then to win the ", Most Sold in the store yesterday". Hello... I see a big problem here... You go to the store manager and the store secretary and complain... "We'll take care of it is all you get!" So actually, not a damn thing is done! You have a quota to meet, if your sales Drop they lower your pay... and yet this person is allow to steal your seals right under your nose. How, you ask??? The boss just buts in and takes over the sale and your left there standing like a total dumn ###! Store manager, and store Secretary won't do anything about it so you go over their heads and call Corporate 's Tom Bolin.. Humnnnnnnn, imagine that! he has yet to call me... BUT a few minutes later you are excorated upstairs and terminated because you are no team player . The real truth here is they are pissed off because they would do nothing to your boss for stealing your sales, you ask them for help and they do nothing so you call CORPORATE!

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  • Mc
      6th of Jan, 2010
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    A few years ago I lost my job with another retail operation because of being sold out. So I decided I would apply at Dillards in North Little Rock, I was hired immediatly. I was told I would get X amount of dollars per hour, it was alot less that I previously made, but beggars cant be choosers, I went and spent $1400 dollars on suits, because I was excited about my new career, I was told when I hired that they would start me out in ladies shoes, since everybody who wanted to get into management training program needed to go through that department. I worked my A#% off, I impressed my immediate bosses, and they promised me to give them time, that I would be moved to management soon. This went on for 2 years, it is totally my fault that I stayed that long, I turned down a transfer to Park Plaza, the manager there wanted me to come to work for him, but I was dedicated to "my store" I cared alot about that place, I feel that I never made management because I was not intimidated by the store manager, Bob Seibert. He tried to indimidate people and push them around, but I had enough sense and gumption to push back. I hate that I turned down several job offers with shoe companies and Polo Ralph Lauren, I was determined to win, and I did. I went on to be a manager at Target, where they were happy to have me, I worked there for a little over a year, I resigned there to take over a job as director of biz development for a small company, and recently I was named V.P. of Sales and Marketing. I make literally 7 times what I made at dillards, and I dont have to work near as hard, the reason that Dillards is struggling is because of there lack of management, there unwillingness to not change with the times. I look back and that was a great learning experience, and all managers should sell ladies shoes that was an experience I will never forget, often look back on, and be glad I am moved on. I believer the stock holders of Dillards should DEMAND that the board of directors be ran by a third party or they should dump the stock, because the only thing Dillards has is retail real estate in malls, that is not worth alot in my humble opinion. Mr. Siebert I have often wanted to come up there and talk to you and tell you how successful I now I am, and that you were an inspiration for me not to become like you, a BULLY and ARROGANT fool, who has no eye for retail, much less management talent. When I left you were the only manager that didnt wish me luck, it mightve been that I turned down your promotion because I already put my notice, or it mightve been I was SMART enough to get out. Alex Dillard, please change your company, please listen to your stockholders and your dieing customers.

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