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Digital Landing / Helpful InformationAddressing The Amazon Gift Card Complaints

1 Miami, FL, United States Review updated:

We have evaulated the source of most complaints and would like our customers to note the following. We find that over 85% of the time, customers that are inquiring about rebate status have not even completed their rebate forms. We cannot process or send rebates/gift cards without the completion of a rebate form.

These are the steps (all of which must be completed) to receive rebates/gift cards.
Place order with Digital Landing and receive a valid confirmation from the system.
Have your order installed within 45 days after order is placed
If you replace the order with the service provider, you will not get your rebate
Once your order is installed, send two months of your billing statements from the service provider showing that such order has gone through two billing cycles. This means do not ask for your rebate until at least 40-45 days after you have placed your order.
Once we receive your rebate information, we match it up against what the service provider has sent to us in terms of order status
Rebates are only sent if (a) rebate form is completed properly with supporting documentation and (2) we receive ACTIVE status from provider.
If we do not receive status, or status is cancelled, pending or duplicate, you will not receive a rebate.
We make every effort to ensure all customers get properly credited. We do have reliance on data from our service provider partners.

In the past two years, we have responded to every complaint posted on this board. We find most people, surprised and delighted that we actually pay attention, which we do. Unfortunately, we find many people that complain, even after they have received their rebate (even two or three times).

We would appreciate if customers please contact Jason Gallow at [protected] prior to posting on the board. Your issue will get resolved far faster. If you have posted and been responded, we would appreciate follow up comment noting the matter has been closed

Thank you

Acceller Team

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  • Mi
      22nd of Aug, 2008

    We were promised internet access at one price and never got it. Also, repeated calls to inquire were not answered. Now we are stuck with a dish network account we do not want and are reverting back to our old service provider. Dish network is also unresponsive and will not cooperate - so nobody takes responsibility and we are complaining to the Missouri Attorney General's office.

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  • Da
      23rd of Sep, 2008

    Note, Digital Landing does and has not ever sold services from Dish Network. This complaint is not relevant to our business

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  • Up
      11th of Feb, 2009

    It is a total scam, I've read numerous blogs all over the place and no-one that "claims" to have received their gifts cards really exist. Hmmm, could this be another one of their scams to get more people signed up? There was also a "Jason Gallows" who claims to help you out. I by that name has ever worked for their company.
    I've received numerous correspondance from 2 individuals. Yet it's been almost 8 months with no gift cards...SCAM. Digital Landing, Acceller and BuyTelco are all shady companies. The following 2 people have been "trying to help"...still no gift card. Go figure. I'm also making it my "personal mission in life" to go after these companies till they own up to their scam. GO TO COMCAST DIRECTLY TO SIGN UP!!

    Karina Falcone
    Customer Service Representative
    Tel: 800-970-0466
    Corporate Headquarters
    815 NW 57th Avenue, Suite 400
    Miami, FL 33126

    Lili Arroyo
    Sales Dept.
    ICS - Interactive Contact Solutions, Inc.
    2650 S. Falkenburg Rd
    Riverview, FL 33578
    800-225-3690 x5105
    813-463-9543 fax

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  • Ro
      31st of Mar, 2009

    TO EVERYONE.. Simply file a report with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and report these people each time they screw someone over. We waited for almost A YEAR for our rebate/gift cards and were given the run-around each time we called, first being told that we would receive them within two weeks, then maybe a month, and then being told by one very rude "supervisor" that we may NEVER receive our rebate!?!? We tried to play the game.. contacted Jason Gallow via email several times and when we mentioned his name when we called, we were told that nobody by that name worked there, past or present. We filed a report with the BBB and received our gift card codes 3 days later.

    Don't bother dealing with these people! Call once and if you don't get your rebate, report these scammers to the BBB!

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  • An
      2nd of Apr, 2009

    I have the rebate form right in front of me, & it clearly says, send 1st bill (NOT TWO, as someone from acceller is saying above) with all the paperwork - order confirmation, service installation. I did exactly as it says on this form & had my Comcast service for almost 10 months, & now they're changing their rebate requirements, although it's written right on their rebate form !!! Funny how these fools survive - I guess we people don't see the scam forums 1st & still sign-up with dummies :-( ... & the saga goes on ... only when we're also burnt, that we come to scam forums to complain .

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  • An
      2nd of Apr, 2009

    I guess I know what the problem is :
    Their rebate form says send 1 bill of newly signed up service
    Their rebate processors are told that, look for 2 bills for newly signed up service

    This causes all rebate issues to go into circles. They need to look at their rebate forms & tell their workforce the same thing - it may not be really that they don't want to send the rebate, however they have not formulated their internal procedures correctly for sure. They never respond to or care about any cases / issues raised by customers & never see what's going wrong (I just had my 11th case raised :-) )
    their customer service is so poor that they transfer calls to non-working numbers or never responding voicemails without any notice.

    Pray to hackers - please hack / disable their website(s) so they can't trouble more people :-) ... such would be socially beneficial hackers !

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  • An
      2nd of Apr, 2009

    All customer support calls also go to Sales / order desks ! ... and on asking if they have any customer support - one said - "I'm not sure if there's any" !

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  • Ar
      21st of Apr, 2009

    I sent email to Jason 5 times now my confirmation number is "327677166", I haven't recieved any reply from him.

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  • Pu
      14th of May, 2009

    Anshoe, I too have a PDF copy of the rebate form right in front of me which states "a copy of your FIRST ComCast bill". Subsequent downloads of an apparently updated form now request THREE month's of ComCast bills. What about those of us who have completed the requirements as they were stated at the time?!

    Have you managed to get this resolved, Anshoe?

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  • Lo
      18th of May, 2009

    I have used this site for a bundled package. I filled out the information and received my rebate in about 8 weeks, which I think is typical for rebates/gift's usually a nice surprise because by that point I have forgotten about it. I think that's what most companies want...I would definitely use them again!!

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  • Ja
      27th of Jul, 2009

    I guess I would disagree with this. I mailed in my paperwork for my Amazon gift cards around the end of Feb. Finally contacted them in June and they said that all was in order that I would receive the emails at the end of the 16 weeks processing period. After 19 weeks I contacted Jason via email and still have had no response.

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  • Ru
      7th of Oct, 2010


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  • Wa
      22nd of Mar, 2012

    If you are a California resident and were promised an gift card if you signed up for Time Warner Cable service and submitted your application as instructed, but have not received your gift card within 4 months of having sent your application, please contact me at [protected] While Time Warner may not take individual complaints very seriously, I am quite confident that they fully understand the ramifications of a class action lawsuit.

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