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Digital Landing / Rebate Card

1 815 NW 57th Ave. Miami, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 305 265 0136

I ordered Comcast Triple Play service through Digital Landing with a promise of a $250 Amazon gift card. When I received my second Comcast bill, I sent all the relevant information to Digital Landing and have not received anything. It has been long past the required 16 weeks and I have called to get this card nearly every week for the past 2 months. The calls go to people who have no idea how resolve the rebate problem. And the person who wrote the helpful email on this page sounds good but is no more helpful than anyone else at Digital Landing. I have sent emails to this "Jason Gallow" and have received no response, and the customer service email address has been permanently removed (according to gmail).

I think I just got suckered and I will never work with Digital Landing again. I would advise any of you to ignore Digital Landing's promises and work with anyone else. You can save yourself some frustration and time.

Burned in Boston

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  • Wi
      28th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Same thing here. It's definitely a cheating company. I mailed all documents as they require; and called them many times. They always said i may get my rebate two weeks later. It's almost 6 months. I still don't receive it. I tried BBB. Doesn't work.

  • Le
      16th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Dude, i ordered my service more than 9 months ago, i did everything perfectly, have never had comcast before, got the double play and was promised a 200 dollar gift card! Well they said i had to wait 3 months, Well that went bye and then for another 4 months i had been calling pretty much every week and every time i called i would be pissed and just gratefull if someone would try and help me with the situation. Well Nobody did friggin JACK!! Every friggin time they said oh were just waiting for gift cards and nobody did anything. Then about 8 months into it i finally talked to a guy that actually did something and was talking to people and then i finally got in touch with someone that said that they never recieved my paperwork...??? THEY COULDNT TELL ME THAT 4 MONTHS AGO???? What is wrong with these people. So they said to resend my stuff, with bills and everything (WHICH they couldnt give me the paperwork for because it was so long ago???) i dont understand why i couldnt just use a new form? what is wrong with these people. They just try and make every excuse possible not to give you a card!! Luckily i had found the email that they had sent me the form from 8 months back even know they probably had it. So i filled it out and sent it in with 3 BILLS!!! So i waited a week and they got it! BUT!! Heres what they said next. Well we sent your paperwork over to comcast! BECAUSE we needed to know if your order was a duplicate and to see if you still had service with the company!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE!! I sent you 3 fukin bills!! You want more?? Ill fax them over. So now everytime i call they said OH WERE WAITING ON COMCAST TO COMFIRM YOU HAVE SERVICE, I HAVE HAD SERVICE FOR 10 MONTHS NOW!!! Karina Falcone is the one who issues the gift cards and every friggin time i call I CANT TALK TO HER!!! I DONT GET CALLS BACK even know they say someone will within a couple days! I DONT GET HER EMAIL!!! I HAVE HER PHONE NUMBER BUT NOW THE MAILBOX IS FULL AND THEY DONT ANSWER!!! So today i talked to a guy and its the same ### as usual. He says their just waiting on comcast to comfirm that i have service! And i said its been that way for more than a month. Are they going to wait 2 more months for WHO KNOWS from comcast to tell them i do??? Then i wont have service, then in 2 months when i will probably cancel because im only getting comcast for a year! They will probably say, Oh it says here comcast says you dont have service! MORE FRIGGIN EXCUSES. So this guy said maybe you could call comcast and talk to blah blah blah. He said the only phone number he has is 1800 comcast and thats what they use... They say karina called them on monday! I think all this is a lie! DONT GET COMCAST THROUGH THE DICKS!! SCAM SCAM SCAM!! WHY CANT I SEND YOU MORE BILLS!! WILL THAT PROVE THAT I HAVE SERVICE!!! WHAT WILL PROVE THAT I HAVE SERVICE. Comcast doesnt care!!! theyre not going to contact them. What the hell is this, is this what their telling other people.

    Im about ready to file a complaint with the district attorney reporting this company as fraud. Ive been thrown around like garbage to them for way too long and its bull. Everything they have is bull...

  • Re
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    unreal...I am fighting the same battle. I am currently dealing with the legal support department that investigates fraud at Comcast. The phone # is 866-947-8572. My goal is to have Digital Landing removed as an authorized reseller. I am also going to submit a complaint to the NJ Office of the Attorney General Division of Consumer Affairs.

    Good Luck

  • Ra
      28th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Same here

  • Ni
      21st of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Same thing here: waiting for Karina Falcone to get the card number issued from Amazon. We ordered in Jan, sent the three months, took them months to process, and now still waiting for SEVERAL months for the amazon card. They say we are approved for it, back in june, and the problem is waiting for amazon to issue the card. BS if you ask me. But oooh If you want to publicly flame them, try twitter. They just made an account. @digitallanding on twitter. Have fun.

    How can it take 4 months to get a card number from Amazon? They are trying to make it out to sound as if Amazon is the problem.

    IF I were Amazon, I would b1t7chslap the crap out of digital landing.

  • Di
      22nd of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This is a scam. You go to comcast specials in a google search. You are directed to you pay money for installation. They promise COMCAST internet speeds 12mpbs and a free AMAZON GIFT CARD.

    When you try to get you rebate. You write to digital landing, instead you get an email from them stating:

    "Thank you for your note copied below. We could not find your order in our systems based on the information provided, so we escalated the matter to Comcast to inquire who the originator of your order was. They verified that your order did not come from digital Landing, it came from Leapfrog. You must contact them in order to receive a rebate. Happy Holidays."

    I never SPOKE to LeapFrog; they have no record of my order; so you get ripped off, plus you get LESS THAN 6mpbs COMCAST internet speed, When you call comcast the technicians say you were signed up for 6mpbs (which you aren't even getting)..and also you find out that you don't have a REBATE FROM AMAZON COMING TO YOU. You also find out 12mpbs is not offered in your area, but you can PAY MORE FOR 16mpbs.

    Don't buy from the promotions online that sell COMCAST!
    BUYER BEWARE! You will not get the truth from anyone, you will lose out paying high install fees, and no rebates!!!

  • Mo
      14th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I used Digital Landing to order my Comcast and followed their VERY specific instructions and was awarded my $125 in Amazon money as promised. I had to be on Comcast for 3 months and I only had so many days to mail in the proof receipts with the offer filled out after the 3 months. They say on that form it will take months to get the money. It did as they stated but I got it. They do not issue a gift card. They send you the rebate in a code in your email and you can use it on your amazon purchases, which I did and there was not even a hiccup. I would use them again to access free money. In the end, I used Comcast for 6 months at $25 a month and got $125 back from Didgital Landing as a rebate. I think that is a pretty dang good deal. I switched to ATT at the 6th month because the rates were due to double with Comcast. I wheeled and dealed with ATT and got them for $30 a month with a $200 rebate. I have to stay one year with them, I will switch back to Comcast at that time for whatever deal I can get.

    You really HAVE to jump through the hoops, but Digital Landing came through and they were truthful about the time it would take. Comcast is an OK service, nothing is totally perfect, it is just OK. ATT is not any better.

    Hope this helps someone get their money. Jump through the hoops and call them a few times to see the status.

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