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Digital Camera From Best Buy Canada / failure of commitment of extended warranty

1 Bramalea City Centre BramptonBrampton, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I had purchased a digital camera in December 2005 along with PSP (Product Service Plan) extended warranty valid for 3 years from Best Buy Bramalea City Centre Brampton, Canada. The camera had not been performing satisfactorily ever since I purchased that. I had tried various ways. The camera was eating up batteries. I replaced many alkaline rechargeable batteries. I even bought another battery charger with very good batteries. Meanwhile the pictures were observed to be blurry. I gave the camera for repair to Best Buy. They returned the repaired camera after about 8 weeks. I then observed the zoom wasn’t working well, self timer was also not functioning satisfactorily. I again gave the camera for repair. I was again without a camera for another about 8 weeks. Thereafter I observed that the flash was missing several times and again the pictures were blurry. I deposited my camera for the third time for repair. They returned my repaired camera as usual after about another 8 weeks. To my surprise, the camera was not working satisfactory as the problem of blurry pictures, zoom getting stuck, self timer not working were still there. I then requested the Best Buy to honour their “No Lemon” policy that indicated that the product would be replaced if it is not repaired satisfactorily even after 3 repairs. The Customer Service Representative was perhaps pre-determined not to help me and told me that there should have been at least 3 “major” repairs before the camera could qualify for replacement. I did not understand “major” repairs. I just interpreted that the camera should be replaced after 3 repairs. Meanwhile, the Service Manager joined the Representative during our conversation and rudely emphasized that there was a “catch” in the policy and it was quite hard to get the replacement. The camera was not replaced as otherwise promised. I am totally shocked to discover this unpleasant experience with “Best Buy” (I don’t know whether my buy from the “Best Buy” has been the best or the worst?). Is this the customer service level of Best Buy? If this problem is not attended satisfactorily, why should I and others consider buying extended warranty plan in future? Is it possible to raise this concern of unfair business practice and not fulfilling promised commitments somewhere and get justice?

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  • Fo
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    I am a former employee of Best Buy Canada. We are taught to explain Service Plans so that it benefits the one of our selling features was telling the customer that their camera just "Gets replaced" after 3 repairs. That actually is false. If you read the legal terms and conditions in the PSP brochure, it actually is 3 "major" repairs. So major repairs would be lcd screen replaced, zoom mechanism, etc. If they just simply tested it and sent the camera back, it wouldn't count towards the No Lemon Policy. Another "catch" in the pamphlet, is that it is actually when the product requires a 4th repair, that the product will get sent out for replacement authorization.

    More often than not, Service plans screwed our customers, than actually helped them. For most things it's a waste of money, and there are so many legal "catches" throughout that you're better off not even buying a service plan. Although I was an employee at a Best Buy store, when I had an issue with a product I bought that had a service plan, I didn't receive proper treatment either. They tried to tell me it was physically damaged...yet another term you will hear as an excuse for them not to repair products that have service plans.

    Your experience is one of the reasons why I no longer work for an unethical large corporation called Best Buy.

  • Be
      25th of Oct, 2010
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    I purchased a camera from the Best Buy Store at the Yonge & Dundas location. As soon as I brought the camera home, it was wasn't charging properly, it was not taking pictures properly and the zoom was all messed up. Then I went away on a business trip thinking I would return it when I come back. A month had passed when I used the camera for the second time and noticed that there was a split down the middle of the screen in the camera. So, I took the defective product back to the store and explaind the situation and asked to have the product be replaced as I should not have to go through the inconvenience of waiting 8 weeks for a defective product to be repaired by the manufacturer. The store manager, Dilber was her name, basically said there was nothing she could do to help me and it is too bad I happen to end up with a defective product. She indicated that is what the service plan is for. But I explained the the product was defective as it showed signs of damage in the first month of usage while the life span of such an electronic is well over one year. I told her I was very upset about the situation and would never shop there again and she said it was my choice. I told her how it did not make sense from a business stand point to loose thousands of dollars in future business (myself, friends and family) when she can easily exchange a defective product that came out of their store and save me the hassle of having to go back to the store many times to send the camera for repair. She told me she was not going to help basically and asked me to leave and not waste my time! I was furious!! The reason why I purchased anything from Bestbuy was mainly with the thought that there would be a level of good customer service associated with any issues of this nature. But I was wrong and disappointed. The funny thing is I was going to buy electronics for a new home I just bought so it is their lose in thousands of dollars in future business. What a scam!

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