Dick And Jane LetterpressFraudulent Sales .Dishonest People

Dick and Jane Letterpress are dishonest People and Rip Off People Using SATANIC NAME ELECTRICCHURCH666, I Paid Brian Durk $2600.00 for a Shovelhead Motor That was as He Said a complete 1979 H9 Shovelhead Harley Davidson Motor in Good Running order, What I Got From Him was a Motor put together By Parts with a 1979 Bottom end and 1966 Heads That had broken Parts and intake Ports and did Not run as Stated in His Sale My Payment went to [protected] THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE AND ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE AND STOLE OU MONEY ...DO NOT USE DICK AND JANE LETTERPRESS AS THEY RIPPED US OFF

Dec 24, 2014

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