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1 Hollywood, FL, United States

I had order an automatic ceramic Versace men's watch for my fiance to give him as a wedding present. He had the watch for a year and a piece of the casing around the dial broke. I was not sure if the watch was covered by the Warranty from the site. When I called the company they said to sent it to them and they would look at it. So I sent it. For a week I had not heard anything from them. After another week of calling them and tracking them down, they sent it back the next week saying the watch was fixed in a brand new box. Not only was the band not fixed, the warranty cards missing, but they had "worked" on it so much that now it was unable to keep time even after winding it. I called them again to see what exactly they had done to it, considering the time was working perfectly fine when I sent it to them. They told me that they did not cover the casing and that I would have to go through Versace to get the new problem fixed. They did not admit to damaging the watch in any way. If I had known that part was definitely not covered I would have liked the watch back in the condition I had sent it to them in. So now that I had the watch back broken... I had to find a dealer on my own to fix it. I ended up going to Tourneau and paying a pretty penny to get the problem they sent to me fixed.

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