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They assigned me to a dentist he started my dental care. I paid for dentures up front. He left the company. I was assigned a new dentist he had a different plan and it would cost more. O.K. I needed to get the work done. He was injured I was assigned a new dentist. My lower denture broke no refund or new denture. I complained over and over. I was given a credit. I go to have a new lower denture made the new dentist refuses to make the denture until I have oral surgery 6 month plus to recover. And now the upper denture broke as well.

They pulled my teeth before informing me that I should have surge which should have been done first. I went in eating what ever I wanted. I was told how much it would cost and how long it would take over a year later I am eating with a straw. If you enjoy food or ever want to smile again you might NOT WANT to trust such incompetent dentists.

I am going to Arizona Dental Examiners with a complaint. It take up to a year to resolve. Did I mention I have no teeth. I was BUTCHERED. I will never let them touch me again.

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