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1 Tijuana, Mexico
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I have a very expensive mouth! I need FOUR SETS of 3-teeth crowns/bridges which in the U.S. would have cost at least $10, 000 with my dental insurance!.

I just came back from T.J.where I had three crowns and a bridge replaced by Sam Dental. This is my second trip (came down in September, 2013). I take the train and the shuttle from Los Angeles, call when I am at the border and wait for a driver to pick me up. Everybody is wonderful, from the dentists to the dental assistants to the owner and the drivers. The place is ALWAYS packed with Americans looking to save money.

My experiences with my doctor are as follows - she is kind, sensitive, patient, informative, and takes her time. They use all of the latest
equipment and have almost INSTANT xrays. Everything was sterilized - in fact, during my last trip in September, I had an emergency root canal. They called in the dentist (who wasn't scheduled to work that day) and she was great.

I allow two trips for my teeth - one trip to fit my temporary bridge and another trip to put in the real bridge.

Their waiting room is packed with Americans from all over trying to get excellent dental care at reduced prices.

Apr 4, 2014

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