Dencor Energy Control Systems / Bad service

My husband and I purchased a Dencor Energy Management System for our new home in November 2005. We were told by the installer that by using this system, we should see monthly energy savings of between 30-40%. We have yet to see one penny of savings with this system since it was installed. Some of our monthly bills have even been more than they were without the system. We contacted Dencor directly and was told that the savings for the system were more like 20-25%, which again was untrue since we didn't have any saving on the system. In addition, we were given a cashback rebate which would have allowed us to get the full amount back of purchase if we followed the instructions. The company is now out of business, so we were lied to about the system and the rebate. Do not use this company for any of their products and since I work for a national construction company, I will be instructing all of our project managers, superintendents and estimators to eliminate them from our subcontractor base and I will begin calling every single general contractor in the country, starting with Colorado to alert them of this company's fraudulent activities.


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