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Dell / Laptop Studio 1555 / dell is a scam

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Do not buy a dell computer. Their policy is a trap?!!! Their return policy is worthless, their credit card is a trap and their technical help and customer care get you going round and round in a circle.

On june 5 2009 I purchased a dell laptop 1555 via telphone. I received the laptop on june 22, 2009. As I started to restore data to my new computer. I started to notice the computer has problems. I called the dell technical support on july 6, 2009 — 800=624-9896 in india. They told me right away that return is not an option. Dell has 21 days return policy. The start date is the invoice date june 10, 2009 not the date I received the laptop june 22, 2009. Dell corporation set this grace period as a trap. One usualy does not recieve the computer many days later that the invoice date.

When I purchased the laptop, dell's sales personnel talked me into opening a dell card and charging it to dell card to have 9 months interest free. It sounded nice and I went for it but I regret that I did. Now with what I went through I realised that it is part of dell's scheme or trap. Dell stripped all the consumer's right by setting unreasonable 21 days with invoice date as start date and promoting their financial so the consumers are unable to dispute their purchases, now I have a new broken computer, I am not able to return it because dell set unreasonable 21 days return policy with invoice date as start date. They would not send me a new pc replacement. I am not able to dispute the charge because that option is not available. Someone should really do an investigation on dell's policy.

Here is the beginning of my night mare. I was not able to return it to get my cash back because I have passed my 21 days — begin date is invoice date not the date I receive my computer; I was told I am not able to get a replacement either and I should do the diagnostuc tests with the technical department in the meantime, my new computer system crashed. The technical staff told me to reinstall the vista operating system. You may ask why I did not backup my data. Since it is a new computer, I had not quite setup my backup system. System crashing on my new computer is the last thing I expected. Well my worst nightware happened and I lost one week worth of email as a result. The india technical staffs have night # and day shift and I went through many night shift and day shift personnels. Each time I was speaking to a different person and had to tell each person the same problem. Each person wanted to do the diagnostic on my pc. I had to sit in front of my new broken pc doing diagnostic with the india technical staff. This went on almost a week. They couldn't get the wireless device driver to install. They even had me removed the laptop battery and reseated the wireless card to see if that fixed the problem. This is really unheard of asking a customer (Me) to do hardware on my new laptop.

I bought a new computer for my business to be more productive. Intead it is consuming all my time doing diagnostic. After the operating system was installed, I realized that dell did not send me the cd with all the laptop device drivers. I spent days with the technical personnel to try to download the device driver from my other pc and transfer the files over to the new laptop to install drivers. This is not an easy task, because the new laptop has no network capability. We had to try many time before we were able to get some drivers installed. I then had to hook my new laptop directly to the modem to get to the internet to download the rest of the drivers — but no luck with the wireless driver. After four or five technical personnels iterrations doing the same diagnostic tests, they all were unable to find out why the wireless driver would not install. Finally the technical personnel was convinced there is a problem and decided to dispatch a us hardwre technician to come to my house to change out my motherboard and wireless card. He also said that after that system will work and there will be no loss of data. He also told me that it after the motherboard and wireless cards were installed and I still have a problem that they would send a replacement.

The us hardware technician was punctual and show up at my house today-july 14, 2009. He installed the mother board and the wirelesss card. He was good and efficicent. When we boot up the system, it did not boot. It gave me several options, I tried each option and took me back to the same screen. So I was told to call the same number [protected] to resolve this problem. This is the same number I had been calling the whole week last week. I was asked to do more test. Again they told me I cannot get my money back and getting a replacement is not an option. Finally they tested and still has a problem, they are going to ask me to send the laptop back to them and they will fix it and send it back to me.

At this point, I just want my money back. But I don;t know how to get out my finanical obligation since it is on dell card. I am trapped. Do do not buy a dell computer. Their policy is a trap?!!!

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  • Ja
      17th of Dec, 2009
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    I have the same laptop and the same experience with Dell.

    So, the laptop was donated and now I use a MacBook Pro. Mine was for business too, and after a couple of days, I couldn't be screwing around with non-existent customer service. Dell and Windows are a good example of poor product integration and bad support policies. I will never buy a product from either company again.

  • Ju
      22nd of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Same computer but a different problem - a simple defective keyboard. It was a $15 part that took them over two months to ship to me. I spent at least 20 hours with them on the phone. Each technician agreed with my initial diagnosis within minutes of talking to them. Yet, they would not cover it under the US warranty although the computer was just purchased 4 months ago. And even with me paying for the part, they couldn't get the part to me in any reasonable amount of time. Of course, I had to install it myself when it did finally come. I filed a complaint on the FTC website. What else can you do? If I would have the same problem again, I would just buy the part on eBay. Their customer service is non-existent. I will never buy or recommend Dell again for any purpose.

  • Ka
      6th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Dell Is Top Class joker Company. All The Technicians and customer care peoples are Mega Jokers. I had taken a Dell Studio 1555 . Once the one year cross it crashed. While I asked to dell the joker team tell that it is out of Warranty you have to pay to Engg a big amount for Visit. Online help is simple waste.

    Finally. It is a Frauad. I never Advise anybody to purchase Dell laptop.

    Life will go to hell if You will purchase DELL laptop. The Problem is the Internal elements of the Laptop is very vely Poor Qality which will die in a short Run.

    The laptops which is available on the road footpath is much better than Dell.

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