Delaware SPCA (Dover & Georgetown) / SPCA lies about there services

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I recently called my local SPCA because a neighborhood cat was laying in front of my door slowing dying because it was hit by a car. It had a cut behind its ear and it was slowly bleeding. It was keeping a normal breathing routine. I called over 10 different numbers for help. No one would answer. I call Georgetown, DE SPCA office & got an answering maching but no number for emergencie services. Then I call dover SPCA & the gentlemen told me he would try to get someone to come out. I waited an half hour and never heard back from the Dover, DE SPCA. Then the cat went into shock and died. I called back to the Dover, DE SPCA, told the gentlemen that the cat just went into shock & it died. He told me that the only thing I could do is put it in a trashbag and throw it in the dumpster! I thought to myself that they are there to protect & help these animals but he just told me to throw it in a dumpster? They get paid good money to do nothing to help these animals around my area. It takes them hours to help sn injuried animal.

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      4th of May, 2012

    Hello, I had the same thing happen to me wherein a little dog was hit on the road and left to die. I scooped him up and put him in the back of my car and took him to a local vet. This was a couple years ago, but as far as I know you can still take a wounded animal to ANY VETERNERIAN. They must take them. So, next time just head to any local vet or if it is after hours, I would try the nearest animal emergency center. I am sorry you are getting so many ignorant replies to your post.

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      14th of Nov, 2012

    I consider myself an Animal loving person and I wanted to adopt a loving little cat companion to keep inside my Home for company, especially since my husband recently past away. Knowing how caged up the animals are once they arrive at the SPCA I decided to give SPCA, Georgetown, Delaware a try. When I arrived at the SPCA I took a good look at their cats. I asked the Volunteer to take them out of their cages, so I could hold and pet them. To my dismay, I noticed how grossly overfed they were, so much so, that once they were taken out of the cage, they behaved lethargic and could hardly move. I was shocked, and questioned the Volunteer. She replied that most of them have been with the SPCA anywhere between 8 months to almost 1 year and have been sitting in their cages ever since. She explained the SPCA did not have adequate personnel / volunteers to take care of them. Having any animal caged for such a long period of time is in my opinion beyond cruelty, why not set a policy to release them to good loving Homes within a short adequate period of time. What is the logical reason to have an animal sit in a cage for such a long time, surely there are plenty of good loving homes these cat can be released to. When I was ready to adopt the cat I liked, I was refused. The reason, I was told, was that I presently have a German Shepherd who is being kept outside and who is not neutered, which is against SPCA's policy. In addition, it is at their discretion to whom they release an animal. I ask to see their policy in writing. They had none. I ask for the directors name and phone number. I contacted them and I was rudely cut of and transferred to a mailbox. My story is among many similar complaints against the SPCA in Georgetown. I am beginning to doubt that the purpose of this none-profit tax free organization is not to release animals to good loving Homes within a reasonable time but perhaps to financially benefit themselves. I THINK IT WOULD BE WISE FOR SOMEONE AT A HIGHER AUTHORITY TO TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT THEIR ANIMAL ADOPTION POLICY...

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