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THIS Company has a history of DEFECTIVE EQUIPMENT and
their quality and service is substandard


This company, retained several Nationwide Unsatisfactory Records with the BBB for Failing to Respond to Consumer Complaints (links below).

Along with having been issued 19 individual Violations from the State Enforcement Agency, 'Consumer Affairs' (BAR).

Specifically, but not limited to, violating several sections of the Business and Professions Code depicted below:

Section 9884.7 (a)(1) False and Misleading Statements
Section 9884.8 Invoice Requirements
Section 988.4.9 (a) Estimate Requirements
Section 3373 Inserting/Withholding info to cause document to be False/Misleading

Please review the Unsatisfactory BBB Reports of which this company has FAILED TO RESPOND, giving very bad experiences to your overall customers below:


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  • Da
      Jul 31, 2009

    We at Daystar Products are not aware of any complaints by any Better Business Bureau that are active, resolved, or unresolved. If we were ever contacted by a BBB, we would work quickly to resolve whatever issue is at hand, as customer service is our number 1 priority. In fact, we would resolve any issue long before a BBB would need to be involved! The links in this post have nothing to do with Daystar Products and make no mention of our product line. We are a family-owned business with over 30 years in the automotive industry. All of the products that we manufacture are made in the USA, not China as this baseless posting claims. If anyone ever has an issue with any Daystar product, we encourage them to contact us at [protected] or visit

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