Debby,Deborah/Debbie Bergeron Show Pomeranians / CROOKS,SWINDLERS,UNETHICAL

1 267 Calvert Circle, Bunker Hill, WV, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 304-707-6632

Debby Bergeron/Russ Bergeron of Bunker Hill, WV are not to be trusted when asking to buy a Pomeranian.They are going around to all breeders wanting to buy wolf sables and cream sable Pomeranains, These people are Crooks/Swindlers, Please don't trust them, they will take your Pomeranian and say they are going to show them and if the pom you sell them does not turn out right or they change there mines, they come back and want to return the puppy and want a full refund, they always find something wrong with the pom puppy.
This Debby/Deborah/Debbie Bergeron does not know how to care for pom babies. Please read this complaint and send it to as many breeders as you can to stop them from being one of there victim, and the poor pom puppies .
There are a lot of exotic pom breeders in the country, please spread the word of these crooks, they have know ethics at all.
There names and aka names are
Debby Bergeron/Deborah Lynn Bergeron/may go by Debbie also, and husband Russ Bergeron/Russell Bergeron.
they have hit people from Maryland/To Ohio down to Mississippi, Washington/and more,
I hope by posting this there will be no other breeders that get taken.
Hazel Waltoon

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  • De
      7th of Apr, 2012

    Well, it appears that Gina Alford and her cronies continue to try and deflect attention from her fraudulent and unethical behaviour by making false and ridiculous accusations against us. For the record, this stupidly written and ignorant posting is in retaliation for us publicly telling the truth about Gina Alford, a disreputable breeder who defrauded us out of $1, 200 after attempting to pass off as an AKC registered puppy a dog that was in fact not registered and whose dam was also not registered. In her attempt to scam us Gina Alford sent us photos of two different puppies and tried to pass them off as one puppy. The fact that the dam was not AKC registered, along with the fact that we are only one of at least a dozen people scammed by this woman, has led us to believe that she acquires non-AKC registered puppies on the cheap and then passes them off as AKC registered. Not registering the dam until she registers the puppy allows her to falsely link the puppy to the dam. And as for Gina Alford and/or her flunky that posted this complaint, you're wasting your time. Everyone in the Pom world knows that you are a cheat and a fraud. Your criticism of us has had and will have absolutely no impact on our ability to acquire and show Poms. Oh, and a note to the many other people defrauded by Gina Alford: We will be filing a formal complaint against Gina Alford with the Consumer Protection Division of the Mississippi Attorney General's Office. If you would like details of your case to be presented as well, please send us your information at [protected] We will also be traveling to Mississippi this summer to file a civil action against the Alfords in Winston County. If you would like us to file on your behalf as well, please send us an e-mail at [protected] and we can discuss the details.

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  • Pa
      17th of Apr, 2012

    I have never meet to nicer people than the Bergeron"s. This is a out and out lie. My name is Paula Clark of Expression Pom"s. I have been showing and breeding for years. And if you want to know I have breed and shown for Debbie and Russ and been to there home. And have trusted them with my poms.

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