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Dazzle Smile / scam alert

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When my child signed up for a "free" trial of Dazzle Smile, she thought it might be fun to get something in the mail. What she got was over 30 phone calls and at least 18 text messages within 24 hours time. I used the online customer support on the website ( as requested to cancel the order of whatever it was. I was given a cancellation # 329885 and was told that I if I return the package in 14 days I would not be charged "the discounted rate of $79.91 for the first shipment of Dazzle Smile Teeth Whitening after the completion of the trial period." Fine, I have not received the product though. I asked specifically about any other "trials" my child may have signed up for and she said: "When you subscribed to our services, you were automatically enrolled with World Club Fitness and Weight Loss Resources. And, you have to cancel their services as well, if you won't wish to be charged. Please call [protected] to cancel your World Club Fitness. ( Shows on statement as VH ACCESS). And, please call [protected] to cancel Weight Loss Resources (Shows on statement as HEALTHMEMBER). They are available 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM (MST) Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, they are open from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MST). They are closed on Sundays. I THEN received a confirmation email saying "In case you are still within your 14-day trial offer, then you are still responsible for this order as well as the billing of $58.76 for the DazzleWhite Pen at the end of your 14-day trial period. " also... "If we do receive and process your trial return at our returns department before the end of your trial offer period then this charge will not take place." What are the chances of these people actually receiving AND processing the returned product within 14 days? Slim, I'm sure. I have already canceled our credit cards as this seems to be one of the nastier scams I've heard of.

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  • De
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    Hello, on Aug. 29/09 I also found out that this company uses deceptive means to dupe the customer into signing up for more than a free trial offer of dazzle smile. Within hrs. of making a purchase on line I discovered a website that detailed their fraudulent practices and immediately called my credit card company fraud dept. to report dazzle smile and its affliates. I also cancelled my credit card immediately!!! I then called all the company phone numbers I could find to explain the actions I had taken so far and demanded that they send no free trial product or anything other product because I could not be financially responsible now that my credit card was cancelled. It is a hassle to cancel a credit card and very time consuming to keep all relevent correspondence, e-mails, operator names and cancellation numbers but I am sure less painful and less expensive than ending up scammed by dazzle smile.

  • Er
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    I just had the same experience with dazzlesmile — I got a cancellation number after waiting 10 minutes for an operator who advised me that I would still be charged the first month fee of 79 unless I returned the package and paid the ups charge within the 14 days of my "order". this is a total scam. even the part about charging the credit card 79 on a continuing basis is in such small print that I didn't see it until it was too late. I will be sending a complaint to the ftc and if they actually try to charge my account I will be preparing a class action law suit against them. it is unbelievable that organizations like dazzlesmile are still operating in this country!! "no obligation" — what a joke!!

  • Sp
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    The same thing happend to me this morning. I immediately called the number and said I wanted this order cancelled. I was told future orders would be cancelled, but I will be charged $79.95 for the first trail. I asked several times to speak to a manager and was told they were going to tell me the same thing or they were busy with other phone calls. I was told in order not to be charges I need to have the trail returned to them by the 25th of the month. She also stated this time also includes their return processing times. This gives you 14 total days (max) to get this back to them and them to go through their processing. Plus I believe they charge fees for that. When I was speaking to the representative. I read the fine print on the bottom of the web page and it said $59.95. I mentioned this and she said the prices went up. Now where order email does it say I would be charged this. It say I would be charged $1.95.

  • Zo
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    It's a deceitful and dishonest company that preys on decent people who make the mistake of trusting others. I was charged 1.95 and .95 for their two products. Then a foreign transaction fee for both products. Another charge to send it back and I will never buy from one of these type ads again. Oh yes, lets not forget all the tracking cookies I had to clean out after visiting their site. I cancelled my checking account after PayPal told me that even though they cancelled the "1 time use" CC's - another charge could show up in my account - but not to worry as I could "dispute" the charge. Note* I have searched the web and have yet to find a legit post that the product even works. The "Cathy" ads are an outright lie. From what I've read she lives right down the street from everyone in the USA. The saddest result from all this is because I can nolonger trust any of these ads - legitimate companies will lose my business along with many others who've experienced the same thing. My only hope is someone will start a class action lawsiut against Dazzlesmile & Cleanwhites. These kind of preditors hurt everyone and should be shut down. I wish I knew Voodoo so I could cast an evil spell on them!

  • Cd
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    I was floored when I called to cancel and the Customer Service rep told me I'd be charged. I told her they could try, but they'd be hearing from my lawyer.

    After I got off the phone, I looked at the offer terms and realized not only how sneaky they were, but that the rep hadn't given me the option of returning the product to avoid the charges. That made me even angrier, so I called back and demanded return instructions. Halfway through giving them to me, the rep stopped and told me to disregard. She said the first rep had noted my threat to get my lawyer involved, so my account had been cancelled completely; I did not need to return the product and would not be charged.

    This company obviously will take you for anything they can, but they do want to avoid dealing with you if you make trouble.

  • Ma
      17th of Sep, 2009
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    Here's the honest truth are liars and thieves! if you want whiter teeth without having to spend a ton of dough at the dentist, use crest white strips and arm & hammer whitening booster for about $20 bucks, and that’s it! now wasn’t that easy?

    Notice how these con-artists are doing several cut and paste paragraphs about “some confusion about your subscription?” imagine ordering a product for your teeth and the…umm…company and then they automatically enroll you with world club fitness and weight loss resources? and then, you have to cancel their services as well, if you won't wish to be charged? yeah right! if these people aren’t con-artist thieves, then I don’t know what is! these thieves at are more crooked than a barrel full of snakes! but don’t take my word for it…do a yahoo or google search and type in dazzle smile scam alert. my sister fell for this scam and was ripped off by!

    Bottom line…. avoid at all costs! dazzlesmilepro is a rip off con job scam!

  • Ma
      17th of Sep, 2009
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    Read about all the happy and satisfied DAZZLESMILEPRO.COM customers!

    /URL removed/

    Here's what the Better Business Beaureu has to say about DAZZLEWHITEPRO.COM and thier other thieving scam websites:

    US Attorney General? Federal Trade Commission? Software piracy? YIKES! Evidently, DAZZLEWHITEPRO.COM are PURE ###! Don't believe it? Here ya go!

  • Sa
      19th of Sep, 2009
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    Total scam!!! if you sign up for that you get two other things that are total scams as well. both are weightloss websites that do not work. I signed up dazzlewhite and my boyfriend did too. so I call for myself and cancelled all three and called for him to cancel all three. when I cancelled the weightloss resources and insider secrets they offered to give me the username and passwords, so I agreed to take them in exchange for my money not being refunded so I can at least check it out for the rest of the month. I felt it was kinda of my fault for not reading the terms and conditions fully so I was going to take the blame for that.
    When I called insider secrets to cancel my boyfriend's account the next day, they gave me the same username and password for him. I got pissed cause at that time I realizd it was a scam and I was not going to take the blame for someone scamming me and others. I am probably the only fool who was like yeah give me that username and password. that is probably what they are counting on but that's a negative, I want wahat I pay for and if anyone can get access with the same username and password than the site is worthless and totally scammy and deceitful.
    I ended up asking for his money back and they went through this crap talking about the terms and conditions and it being the consumers responsibility to read them but if you are paying for access to a website you expect that everyone would have different information and not all the same where anyone can access it even after they cancel. after hearing the terms and conditions crap I said I would call the bbb. nothing the didn't care. so I just gave up and called insider secrets. when I reached them I was so upset because they gave me the same information for him for their website too. I said I would call my bank to dispute and they just agreed to give me my money back, just like that. so I called the other company back and demanded my money though I canceled already and told them the same about disputing with my bank. no terms and conditions crap just my money. called both back for my accounts, told them the same, got my money.
    Moral to my very long story... tell them you will dispute it with your bank and they'll give you your money back!!!

  • Ly
      30th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have red the same empty apology all over the internet!
    My credit card was charged over $90 the 23th for a product I recived the 29th and I did not want! they said it should be only $1.5 shipping and handling
    I called my bank and filed a claim, cancelled my credit card.
    Stay away from Dazzlesmile they are pure "SCAM"

  • Bi
      10th of Oct, 2009
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    Total Scam! I can't believe I fell for it. I usually research the company BEFORE I place an order, but this time I guess in a moment of weakness believed "Cathy". Lesson learned.

    I went on live chat with DazzleSmilePro to cancel the order while I was on the phone cancelling my credit card. Here is a copy of the conversation:

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.

    You are now chatting with 'Maddy'

    Maddy: Hello and welcome to DazzleSmile. I'll be your live operator today. May I know, whom I am chatting with?


    you: please cancel my order
    you: Hello?

    Maddy: Could you please provide me with your full name, email address and postal/zip code, so that I can pull up your details?


    Maddy: One moment please while I locate your account information.

    Maddy: You have been removed from the auto ship program and you will not be receiving any further shipments. As per the Terms and Conditions you agreed to before placing your order, your card will be charged the discounted rate of $87.62 for the first shipment of Dazzle Smile Teeth Whitening after the completion of the trial period.

    Maddy: Your cancellation # is

    you: Excuse me, but it is impossible that you have shipped it. I will be disputing this with my cc company and i will be contacting my lawyer

    you: WIll I have to cancel with any other companies?

    Maddy: As soon as the confirm button is clicked, your order is automatically sent to our shipping department. Unfortunately we are not able to stop the shipment.

    Maddy: If you do not want to pay for the trial, please return the product, rather than contacting your bank, as this will help prevent any inconvenience on both sides.

    Maddy: We are more than happy to prevent this charge.

    you: I just cancelled my cc. What are the return instructions

    Maddy: You will have to make your call for return information.

    Maddy: The number to call is 888-948-5508. They are available 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM (MST) Monday to Friday. On Saturdays, they are open from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (MST). They are closed on Sundays.

    you: My cc company is aware of this and any charges will not go through, are you sure it will still get shipped?

    Maddy: Please allow me few moments so I can do some.
    Maddy: I have master cancelled your membership effective immediately. You will not receive any charges from us, and you have been removed from our auto ship system.

    you: Good. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

    Maddy: No

    you: Thank you

    Maddy: Thank you very much for chatting with us today. We hope the rest of your day is an excellent one.
    Maddy: Please feel free to come back for any further assistance.

  • Pc
      18th of Nov, 2009
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    I foolishly applied to receive a free trial of a Dazzle Smile tooth whitener. The initial cost was only aroun $15 so I thought I was safe.

    Before the shipment arrived, I received a call from the company pushing another low cost tray system. Although I initially agreed, I called them back within 12 hours to cancel the order and I was assured no transaction would go through.

    Unfortunately, DazzleSmile debited my account numerous times ($45, $90, $90). I kept all telephone call information, cancellation numbers and post office tracking numbers (returned all products immediately).

    In the end, I had to have my credit card company contact them to help me ensure the cancellation went through and that I would be reimbursed for most of the transactions. **However, as a final insult, the company charged me a non-refundable $25 for access to a health & fitness website.**

    I suppose it could have been much worse but my "free trial" cost me $40 plus $20 (S+H) and a lot of time contacting the company, my bank and the post office.

    My advice: Do NOT EVER sign anything with DazzleSmile or any other tooth whitening company online. Wow...this experience really opened my eyes to shady online transactions and the loopholes companies can use to gouge consumers. All future transactions I ever do will be IN PERSON only. If I'm ever faced with a contract, I will take it home for close study for a day or two before making a decision.

  • Su
      9th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yes it is a big scam, even I saw the advert on MSN and thought of buying it. Ordered it online, n was to be delivered all the way to UK. But did not receieved it. Checked my bank details and called up my bank and instructed them to stop any further transaction from Smilebright. Called up smilebright, they instructed to return the product back inorder to get the refund of £54.10. Dont know if I am getting my money back.
    Its a big scam.. :(
    For customers in the United Kingdom – Toll-free - 0-808-120-1987

  • Sw
      12th of Dec, 2009
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    I am still trying to get a refund from dazzlewhite or dazzlesmile!!! on my credit card it's listed as ultifreshwell - 1-866-948-5508 pure scam artists!!! I sent the product back within 13 days and they still charged me $87.62!!! called back with a tracking number and was told I would get a refund in 10 days!!! i'm still waiting for a refund!!! I see how they get you, by making you prove the info and hoping you will lose your data, which I haven't!!! just called then back and gave them the tracking number again!!! this time they transferred me to someone else that said I would get a refund in 10 days!!! poor me!!! i'm glad i'm retired!!!

  • Sw
      12th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    This company goes by dazzlewhite and dazzlesmile and probably dazzlebrite!!! I have called 888-948-5508 and 866 948-5508 to get a refund!!! I sent the product back in 13 days with a tracking number and still haven't got a refund!!! the charge on my credit card is listed as ultifreshwell for $87.62 also with a foreign transfer fee!!! the good people I ordered this free samle from was healthsmile-866-8257477 and improve health-888-219-4353 for a charge of.99 cents and $1.95 in which I had to pay to ship it back to them!!! I wish I were a lawyer mysel[censored] i'm glad i'm retired!!! I guess I better quit drinking coffee to stain my teeth!!!

  • Sw
      15th of Dec, 2009
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    Sure you can call Customer Service for Dazzlewhite or Dazzlesmile but once you give them you credit card number you'd better cancel and ship product back at the same time!!! So what good is it to order in the first place!!! I cancelled Dazzlewhite, Dazzlesmile the day after I got it and they received dazzlewhite dazzlesmile back in 13 days, Oct 13-2009 and I still haven't got a refund as of 12-15-2009!!! For free trial it cost me double shipping plus monthly charge plus foreign transfer fee!!! I cancelled my credit card!!! These people act like they don't know what they are doing is Fraudulent and one knats ### from being criminal!!!

  • Qt
      11th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am also a victim of this scam! I oredered thinking it would be great to get a free trial for 3.87$ and then when i tried to call and cancel 866-528-6214 Ofcourse what do you know they are closed everytime single time i call at any and all hours of the day! I had to call the bank and have my card cancelled! Hopefully these people will be caught and shut down! Shame on them for scamming like this!

  • Sw
      10th of Mar, 2011
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    Seems to me that if no one wants to put these people out of business for scamming people something is wrong with the police, BBB, lawyers, the whole system is corrupt to put up with this fraud and nobody cares to sue these people for outright fraud and I have paperwork to sue and prove they are illegally scamming people!!! swh22

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