Dawate Rohaniat / Ali PirzadaFake spell Caster/Fraud/SCam

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Ali Pirzada .
Dawate Rohaniat,
Scam, Fake spell Caster, Lies.
I warn Dear All to be very careful from the above Scammer and a fake spell caster who is shia residing in Hyderabad (Sindh ) Pakistan, real con man and a scammer, undoubtedly he is promoting and selling fake items. I have reported him to the cyber crime Police . I encourage all his victims to come forward name and shame him and report him to cyber crime to have his site shut down to make sure there are no more casualities. Being a Shia he targets peoples from the sunni Sect and will nercelessly financially rape them. This man has deprived me from many thousand Rupees and delivered nothing except lies and fake promises. I warn all those who are planing to deal with him to be extremely cautious. He is a liar, Scamer and a definite Fraud. when he sends items overseas he uses diffrent peoples addresses. he has no physical address. i urge all his victims to please name and shame this evil so save others. His web site is under investigation. He is an absolute Fake spell Caster please do not trust him, send money, deal with him in any form or shape or you will regret . Ali Pirzada od Dawate Rohaniat is a Fraud and a scam. Please dear all never ever trust this con man. This thief has stolen thousands of Rupees and delivered nothing except lies and fake promises

Dawate Rohaniat / Ali Pirzada

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  •   Oct 16, 2015

    Clean man

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  • Hm
      Feb 01, 2016

    never replied to me after taking my money

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  • Kh
      May 12, 2016

    I send this man ali pirzada money for a gidar singhi i have believe that they make your life better if u are going through a hard time this man does not reply does not answer his phone he is so called busy he can write BIG pages on internet but he cant write 2 words in this message to reply what does that prove i have everything to back my word i will INSHALLAH put everything he should send my money back its not just about the money people like him dont deserve it he SHOULD be banned on internet so other people like me dont get fooled by this fake man any of his people want to CHALLENGE Me then come here i will fill this page and many more pages or get him to resolve this matter and i will stop here

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  • Kh
      May 13, 2016

    Ali pirzada has resolved the problem i was wrong he did get back the only problem is he has people worldwide contacting him so it takes time for him to reply to everyone thats what he told me i am extremely very sorry to ali pirzada for writing bad reviews about him i hope he forgives me i have received his parcel so he does do his job ali bhai im very sorry

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  • Kh
      May 13, 2016

    He is more of a peacefull man very friendly and carm i hope he forgives me i should have waited abit longer to see if he does get back very sorry dont take my first message for REAL thanks

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  • Su
      Nov 01, 2016

    Did he really help u anyway? Are u satisfied from his work?

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  • Om
      Oct 19, 2017

    Its true before selling the item he promises as if the tilism woulf change your life after sending he does not guide which he promise to do...later when yiu recieve parcel/tilism he just disappear no answer on whats app, viber and phone ...
    Very disappointing. ...
    On Ali pirzada's saying (istekhara) I finalised a person to do some legal process for me i paid big amount for my case which Mr. ALI promised would be solved but now he is out of reach...and Mr. ALI also not answer..
    I would not recommend to take his services if you are abroad...

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  • Ra
      Jun 09, 2018

    Dear Sir i help
    you some personal matter

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