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David Chambless


Stressful and unpleasant experience!

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I am writing this letter of complaint in the sincere hopes that I can receive justice and closure due to the stressful and unpleasant ordeal I and my family have faced, of recent. The issues I speak to surround the company United Home Mortgage and specifically the branch Vice President, David Chambless, audit # MBO655436. The specific location and number of his branch is at 12323 SW 55th St. Suite 1002B, Cooper City, Fl 33330, 954-237-0125. To make a long, complicated story short, the main problems surround: 1. a breached agreement for a lower mortgage payment made between myself and wife (Tera) and the aforementioned David Chambless. 2. the physical threats made by Mr. Chambless (toward myself) upon our not agreeing to the terms/payment he presented at our house closing on November 6th, 2006. A feeling of helplessness has plagued myself and my family as we are now in a struggle to pay a mortgage we can not afford! This is a time which should be celebrated and enjoyed, instead there is fear and intimidation. Can someone help us, please?
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D  6th of Aug, 2008 by    +1 Votes
I was present in the lobby the evening Mr. Jenkins was closing on his home. Mr. Chambless explained to him several times that he does not need to close on this particular mortgage but he made the choice to do so. Mr. Jenkins and his wife Tara were adamant about closing. Mr. Jenkins was so belligerent that evening (personal problems) that David Chambless tried unsuccessfully to have him leave the office. Mr. Chambless did speak in a loud voice to Mr. Jenkins but ONLY because Chris Jenkins was harmfully jerking his young daughter around by the arm and yelling at his wife.

From my point of view, anyone that is planning on performing any sort of service for Chris and/or Tara Jenkins should seriously beware, because it appears that they will never be happy with anyone and could endanger your reputation in front of other clients with their erratic, loud and belligerent behavior. Mr. Chambless closed my loan that evening and I referred him to my Mother and Father (closed their loan with a great rate) and even my cousins loan (that too with a super mortgage). We are all very happy with United Home Mortgage Center and David Chambless and refer him to anyone we know in the market for a mortgage.
N  24th of Mar, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Is this the Same David Chambless that has a Sexual Harassment case against him? United Home Mortgage Center of FLorda, Inc a Florida Corporation and David Chambless individual Cas# 09-CV-60411 Gold-McAliley. I have heard of several other women on the same thing
N  27th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
I have not heard he has sexually harrassed anyone. Only that he hates his wife and cheats on her constantly with realtors and loan officers from his company.
N  27th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
When I was there it used to be BancPlus and he was with one young girl who was an agent for Coral Shores. They were together the whole time I worked there. over a year and everyone knew it. He never sexually harrassed her though. She liked him and encouraged it. I thought that was his wife until his wife started coming around to check on him. Then I think she fired that realtor because I never saw her again. I think they are divorced now
N  31st of Mar, 2011 by    -1 Votes
David did our mortgage and we were very happy. About him always being on the prowl for women, it's probably because he's so unhappy at home. During the 6 weeks he worked on our loan, we met with him at his office after hours a couple different times. The wife calls him non stop, telling him he has to come home while he is with customers. She's bossy and rude and really needs to get a life. She has nothing to do but make his life miserable. My boyfriend said if he was married to someone like that, he would try to stay at the office as long as he could, too. Poor guy! I really felt sorry for him.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    -2 Votes
I disagree Olisbos. If you are being abusive to your child in public not only will people probably comment but you will justifiably have to respond to police. Your discipline practices are not your business anymore if you do them in public places. The foot my be up your ### by the police before you get a chance put it up someone else's. The public at large has a moral and ethical responsibility to stop abuse when they see it happen. If they don't they are just as bad as the abuser.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    -3 Votes
And Brenda, you too are misguided. I worked in a clinical setting where a fellow physician brought his wife to work with him and she was so unprofessional and so abrasive and brusque with her husband, in front of patients and staff, that it interfered with the day to day operations of the clinic. Several people went to the clinic owners and asked that the woman be asked to stop coming to the clinic because the issues that went on between her and her husband at work were disruptive and made for a very negative atmosphere. I have to agree with the other girl that said those private fights, jealousies and marital difficulties do not belong in the work place. It came to the point that even the janitor had an opinion about this guy and his wife. She told everyone to mind their own business, but their public squabbling made it everyone's business. It is not easy to sit by in silence and continue with business as usual when you are surrounded by all this.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    -4 Votes
Toad, It is EVERYONE's business. I don't know what town you live in, but in this county you will respond to DHS if you slap, push, smack, or kick your child in a public setting. If you leave bruises or marks on your child, even if you beat them at home, you will have to respond to authorities, and that's the way it should be. Put THAT in YOUR pipe and smoke it.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    +3 Votes
@ medic - hello, he was the VP, if he wants to bring his wife and air their business, no one can say boo. And I am in the business of children, and you are flat out wrong there too. Hope you don't choke on the smoke. Ignorant people should remain silent.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    -3 Votes
I did not notice he was the VP. If it is his own company, I suppose you are right, the guy can do whatever he wants, but it's not good business practice. I am sure you would agree with that, no? If you are in the "business of children" and think it is ok to slap, push, smack or kick children, then I feel sorry for the children left in your care. Sounds like you run a great place over there...Makes people want to run and drop off their kids at your place. When a person who is in the "business of children", (I did not know children were a business) think it's no one's business when children get abused and other people witness the abuse, that is probably bad for business too. Don't seem to have much of a head for business over there. Keep being in the "children business" where you can do whatever you want to those less powerful. In the business world, you would not last a day, approving of child abuse and thinking that bringing family into the work place regardless of the effects it has on your bottom line or on the structure that supports that business, is a sure RX for Chapter 7!
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    +4 Votes
Well dumbass, I am in advocacy and happen to know the law as it applies to child abuse, and it is very appparent you do not. Like I said, ignorant people should remain silent, lest their ### gets hung out to dry.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    -4 Votes
Who needs abusers when they have an "advocate" like you? I WEEP for the children and the future and even more for the government workers paid to ensure their safety. You certainly do not seem well suited to be an advocate for children. Your personality may be better suited for a prison guard.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    +3 Votes
Spoken like a true ignoramus. I do not advocate abuse, I just happen to know what legally constitutes it and what does not, and you clearly do not.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    -5 Votes

"Physical or mental injury inflicted on child other than by accidental means or which can't be reasonably explained; any aversive or deprivation procedures; sexual abuse, neglect-failure to protect a child from conditions which endanger the child's health; discipline which is not reasonable"

What constitutes "reasonable" is arguable. There is no set parameters about what constitutes abuse. The determination of "reasonability" has to be established by the court in each individual case. So you are out of line when you say that you know what constitutes abuse. Abuse is separated from discipline by what is termed "reasonable". I'm sure you in your little advocacy, government job don't speak for the entire planet when you determine what is reasonable. And Olisbos, why don't you go back to making your Taco Bell Chalupas and focus on what you do best over there.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    -4 Votes
Show me where in your state it says you can slap, push, spank, detain by sitting on, your children. If it is spelled out in law, you should be able to provide the reference. Show us! And if I see you slapping, pushing, and detaining your child by sitting on them, you will explain the law to local police as they come to investigate you...And they can take your children into custody while they look into the matter further. Let's see how that works out for you. I think you'll have some 'splaining to do, Ricky! The police may interepret the law a little differently than you do in Chalupaville.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
You don't know the first thing about abuse, medical whiz. And it shows plainly here. The Federal government has just about no claim, that is zero, to tell families how they need to raise their kids.

if they feel they need to smack them on the head than they can do just that. If a neighbor intervenes they have the right to stop any sort of abuse too depending on who's doing it.

I don't mean that ultimately this country operates like the movie Red State, or anything that far fetched either. Those people were deplorable and should have been in a mental ward. However it was the Sheriffs call, not the DoJ. Everyone is afforded certain unalienable rights and securities as sovereigns - which means that if they choose to hit their kid, or shoot a trespasser then they can darn well do it. It doesn't mean its right, it means it is allowed and so is the 1st Amendment. I for one hope crazy people don't take advantage of that to do terrible things, but that sure doesn't change the fact everyone has an inalienable right to do as they wish. That is the law.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    -3 Votes
@ Squibs. The "advocate" lady is the one that says she "knows" the law. I assume she means in her state. I was disputing what the advocate lady says consitutes abuse. And by "us" I mean those who are reading this chain of correspondence.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
PS: It is Chambliss' business if he wants to bring his kids to work all the time or put up with that sort of environment. However, if the reports on the news are true then it won't be long before people take their business elsewhere as a consequence.

That sort of behavior is very disruptive to clients, and they won't put up with the drama for long. Especially when insurance agents are so late on the unsettled homeowner claims.
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    -4 Votes
No Successones. Everyone does not have an "inalienable right to do what they want". You can shoot a trespasser under certain circumstances. If you shoot and kill a trespasser and the government determines that you did so unjustifiably, you will go to jail. If you hit your hid and it falls under the federal goverment's definition of abuse you will go to jail for child abuse. If everyone has the inalienable right to do what they want then why are there so many child abusers who "hit their kid" incarcerated? You live in the USA and you must follow the laws of your country. You do not have inalienable rights to do whatever you want. Hundreds of thousands of incarcerated inmates will tell you this. I can't waste my time arguing foolishness and stupidities with uneducated people who have no conceptualization of what is going on around them...
N  31st of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
'I assume she means in her state.'
Actually she means for every state, as every state has individual laws that have been defined and codified as sovereign laws. No State can really be taken over or superseded by the Federal Government or some outside flim-flam agency. Its all just hot air.

If they WERE so all powerful, surely the big shot Federal house would have swallowed up at least ONE state by now. They have never succeeded though and tried many attempts. That means its all sound & fury signifying nothing. No one has a right to supersede the will of the people (individual states) & that means the losers from the Hydra are going to have to go along with whatever each State decides. Even if that state self-implodes and falls.

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