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This review is in regards to Mr. Daniel Jordan Lera who is a public insurance adjuster. I met Mr. Lera through our downstairs tenants after my parents office building sustained serious rain damage in April 2009, which occurred at 940 Gemini Houston, TX. I would like to clarify that this is what happened to my parents and myself and this is from our experience.

We initially hired a remediation company to gut out all the damage in the building, which was completed. Mr. Lera came by my parents building after this incident as he was looking to offer his services as a public insurance adjuster. We didn't know what to do and we hired Mr. Lera to be our public insurance adjuster at my parents office building. After this remediation company was done our downstairs tenants persuaded us to hire another contractor. Mr. Lera on the other hand seemed as if he wanted us to use this remediation company to do the construction work at the property.

My mother signed a contractor with this remediation company and Mr. Lera informed us that to his knowledge this contract bound us use this remediation company to do the construction work at the property. We were informed by our downstairs tenants wife and a representative of this second construction company that Mr. Lera was going to get a kick back from this remediation company and this was why Mr. Lera wanted us to use them. Mr. Lera sent us some emails with letter(s) that he wrote for us to send to the remediation company. Mr Lera wrote these letters with “our” understanding of what this contract stated, in the email Mr. Lera sent, Mr. Lera said something to the affect of “modify as you see fit” on the letters he sent us.

What really affected us, was that Mr. Lera informed us and our downstairs tenants that he could obtain additional insurance funds from our insurance company to do the entire whole first floor, although less than half of the first floor was damaged. We have plans that our downstairs tenants drew up of how they wanted us to redo their entire first floor. As time progressed we went through a remediation company and two contractors, in which we had lost time and money with the first contractor. Throughout this construction process Mr. Lera fed information to our downstairs tenants of how much money were receiving and our downstairs tenants would use this information against us to get things done in their office.

After the second contractor was done, we did not have enough money to complete the office build outs on the damaged half of the building on the second floor, plus we had put in a substantial amount of money out of our own pocket to finish the work at the building. Needless to say we did not have enough money to do the entire first floor, as I stated above, we ran out of insurance money and we still had a substantial amount of work left to do.

This whole ordeal created an inimical relationship between us and our downstairs tenants. Because of this whole incident with our tenants, contractors and Mr. Lera, this has caused us enormous amounts of mental anguish. I have suffered gastrointestinal problems (IBS), because of the amount of stress. I have also had chronic migraines, chest pain, muscle twitching and significant hair loss. I'm not trying to say that Mr. Lera was the only one that caused this, but he was apart of it. If Mr. Lera had informed our downstairs tenants that our insurance company would only pay to have the building put back the way it was, then it would have saved everyone headaches. Also, Mr. Lera should not have informed our downstairs tenants how much money our insurance company was paying, because our downstairs tenants used this information against us.

Mr. Lera should not have sent us letters to send to this remediation company of what “we” thought this contract meant. Mr. Lera also should not have informed our downstairs tenants that he could get additional funds to do the entire first floor. Mr. Lera also should not have informed our downstairs tenants how much money we were getting from our insurance company.

The incident at the building occurred on April 2009 and we did not finish office build outs until about February 2011. We hired the remediation company, Mr. Lera and our first contractor, because of our downstairs tenants. Mr. Lera introduced us to a code consultant, and it was this code consultant that introduced us to our second contractor.

I also wanted to point out, that towards the closing of our insurance claim, there were items that we don't even know if we were paid for by insurance company. From my opinion it seemed that Mr. Lera just wanted to close out the claim. The whole reason we hired Mr. Lera, was so that he could get us funds that we are entitled to.

I wanted to pass this information along to those who might be looking for a public insurance adjuster and inform you of what Mr. Daniel Jordan Lera did to us. Things started to get so bad that we had to start recording some of our conversations. I am not an attorney but from what I have read and to my understanding Mr. Lera breached certain areas of the Texas Insurance Code. Eric

Feb 21, 2013

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