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Dallas Oregon Emergency Physicians / Serious over charging

Jul 26, 2015
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Contact information:
Dallas Oregon Emergency Physicians
PO Box 98585
Las Vegas
Phone: 800-355-2470
I took my husband to the hospital and he was seen in the Dallas hospital emergency room. Dallas hospital is our insurances pp(preferred provider) so we assumed that the DR would be as well. I got a bill for just over $1000 and my insurance pays 90% on pp bills but I noticed they only paid just over $300 so I called them and they stated that the DR was not a pp but that they had paid according to the reasonable and customary charges which are $334 and that I should contact the DR's billing office. I called the Dallas Oregon Emerg Physicians at [protected] where they said no they can bill the $1007.00 that they billed. That my insurance could ask for a write off but they didn't. I called my insurance again was told no they cannot ask for a write off as this DR is not a pp. I was getting upset at this point and called the hospital billing. Their take on it is that I should have asked in ER if the DR they were providing was pp even though the hospital is and not just assume they are. ARE YOU KIDDING? My husband has sight only in his right eye and had gotten dirt or something blown in his eyes as we left a restaurant in Independence and couldn't see so I took him to ER. Who would ever consider that the DR assigned to you at the ER is gonna turn out not to be a pp and charge almost 3x the allowed customary and reasonable charges. These charges are not set up by the insurance I believe they are state or AMA guidelines. How can this DR charge us the additional $706.40 after our insurance paid???? I am getting nowhere calling the DR's billing or the hospital my insurance was very nice but there is nothing more they can do. I find it totally insane that I am supposed to ask if the DR is a pp when the hospital is and we are in the ER wondering if my husband is gonna lost the sight in his right eye as well. The hospital told me that we should have asked and then gone elsewhere if the DR is not a pp. Seriously???? I asked where this is posted and they said it isn't. I asked why don't they tell people this? The response was they don't have to you should just ask!
My insurance paid either 80 or 90% of the reasonable and customary charges but now I am stuck with a bill of over $700???? date of service 4-24-15 account # WDO[protected]

Dallas Oregon Emergency Physicians


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A  25th of May, 2016 by 
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The same thing happened to us a year and a half ago. The balance due was around $1, 000. Our insurance co. said the Physician was not a PP, but when we asked Dallas Hospital about it they said something along the lines of: that happens all the time, and the physician has a license in Calif. as well as Oregon and that confuses the Insurance Companies." We never could get it straightened out with our insurance and ended up paying the bill.
A  26th of Dec, 2016 by 
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Now when yo go to the Dallas ER, they send you home with a goldenrod sheet of paper that says "when you receive your EOB from your insurance company, please send to us so that we can accept that as payment in full."
N  19th of Dec, 2017 by 
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