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Dairy Glen Milk / Spoiled Product

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I purchase groceries from your Safeway store on Grand Ave. in Oaklancd Ca. every saturday of each month spending from 85.00 to 115.00 each week. I have been shopping your stores over 15yrs. Oct. 20th I purchased 2 gallons of Dairy Glen milk. on Oct 23rd my family opened up this milk and it was spoiled. It was dated sell by Oct 21. I'm am appauld that your store kept a dairy product on the shelf 1 day before the expiration date. It is horrible that we have to spend our hard earned dollars on food that is not editable or nutrious. I have phoned the store manager Gary Earl, Carlos Gregory, I left message for night manager to phone me by the name of Richard. I would like immediate action taken, and someone to make contact with me. Thank you

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  • Jo
      8th of Feb, 2008

    My wife and I have been Safeway customers "since the last century". I was a Safeway employee at store #933 in Sebastopol CA for about 4 years. As a long-time professional salesman, I was recruited by them to assist in the starup of the Starbucks in that location, and was pleased to participate in its success.

    Unfortunately, over the past 6 or so years, I have had to return several gallons (at least 4 to 5 per year) of Dairy Glen Non-Fat Milk. I notified local management each time.

    My wife drinks and otherwise consumes about 2 gallons per week, so Dairy Glen milk is a significant part of her health-oriented diet.

    Yhis morning (2/8/2008) she gave her ultimatum.

    I have probably bought our last gallon of milk from Safeway.
    Oue yearly total of $300-plus on milk alone will not bankrupt you. Our dissatisfaction might. John A. McDonald 707-829-2315


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  • Sh
      6th of Jun, 2008

    My family has shopped at Safeway for a long time. I purchased 2 gallons of Dairy Glen 2% milk around the 25 or 26 of May 2008.
    On Sunday June 1st (June 1st 2008 was the use by date) my daughter came over and grabbed one of the milk bottles and said " MOM...what's this black stuff in the milk?" I looked at it and there were 7 black lines inside the milk jug, every time the milk was used and put back in the refridgerator there was a black yuckky line where the milk line was inside the jug. I dumped the last of milk out and took the bottle to Safeway on Monday the 2nd of June, their first response was that I could get 2 more gallons at no charge that was not what I wanted I have NEVER seen this before and I want it tested because my kids and grandchildren had drank the milk. On 6/3/2008 The district manager from out of state did call me and tell me that the manufactor had a spoilage problem and there were no pathogens in the milk. Well I told him that wasn't good enough as I was very concern for the heath of my kids and grandkids. I also stated that I am 48 years old and have NEVER seen this before. So now I am waiting for tests results that they say they will send me. If this has happened to anyone else and you know what it is PLEASE contact me as I am very worried. I purchased this milk at the Rohnert Park Ca store. I pray that it is nothing, but not knowing is scarey.

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  • Ca
      20th of Jun, 2008

    This is a new complaint: I am concerned about the use of plastic for single use containers. There are two islands of "plastic soup" in the Pacific, each the size of the American continent (Canada, US, and Mexico combined). Please read:

    If you read the article, you will see that in order to save our species, it will be necessary to phase out the use of plastic. If I try to be environmentally conscious by buying two 1/2 gallons in cardboard, instead of a gallon of milk in plastic, I have to pay $1.o9 more, at Safeway in Pacific Manor, Pacifica, CA. The prices of either container choice should be equal. Please review your policies in this regard. Thank you.

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  • Da
      30th of Jul, 2010

    I bought Dairy Glen milk on July 23, 2010 from the Vons on Grand in Glendora, CA (grocery delivery.) The expiration date was July 25, 2010. I had milk in my cereal on the 26th, and it tasted funny, kind of sour, but I thought I was just being paranoid. By the 27th it was completely sour. I've emailed Vons about getting a refund. Guess I won't be buying Dairy Glen milk anymore.

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  • Li
      16th of Mar, 2011

    I have been a Safeway customer for over 20yrs. Lately, I've had a string of problems. The store, nor Lucerne seem to be interested in replying to me. In the last 3mos, this is what I've had to deal with: 3 pints of large curd cottage cheese. When opened, small curd instead, 1 whipped cream cheese, molded 1 day after opening, 1 pkg Mozerella shredded cheese tasted like pure flour, 1 pkg Mexican shredded cheese, spoiled when opened, 3 gal jugs 2% spoiled, 1 gal Dairy Glen had 'lime cream' color around inside of spout and cap. All items were well within their expire dates. Also, 1 loaf 'Ovenjoy' bread moldy when opened even tho it was fresh. I'm about ready to switch stores.

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  • St
      14th of May, 2011

    In the last two weeks in a Safeway Store on Barbur Blvd I purchase one half gallon of your 2% milk and it was sour. Yesterday on the 13th I gave it another try this time with a gallon as we were going to be having grandchildren over. My wife had some cereal and within 15 minutes was in the bathroom and has been back and forth for the last hour. I took a sip and indeed it was bad. I saved the receipt this time and I will return it. I will never purchase a product from your company again. steven weaver

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  • Sb
      3rd of Jun, 2011

    We have bought only 2, 1 gallon Dairy Glen milks both times the milk was spoiled way before the pull date.Will not buy that product again. And I am going to take the container back to Safeway.

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  • La
      14th of Oct, 2011

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    Safeway Pharmacy is under investigation for the use of sub-standard generics, mislabeling pharmaceuticals, negligence, professional misconduct, incompetence, prescription errors and HIPPA violations. If you have concerns or complaints about Safeway Pharmacy please contact: California State Board of Pharmacy ** ** **.

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