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dada / Deactivation of my registration

1 west bengal, india, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 9932006136

while am GPRS active n my mobile, Without my request has charged n registered & now debit daily subscription charges with me

My mobil No: +91 [protected]

kindly do the needful to deactivate this services



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  • Lu
      22nd of May, 2007 setup a subscription based account for my minor child without my consent. The child thought he was downloading a "free" ringtone, but instead their system automatically setup an account for him charging $9.99 a month. The child was never able to download the file. I requested credit from Sprint and, although I do not expect Sprint to be of assistance in this matter because they have never been able to assist me in any other issues have I had. I am just counting down the months till my contract ends.

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  • Da
      3rd of Nov, 2018

    @Luvly 7184051280

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  • Da
      1st of Jun, 2007

    I just realized that has been billing me since AUGUST. My phone bill is expensive enough. I just assumed that I made a few directory assistance calls or something… I had no idea that I was being billed for a service that I did not authorize. When I asked that they refund me the money since I NEVER used any of the services that I NEVER subscribed for, they refused and said that it wasn't their policy give refunds after 24 hours of the subscription. In other words... If you are 'signed up' for this great service by some dubious method and you are not made aware of the extortion until you receive your bill (assuming you actually read every line of your 14 page cell phone bill), you WILL NOT receive a refund since more than 24 hours has passed since the initiation of your subscription. EVEN if you NEVER used the service! This company is simply fraudulent. To make matters worse, does not actually provide a real service, they just spam your with text message advertisements. I had no idea that I was PAYING for the aggravation!

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  • Ri
      9th of Jul, 2007

    I thought that I was getting a free ring tone from because I took a survey. It was a scam.

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  • Pr
      16th of Jul, 2007

    Exactly. They sign you up with no authorization and to add insult to injury...they offer nothing.

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  • Al
      19th of Aug, 2007

    I was trying to download a free ringtone from and suddenly my mobile phone was charged 4.50 pounds without warning and without my consent. Of course, I have sent them two e-mails within the first 20 minutes after charging me and the second was 12 hours later. Hence, both e-mails are within the 24 hour period. I signed up for the so called "FREE" account 15 hours ago. I am wondering whether this site will refund the amount which was taken out of my mobile balance. Up to this moment I had no substantial replies except of some automated e-mail giving me instructions on other matters nothing to do with actual refunding. One thing is certain: I HAVE NOT DOWNLOADED ANY RINGTONES OR OTHER MOBILE UTILITIES FROM THEIR SITE after THEY HAVE CHARGED ME AND I DO NOT intended TO DO SO UNTIL A FULL REFUND IS GIVEN TO ME. Since my claim on a refund took place within the 24-hours limit, I am looking forward to their refunding me. I hope they will do so in which case I'll keep you informed as to the outcome.

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  • Hs
      24th of Jan, 2008

    I was erroneously charged upwards of $90 over a 1 year period by on my business AT&T cell for subscriptions I didn't even know anything about. The AT&T rep was helpful and credited my account $100 (we'll see if that shows up on the next bill!) and explained that these charges stem from unsolicited text messages sent to your phone and if ignored or deleted, automatically sign you up for the "service". From now on I will comb thru my 50+ page phone bill and not just assume because the final monthly cost is approximately the same each month, that there aren't mistakes. Additionally, this account has 5 phones on it, with unlimited minutes and no other phone on the account was charged for this "service". (And, I was charged on days I was out of the country without my phone!) My next step is to inform our newspaper's "Action Line" column about this deceptive practice. Kudos to the above customers who will inform the other media outlets. This has to be stopped!

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  • Br
      19th of May, 2008

    First DADA.NET advertise free ring tone, and after they make you believe that you are getting your trail service, they start charging you through your mobile phone. it was definitely a scam!

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  • Ja
      19th of Jul, 2008

    Happened to me too! Just today I noticed 5 months of fraudulant billing for $9.99 for dada net that I never authorized!

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  • Le
      19th of Jul, 2008

    As a crusader for COMMON SENSE, i ask that you READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ANYTHING. This society has become a bevy of people who don't use their COMMON SENSE and then go on to blame everyone but themselves. STOP BEING THE VICTIM AND DO A LITTLE RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF! And, if your kid has a phone, 1) you are an idiot for giving a cell to any kid without restrictions, 2) MAKE THEM PAY FOR IT!

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  • Si
      21st of Sep, 2008

    This issue should see an end to bad business practice of I never authorized - it is a trap... just noticed that I paid $9.99 for the last 10 months. There wasn't any information about billing - how stupid our service providers would authorize these scams... someone making millions... they need to sit behind bars.

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  • So
      24th of Sep, 2008

    Today I got a e-mail from this free that no mention of any charge.. so Im thinking ..ok i'll check it out..WRONG ...DONT GO THERE!!! Dont do anything!!! and if u did call your carrier imediatly to tell them to stop the payment...if you wait 24hrs they will not refund and they will charge you for the month after.
    There is no music!!! there is no service provided its a scam...NO PHONE IS COMPATIBLE...but they will charge your carrier and a month latter you will see it on your bill.

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  • Sh
      4th of Oct, 2008

    Please dont send me ringtone again !!! I just downloaded it once ! My pulse reduce every day because of you dada net! Please DONT SEND ME RINGTONE AGAIN!! STOP IT !

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  • Ha
      23rd of Nov, 2008

    I never agree for subscription or payment, and they charged me on my cell phone bill. I just went to website once to see what they have, and just get out from the site. I didnt download anything... This is very wrong way to do business. They are making a lot money with doing this. Because it just $9.99. some people just gave up just like I complained them but they dont give me back money, and I gave up.

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  • Ko
      22nd of Dec, 2008

    I beleive I've been charged monthly fees by for over 2 years now!!! My account is setup for autopay and I never scrutized my monthly statements with Verizon until recently. Email alerts with payments amounts were consistently higher and I attributed to adding my wife to the account with a line and possibly excessive text messaging. BUT, it finally came to my attention from a Verizon customer service representative that I am being charged $9.99/mo "Data" fees by It suddenly occurred to me and I recognized the name. They had sent me several unsolicited text messages over the past 2+ years. Each time I erased the messages and at NO time did I ever text them back or accept in any fashion or manner any services from them. To the best of my recollection, the first time I noticed this was in Dec. 2006 just before the New Year. How can I remember you may ask? Well, I ended up starting a brand new job in Jan. 2007 and remembered getting the txt message a few weeks before.

    So, as you can imagine, I pretty PISSED OFF! The Verizon customer services representative instructed me to do this to cancel subscription:

    " If you would like to cancel your subscription, please reply to a text message from the third-party vendor or send a new text message to 63232 and include one of the following commands: “Stop”, “End”, “Quit”, “Cancel”, or “Unsubscribe”.
    Please ensure that the message body includes only one of the above-mentioned words. If you have a "Signature" for your text messages, it must be deleted in your reply. You may delete your signature by placing the cursor behind your signature and pressing the CLR button on your wireless handset. After the "Signature" has been erased you may then press Send. You will receive a text message confirming the cancellation of your Premium SMS subscription. Since Premium SMS subscriptions bill on a monthly cycle based on when they were activated, you may be billed on your next statement for these applications."

    Just today I spoke with Fraud Protection and Tech Support at Verizon to alert them to this scam. Neither persons I had spoken with had ever heard of I was pretty surprised by this given the length of time many of this blog complaints were registered online. It's hard for me to imagine that no connection has been made universally to the extent of the fraudulent business practices. Verizon immediately credited my account for the charge for this months bill and put a "BLOCK" on all SMS messaging on my account. I only wish this would have come to light 24 months ago. many of you have proclaimed, this type of thing is easy to go unnoticed for quite some time. We all live busy lives and with online autopay, not everyone (like me) goes over their bills with a fine tooth comb monthly. Like other, I just concluded the added line and txt messaging was adding up. Not so...I've been scammed!

    VERIZON IS CURRENTLY INVESTIGATING MY COMPLAINT AGAINST DADA.NET AND WILL BE GETTING BACK TO ME WITHIN 48 HOURS. Unfortunately, since I've just registered a complaint with them within the last few months, I've been told I many only be able to recoup monies during this time. Not good. Verizon should be liable for entire amount from the very first time my account was charged.

    If anyone would like to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against, please let me know. I'm in!!!

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  • Bu
      30th of Dec, 2008

    while am GPRS active n my mobile, without my request has charged n registered &now debit daily subscrition charges with me 10rs kindly do the needful to deactivate this services my mobile no +919944481498 rgs, B.udaya goutham.

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  • Vl
      11th of Jan, 2009

    Did the unsubscribe process mentioned by "Hate DaDa" work?

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  • Mo
      21st of Jan, 2009

    Day before yesterday i got a sms from Airtel that "your subscription has been renewed" and charged 10 rupees from my account without my consent.. Yesterday i got same msg and i lost 10 rupees. so please STOP URGENT THIS SERVICE ... MY MOBILE NO IS 9818954322

    i asked Airtel to refund my money i donno whether they vil do or not..

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  • Cb
      20th of Feb, 2009

    Wow!!..Thank you all!!..I was just about to apply for the FREE ring tones!..You have saved me alot of grieve!..XOXOXO!

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  • Jh
      19th of Jun, 2009

    Same story -- never signed up for anything associated with, and my bill this month had a $10.93 charge, buried at the very end, + an "automatic renewal" in the same amount (the renewal date, of course, was earlier than the bill-issue date). I called AT&T to complain, and they graciously took the charges off my account, though it seems not every carrier will agree to do the same.

    This is outright theft.

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  • Sw
      6th of Jul, 2009

    This is a complete scam!!! I am so pissed to find that this company has fraudulently charged me twice last month for a new subscription I didn't authorize. That total comes to 19.98 for a service I niether knew about nor did I use. When I called verizon they state that they can not refund any portion of the charge so basically I have to eat it and they put a block on my phone for future scams of this sort. When I then contacted the company to request a refund I was too bad the charges have already occured and I will NOT get a refund of any sort. What a flippin scam, something should be done through our phone companies to alert consumers of scams like these and that we have the option to have a block put on our phones to stop this from happening. Basically I think it's a money scam that dada and verizon have both their hands in the pot!!!

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