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D2Jsp.org / They ripped me off

15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353Scottsdale, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: +1 4806242599

Do not associate yourself with this company(site) in any way!
They banned my account which have 11, 000+ forum gold in it (http://forums.d2jsp.org/user.php?i=404765).
And I'm sure they worth $300 at least.

Cuz They sell forum gold for real money, link here: http://forums.d2jsp.org/index.php?act=purchaseGold

*full story here*
1st u guys need to know:
d2jsp.org is a game trade forum, you can buy forum gold as current to trade many game items there. Thought that's a easy way to get game items, so i join it last year.

After many many trades I got over 11, 000 forum gold. Then suddenly I got banned few days ago. I contacted the site manager, they said I got banned becuz my account name is D2PAL and there another site called D2PAL.com sell these forum gold, also gimme a link: http://www.d2pal.com/servlet/Page?template=d2jsp. But I checked that link, nothing there.
I also send many emails to the site manger ask them to check my transaction history, no response.

Now see, that's ridiculous, they banned me just becuz i called D2JAP in forum! According to there theory if my name is BILL, do i BILL GATES too? That's funny! Don't trust them, they don't have any rules, just ban if they don't like you. So they can earn more $$.(Cuz They sell forum gold for real money, link here: http://forums.d2jsp.org/index.php?act=purchaseGold).

I'm just a example here. I'm sure there many ppl got banned with some funny reason too.

They are thieves!



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  10th of Jul, 2009
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d2jsp is a scam site, dont use it. They will scam you
  21st of Jul, 2009
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Me too, i joined d2jsp about 2 years ago and have way over 30k fgs of hard working and saving up and they finally banned my account for no reason.

D2jsp members are ###ed and rude who think so much for themselves. They are all people with ###ed life.
D2jsp selling 100dollars for 3173fg.

http://www.d2jsp.org/index.php?s=&a=wiki&s=3&p=forumgoldfaq (donating real money? wtf!!!)
Hey wait the minute...look below for this sentence, what is it?

Purchasing - You may Buy Forum Gold directly from the site (njaguar). Please click here for more information: Purchase Gold FAQ

Once you logged in, they will let you buy FG, which is stand for Forum Golds, they will give you discount if you pay 100usd you get 3175fg instead of 10usd for only 50fg what so ever.

Beware that this is extremely illegal according to the American laws as this d2jsp website is a total scam. Spread the message and stop more people walling into victim of this malicious website.

  21st of Jul, 2009
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Here is a little proof for what they are doing.


Also warn that D2jsp trusted members also are scammers. Please, DO NOT TRUST THEM!!!
  21st of Jul, 2009
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more proofs
  8th of Aug, 2009
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All the people saying it's a scam is ###ing autistic.
1 - It's not a scam, I've bought fg before.
2 - everyone saying it is, is just crying because They broke the rules in some way and got punished for it.
3 - get the ### over it.
  8th of Aug, 2009
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Also, Calibur, are you mentally ###ed?
Nothing about jsp is "illegal"
Get your ### straight you dumb ###,
  10th of Aug, 2009
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Above post is actually made by the scammer admin NFAGUAR
  10th of Aug, 2009
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"A fool and his money are soon parted."
- Jesus
  21st of Sep, 2009
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Yes, I also just got scammed on this website. Banned for no reason right after getting "forum gold." When I asked why, they told me they didn't know why. When I pressed the matter, they told me I broke a rule. They didn't think I could read the rules because of the ban, but in fact I used the google cached page to discover that said rule didn't even exist. Afterwords, they refused to talk to me. ###.
  16th of Nov, 2009
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at OP.

The reason you got locked is infact because you tried to sell forumgold for real life money.
And the reason you got BANNED was because of your pretty darned obvious multi.
  18th of Jan, 2010
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Site is terrible. Njaguar is a terrible terrible terrible person and is one of the top scammers on the site. Sadly, he pushes a button and your fg is in his account. Hopefully d3 has it's own trade site and ban's everyone who uses njaguars garbage.
  22nd of Jan, 2010
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Everyone who thinks this site is bad is either an enraged ### who broke a rule and got jacked or some person who can barely speak English (reading 90% of these comments I'm probably right here) and ###ed it up for their own sake.
  16th of Apr, 2010
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I completely laughed at the silverware language. You sir, are awesome. Awesome for making an attempt. An extremely half-assed one at that. You may never see this, but I hope that you will. So I could tell you that you win at failure. Way to go. :D
  15th of Sep, 2010
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  10th of Jan, 2011
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D2jsp just got me aswell. I had purchased some gear over a diff site to sell for fg and stash the fg and quit d2 and wait for d3. I buy a couple of 2-3k fg items. And bam I'm banned...
I am trying to find contact info to discuss the matter. Cannot find anything
  26th of Mar, 2011
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Look, I'm an active d2jsp user, member since 2005, I still trade and bet and I was a trusted/++ for a while before I was demoted. I can guarantee everyone the site's administration avoids "screwing" people over and their approach is actually quite hands-free. Njaguar will NOT go around locking and banning people for no reason because that's absolutely [censor]ed - that drives people away, reduces activity and reduces the potential donor pool, making the site less profitable. Compared to other websites I'd even say they tolerate more verbal abuse and shady transactions than the usual.

So really I have no reason to believe all of the people raging at d2jsp are righteous in their cause, odds are they sold FG, tried some Credit Card fraud or engaged in acts of epic douchebaggery and e-nerd rage. Considering people go around saying the N word, invoking Hitler, writing whole paragraphs of flaming ire filled with personal insults, and those usually go without even a warning, I'd say it takes a LOT of effort or straight-up stupidity to get locked or banned in that website. No sympathy for anyone who somehow manages that feat.
  8th of Jul, 2011
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Just joined the ###ing site bought some fg then her wanted a copy of my I.d to send me the fg i said no i dont send copys of stuff like that online the he said oh well do it or no fg and no refunds i went to paypal dispute him then he sent fg locked me an scammed tag an banned so i got fg now but cant use it so paypal will let him keep the 10 i spent this is the crayest ### i have ever seen i cant belive they can get away with this ###
  15th of Jul, 2011
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D2jsp is a scam..
One of its TRUSTED Moderators Just Stole 350dollers American..
  25th of Mar, 2012
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D2jsp uses a novel scheme which works quite well. Further they protect, if you follow the trading rules, from being scammed. Further you can find a good clan with trustworthy people to play with, so you don't have to be hammered with adbots in an open game. Bottom line: You tried to sell essentially tokens for real money, the tokens (forum gold) is what pays for the site and its bandwidth. You're just ticked off because you're likely running an item farming business (maybe you are d2pal.com?) and your idea backfired. Just because there are many item farming places in China with dozens of gamers running controlled games does not mean that you can do the same, and sell forum gold for real cash. The "item farming" business is huge! We're talking tens of millions of US$ a year. Perhaps you just were unlucky using a name identical to a commercial item farmer, or perhaps you are a commercial item farmer and got stuck breaking the rules. Sorry, but I've made many friends there, I've spent about $20 on forum gold and I've had a lot more fun on that $20 (and still have half of it left) than that $20 would go trying to go out to a few movies.

D2jsp is a good place. It's well run and it seems eminently fair.
  13th of Oct, 2014
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I was a normal trader at d2jsp. One day I've sold some items in Patch of Exile for 15000 forum gold. Next day I have received a message that the person I sold my items to was involved in illegal activity and 15000 forum gold (worth alot) was taken from me no questions ask. D2jsp have scammed me of my legitimate traded forum gold. You don't have to break the rules to get scammed by d2jsp

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