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cybersportsbet / cannot withdraw money from account

1 Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1800799565

i have 2 accounts with these peopke, the main account reached $14000 so I requested a withdraw of $1000, 6 weeks ago. they will not send money they will not answer emails no one wants to talk on the phone, all they do now is loose money so that the account looks nearly empty. whenever i make a call they loose more money. it is impossible to get any money out of them. - do not give these people money - you will never see it again.

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  • Di
      6th of Mar, 2013
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    We have been scammed also and lost approx $6000.00. They have contacted us again, with a new company name Marlin Reynolds. Similar crap same person different name. They say they are in Florida, but have a New South Wales number. String them along but dont give any money. They bet on nothing and just pocket your money. If you want to make a bet go to the TAB at least if you win you will get your money. If it sounds too good to be true, thats exactly what it is. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  • Da
      6th of Mar, 2013
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    Ey guys, I, too have fallen victim to these f%^&$# ###. I initally purchased some software from "Laybet Professionals" on the Gold Coast for $13k and then a guy from their company rang me out of the blue and used his misleading/deceiving selling techniques and sucked me in to a double upgrade to their premium membership whether they manage your account for you. And what do you know, they lost me a large sum of money in one day, and the whole operation has cost me $50k. I am consulting a lawyer and have spoken to the ACCC. I can't believe I was so naive throughout this whole process and got sucked into their salespeople. They used misleading and deceptive tactics to sell the "big" membership to me when all I wanted initially was the software and I haven't received a service anything like what was promised to me. I requested to get my money back 2 weeks ago and they are investigating the whole thing for me. Naturally, I'm becoming impatient and am threatening them with legal action. If anyone else has dealt with this company, please let me know. The strange thing is they call themselves "Laybet Professionals" and that's what it says on the invoices they sent me, but when I search their ABN number, the company is listed in ASIC as" VOSS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT PTY LTD" .

  • Im
      29th of Apr, 2013
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    Marlin Reynolds is very much like a scam. A well done one but a scam nevertheless.
    I would not recommend giving them a cent! Luckily
    I didnt but they tried to get 29K from a friend of mine, he asked me to spot him the cash haha. Noooooo wayyy.
    He's how they do it, you invest a tiny amount initially like a couple of hundred, then they string you along and say thats its doing really well and your account is growing. Then after a while your account is upto something stupid like $290, 000 and encourage you to withdraw it.
    But catch is to withdraw any amount over 100k you need to pay for transfer insurance so you gotta come up with at least 10% of your account balance to cover the insurance so in this case $29k (oh how convenient).
    Good scam right, they say you'll have your insurance money back in a fortnight and its just to cover anything that may happen during the transaction of your mega dollars.
    They play it up well saying they are in Florida and they deal with all sports brokers direct and say all the right stuff to you jump on board, but have some common sense people, there are just so many red flags on this. Steer Clear!
    Marlin Reynolds is nothing but bad.
    marlinreynolds scam
    marlinreynolds fraud
    I hope this has helped friends :) byee

  • Ff
      9th of May, 2013
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    Hi all,
    Tom Silver has morphed into John Morgan - I assume too many people know of Silver. Same ### - lets move on to the "new and improved system". He is incredible - if only he channeled it into a legitimate enterprise.
    Having been stupid enuf to deal with ALL of the above, I have lost more than all of you combined :-(
    Now a new version has surfaced - Marlin Reynolds. Can't believe they just keep on rising from the ashes of the previous. And what is scary is that enough of us go along with the new company???
    Has anyone any idea how to do anything at all? Asic no help. Fair trading no help. Can't see spending $'000's with a solicitor to go nowhere as being a good idea.

  • Im
      21st of May, 2013
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    Thats sad to hear FFS.
    Unfortunately most of these scamers actually operate legally and have very careful wording in their paper work and websites to keep the cops off their back. So going the legal path usually doesn't get you very far.
    The federal police are making a solid move to shut them down but can only do so much.
    Im thinking of building an Australian based easy to understand website so you can search for scams before you put down any money.
    So hopefully it becomes just the done thing before anybody puts money into any investment they can check them out thoroughly and get in contact with people who have had experience with the particular investment before...just an idea but could save people a lot of money and put the scamers out of business.

  • Co
      10th of Jun, 2013
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    I have a computer program from laybet professionals it operates through betfair.-I would like to know if anybody else has one and if the selections that it picks are the same as mine - or does it give different picks to different customers. - is it computer controlled or operated by manual intervention.?

  • Si
      13th of Jun, 2013
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    Hi to every one involved in the "fraternity of loosers" caught in the net of these bunch of low life scammers Voss Capital and they're collaborators engaged in what clearly is a criminal activity, yes friends my name is sylv, and i am one of thouse guys like you that got ripped off, it was about march 2012 when i didn't have any work and bills to pay when i got a phone call by this CON ARTIST BY THE NAME EVAN, who, with his real persuasive voice like one that has been your friend forever, promising that he had a sure system for making money persuaded me during a vulnerable time of my life to invest on this soft ware that was suppost to change my life, so i used my credit card to purchase the soft ware and start the account, and payed nearly $5000.00
    soon after when i began to see that it was actually working, another sales lady by the name ABBY rang me offering to buy a SECOND software that would run along with the previous one and therefore accellerate the gains, again very persuaisive in her motherly approach i went along by using another credit card, (you know how they say "use other people 's money to make money to make money ... and in no time at all you will make that money back !!! yea right !!! what a lot of B S, !!! anyway it has been a very costly lesson in life, but unfortunately i am still paying for thous credit cards at high interest, and the bank won't even refinance my house by consolidating all my debts because of my wage and not enough and not enough equity
    THE OUTCOME of all this, just like every one else here is that, this other entity BETTALL MARKET of which i was not even made aware of it's existence and involvement with Voss capital is also part of this CONSPIRACY because when in fact i asked for $28.000.00 to be transferred to my bank account, guess what they never repliyed to my emails, it was then when alarm bells began ringing, so i stormed Nick the Voss capital manager, every day was talking with him on the phone, many emails send to them, eventually they placed $1000.00 in to my account and it began making money, about $ 2000.00 so i applied immediately to get money transferred to my account, to my surprise a cheque of $500.00 was transferred to my bank account from the US, i then asked : when is the rest coming ? to that they sayd : ho it will be shortly processed, well i never heard from them again ! ### !! I AM STILL VERY ANGRY !! ABOUT THESE ROBBERS, that seem to be getting away with it all, BUT THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE MATTER i will file a report with the FRAUD POLICE,
    you can contact me on

  • Si
      13th of Jun, 2013
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    please contact me with some of your ideas on what can be done if any to have justice done .
    all the best to all

  • Ba
      7th of Feb, 2014
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    If you would like to know more about these crooks, please email me, I have personally hired a Private Investigator in relation to this and have gathered quite a lot of information as to who is the boss of the place and the people that are in control of the entire operation. I have information from their names to home addresses and vehicle registration details.

  • Pe
      17th of Feb, 2014
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    Yeah, me too. Suckered again by APG or TPG and a bloke supposedly named Tom Silver. Myself and my wife both opened accounts with Accord Professional Group in 2011. Deposited $5K each and my account rocketed up to $192K and my wifes to $84K. Sent withdrawal form for $150K, miraculously as soon as I did so both my wife and my account lost everything. Also prior requested that they cut back the bet percentage and told it was out of their control as the "Betting Company" did all that. We holidayed on the Gold Coast prior to this happening and rang Accord and said we would like to drop in and see them. All the excuses under the sun and the managers were on holidays and no point in visiting as there was only clerical staff on deck. Tried the office in Broadbeach, but no one there. After checking the accounts were empty on their very poor website, we noticed that the web was now TPG, not APG. Tried ringing to no avail and was contacted soon after by "Tom Silver" who was very apologetic but pushy and tried to con me out of a further $10K which he would guarantee to turn into $40K in the next 3 months in his own premium account to help out all those poor people that had been ripped off by APG. "Tom" was told where to go, in no uncertain manner. I reported them to Australian Federal Police who while helpful, basically said while aware, they couldn't do much as they were operated by overseas ventures and out of their jurisdiction. The Gold Coast office was run by telemarketers who were also duped.
    3 weeks ago, I was contacted by "Mac Miller" of TPG Bets, Costa Rica who told me I had been scammed by APG, an Australian company who told me my account still contained $193K, But I would have to send him the $15K that APG had supposedly entered into their account. I told him to get back to me. No reply. A few days ago "Mac" rang again telling me my wife had money in her account and send $4K and they would re-open the account. Same thing, asked him to ring back, which he actually did just as I was writing this. Became abusive and swore at me when I told him it was a scam and the Police were investigating. Asked for his supervisor, a husky sounding Russian, Radimir Flovko who also became threatening and abusive. Will be passing on all info to Fed. Police along with new Website and phone numbers, as you should do if these lowlifes contact you. If enough people act, instead of sitting silent in embaressment, we can find these ### and get them what they deserve. Feel free to contact me if you feel the same and lets get some action against them in motion as they are still out there preying on more innocent people.

  • Gr
      23rd of Feb, 2014
    0 Votes

    Thank you Peter, I am in similar predicament, Mark Miller gave me till noon today, to deposit
    $25, 000us for unpaid credits, which I have no idea was owing. I paid a Costa Rica
    investigation firm to investigate them. He found that they are operating in San
    Jose, but all the police are corrupt, so you can’t catch them. I would love to
    see these people behind bars, but they are teflon.

  • Jo
      5th of Jun, 2014
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    Agree, it's al;l a big scam. There's a report at Also may show why the supervisor was Russian...

  • Da
      12th of Aug, 2014
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    hi peter, well me and my partner have gone through the same thing the past 3 weeks but we thank god never gave them any money the ###. Someone has to put a stop to this, we are all trying to get a living and these ###s overseas take advantage of hard working aussies and the government and feds need to protect us and do alot more. There is no crime in a dream but there is a crime being done here and we need justice, I don't care how poor someone in bloody nigeria or whatever country is doing this, get of your bum and earn a living honestly. if you need proof peter contact our email on, thanks

  • Ps
      26th of Sep, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Please note that these people have now changed themselves to Received a phone call last week from Monica Bright stating that my account had $84696.92 in it, had previously been run by Tom Silver from the Gold Coast but had not operated since 2010.
    She sent me an email regarding my account and how to withdraw funds. This week she advises me that the account has been suspended due to non use and I will have to pay 1100 euros to restart the account and before I can withdraw any funds.
    The account has not been used since 2011 when it went down to zero after requesting numerous times to withdraw $20, 000. Same as others never had a reply and the account went down in one hit.
    The current details are Sportsbet247, Detras del Banco Central Calle 2, San Jose, Costa Rica. The email address is:
    When she rings back I will request that the 1100 Euros needed to reactivate the account can come out of the alleged $84696.92 in my account and then will be requesting a withdrawal.

  • Ch
      30th of Sep, 2014
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    I so wish I had done my homework before being sucked in by VOSS CAPITAL MANAGEMENT. They offered to trade an account I had already had and it was successful in 2 weeks I saw in the account 300% profit. So of course like most people I signed up and sent by EFT $10000. Then I recieved a message from Danny Rollins to offer me another account for $15000 with $10000 being completely accessible at any time. Well that 2nd account 7weeks later has not yet been opened. I have called both Danny Rollins and his Personal Assistant Kristy Banks on many occasions. There is supposedly been an error and it had been fixed. Still No account and no money. I have asked numerous times where my 15k is but to no avail. Kristy Banks has been answering her phone and i seem to get the same old story Danny is busy he will ring back in 5mins. Today I sent a text message saying that I see the rave reviews about your organisation are correct and I might as well have just set fire to the total of $25k that I have handed over. Oh and by the way yes in the past 2 days my account is back to where it started before I signed up with these people. I'm thinking of going to see a Lawyer has anybody done as yet?

  • Su
      14th of Oct, 2014
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    Cannot withdraw money from account
    sportsbet247. net. Previously known as Voss Capital, Accord Professional Group (APG) were also associated with them betallmarkets web site, some of the contact persons names were Clive Daniels and Nancy Acroft their phone number was 1800 799 565. Another contact was Peter Lawson his number was 0424 899 573.

    I have received numerous calls for several weeks from Monica Bright advising me that my account with sportsbet247 had a balance of $96578.00. She also sent me emails regarding my account and how to withdraw funds, I had to pay a fee of only 1200.00 euro around $1750.00 to unlock and reactivate my account and it never ends. PLEASE DO NOT TALK TO THEM AS THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY

    This lot are the ### of the earth that leach money from hard working honest people by sweet talking you to send more money and my they are b………..y GOOD at it by trying to convince you to send even more money.

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